Welcome to Oakland

The city of Oakland (pop. around 400,000) and the greater East Bay are characterized by tremendous demographic diversity and sometimes intense contradictions. Witness the Ohlone people (themselves a diverse grouping) who were residents from about 1200 B.C.E., joined in the sixteenth century of the current era by Spanish explorers (a multinational corps), conquistadores, and missionaries, and then by beneficiaries of Spanish Land Grants; the Californios who remained after Mexico’s independence from Spain; the people who came from all over the world beginning with the nineteenth-century Gold Rush (see http://www.museumca.org/goldrush/ ); those who crossed the Bay when the 1906 earthquake shook them loose from San Francisco; the African Americans who settled in Oakland to serve as Pullman porters and maids in the decades after Oakland became the West Coast terminus of the transcontinental railroad; scores of thousands of people of all ethnicities who settled here after coming to work in the shipyards during WWII (after the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and Maids had fought to open government and war industry jobs to people of color) to join the generation that had moved west from rural areas of the Midwest during the Great Depression; those who moved here after WWII from Eastern, Southern, and Midwestern cities and countryside, seeking relief from racism or just a new life; and Mexicans and Filipinos and others who came to California to work in the fields and made homes in the urban areas as well. The East Bay is home to a significant South Asian population, as well as post Vietnam War immigrants from Southeast Asia. There are significant populations from East Asia, Pacific Islands, and Central and South America. Recent rises in immigration from Central Asia and Africa reflect changing conditions in those parts of the world. More than 30 languages are spoken in the Oakland public schools. Oakland is a great microcosm for exploring national and transnational American Studies.

East Bay industries have included hunting and gathering in and around the rich bay, and then cattle ranching in the hills. Oakland served as a staging area and service center to mining and logging industries (many East Bay hills were stripped of redwoods to build homes and to rebuild San Francisco and expand East Bay cities after the 1906 earthquake); fruit growing and packing; military-related service (from a center of Spanish and then U.S. imperial offense to “defense” industries during and after WWII); auto industry; lighter industry, especially canning and other agricultural processing; and shipping, to name a few. Oakland has a major Federal Building and is a regional center for the U.S. Postal Service. Other large employers include the Port of Oakland, which was the first and is still one of the largest container ports on the West Coast (the Port Authority includes the Oakland International Airport); Kaiser Permanente Health Care Program (the major Health Maintenance Organization which got its present-day start in the Richmond Shipyards during World War II); the Clorox Corporation; Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream; and several commercial bakeries. The East Bay was ground zero for the connoisseur coffee industry (Peet’s Coffees and Teas founded in 1966) and is becoming a prime location for high end chocolate processing.

Oakland has long been a center for labor and community organizing and activism, from the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and Maids, to the New Century Club – a women’s club that provided educational and recreational services to West Oakland residents from the late nineteenth century until the post-World War II era – to the Black Panther Party; the Spanish Speaking Unity Council and MEChA; the Free Speech Movement and the Third World Students’ Strike —including the rise of a pan-Asian student movement— which led to the establishment of Ethnic Studies programs at universities around the country; anti-Vietnam War organizing, especially around the Oakland Army Induction Center. The American Indian Movement and the International Indian Treaty Council were and remain strong in Oakland, as do the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and other labor organizations. At the same time, Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizing efforts have also been prominent in the East Bay, following in the footsteps of and accompanying attempted genocide of the indigenous people, anti-Chinese riots in the nineteenth century, more and less physically violent discrimination against Latina/os and African Americans, internment of Japanese American citizens and residents in the middle of the last century, and violence against Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Muslim-appearing residents in this century. Within Oakland, impoverished communities —especially communities of color— are up against high crime rates and a devastating upward spiral of homicides. These are accompanied by police violence, high rates of imprisonment, and criminalization of the community, particularly the youth. Oakland has responded to these trends with further community action in many forms.

The East Bay has played a major role in organizing for disability rights and prides itself on complicating gender identity. Some current coalition-building and movement building focus around continuing anti-racist organizing, land use struggles, including tenants’ rights and gentrification-watch, access to public services, education, environmental activism, health care organizing, prison and youth activism, immigrants’ rights, neighborhood conflict resolution, engagement in electoral politics, and more. The arts, culture, and education scenes have flourished in Oakland and the Greater East Bay as well. (See listings below for further resources.) The East Bay is home to KPFA, the first Pacifica Radio station, a pioneer of listener/viewer-sponsored electronic media. (94.1 FM and webcast at www.kpfa.org)

Former Congressperson Ronald V. Dellums was elected mayor of Oakland this year and will take office in January, 2007. (See http://globetrotter.berkeley.edu/people/Dellums/Dellums.html) The ASA meeting takes place as Oakland prepares for this transition. Dellums will take over from current Mayor Jerry Brown, who presided over major gentrification of Oakland as well as a shift from City Council plus weak mayor form of government to a strong mayor plus City Council. Dellums, who represented a major portion of the East Bay in Congress for 28 years before retiring from that post in 1998, is the nephew of the late C.L. Dellums, who was a principle organizer and leader of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and Maids during the 1920s and 1930s and an important national civil rights leader.

