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American Studies Association
2019 Annual Meeting
November 7-10
Honolulu, Hawai'i

Conference Registration Fee

US$ 200.00
US$ 85.00
US$ 75.00
US$ 250.00
US$ 110.00
US$ 100.00

Conference Events

US$ 20.00
US$ 20.00
US$ 10.00
US$ 15.00
US$ 20.00


US$ 51.00 Sold out
US$ 24.00 Sold out
US$ 52.00 Sold out
US$ 10.00 Sold out
No charge Sold out
US$ 5.00 18 left
US$ 10.00 Sold out
US$ 47.00 8 left
US$ 30.00 28 left
US$ 30.00 18 left

CANCELLATION POLICY: All registrants who cancel prior to the conference or do not attend the conference forfeit their entire registration fee. Once you submit your registration you are not entitled to a refund. Canceling your conference registration does not automatically cancel your hotel and travel arrangements. You are responsible for canceling your own hotel and travel reservations plus any fees incurred for doing so.