Welcome to Oakland. We hope you have made arrangements to arrive early and stay long enough to get to know our community(ies). The Site Resource Committee has tried to facilitate this by sponsoring several regular sessions of the conference that include community-based artists, scholars, and activists and by offering several tours around the city. We especially invite you to the off-site sessions that will be open to the public on Thursday afternoon at the InterTribal Friendship House, on Thursday evening and Friday mid-day at the Oakland Museum of California, and on Saturday evening at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland. These events should give you a chance to see what Oakland is about, to understand how American Studies is practiced here, and to meet people from Oakland and beyond.

The Oakland Museum of California has offered ASA members a group museum membership rate during our conference. The Peralta Hacienda Historical Park has invited us to attend their reopening celebration on Sunday afternoon (we will have bus service to the park), and the Black Panther Party has invited us to take part in the culmination of their 40th anniversary celebration at Bobby Hutton Park west of downtown on Sunday afternoon.

Some Oakland history Web sites

The following guide is representative – certainly not exhaustive – of the culinary, cultural, educational, and recreation offerings in Oakland and surrounding areas.

*walking distance from Oakland Convention Center



Oakland International Airport is located about ten miles from the convention hotel. You can travel easily between the two destinations via taxi, shuttle, or public transportation (Bay Area Rapid Transit- BART). Note: For BART, you will have to take a shuttle from the airport to the Coliseum BART station. The following information will be most useful:




Friendly Cab

Veteran’s Cab


Bay Porter
(877) 467-1800 Bay Area Toll Free

Super Shuttle
(415) 558-8500 or (650) 558-8500


Downtown Oakland is well-suited for walking or wheelchairs. It’s comprised of about 12 to 14 square blocks, which include Jack London Square, Chinatown, Laney Community College, the Oakland Museum of California, the shores of Lake Merritt; galleries, food, museums, libraries, walkways, and Oakland’s diverse population. If you do not feel like walking, or wish to venture further afield, Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area are served by several public transportation systems, from buses to commuter trains, Amtrak to ferries. Alameda and Contra Costa Counties are served by AC Transit, the main bus system you will use to get around the East Bay; it also provides transportation between the East Bay and San Francisco, mostly during commute hours. BART is more of a commuter train system than a subway, but it will take you to (or close to) significant points of interest in the East Bay and San Francisco. Caltrain is a commuter train that is most convenient for travel between San Francisco and places in the South Bay, like Palo Alto or San Jose. If you have time, the ferry offers a scenic route between San Francisco and Oakland, and once in San Francisco, you will use MUNI to get around the city.

General Transit Information:


or, for popular destinations, http://www.transitinfo.org/destinations/index.asp

AC Transit
The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District is the third-largest public bus system in California, serving 13 cities and adjacent unincorporated areas in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Alameda / Oakland Ferry
The Alameda/Oakland Ferry is a publicly subsidized public transit system operated by the City of Alameda and the Port of Oakland. You can get a ferry from Oakland to Alameda, San Francisco, Angel Island, Tiburon (in Marin County).

Amtrak serves more than 500 stations in 45 states. Those not included are Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
The Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is a 95-mile, automated rapid transit system serving over 3 million people in the three BART counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco, as well as northern San Mateo County.

Caltrain runs between San Francisco and San Jose, with weekday commute-hour service to Gilroy (the garlic capital of California!).

Muni provides public transportation within the City and County of San Francisco, California. Its buses, electric trolleys, streetcars and cable cars will take you to all points in the city.


These eateries can be reached easily on foot or by wheelchair from the conference hotel.

Battam Bang
Address: 850 Broadway, Oakland (next to Jade Villa in Chinatown)
Phone: (510) 839-8815
Hours: M-Sat 11am-3pm, 5pm-9:30pm
Located next to Jade Villa, Battam Bang serves Cambodian cuisine with Chinese and Vietnamese accents.

Café 817
Address: 817 Washington St, Oakland (Washington Street between 8th & 9th Streets)
Phone: (510) 271-7965
Hours: M-F 7:30am-3pm, Sat 8:30am-3pm, closed Sunday
Serving light breakfasts and lunches, Café 817 is charming and cozy, and it offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Excellent coffee drinks.

Caffe Verbena
Address: 1111 Broadway, Oakland (11th & Broadway, across the street from the Oakland Marriott)
Phone: (510) 465-9300
Hours: M-F 11:30am-9pm, closed weekends
This restaurant serves meat and potatoes fare with tasty desserts.

Jade Villa
Address: 800 Broadway, Oakland (8th & Broadway, Chinatown)
Phone: (510) 839-1688
Hours: Daily 9:30am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
One of the original big Hong Kong-style dim sum houses, Jade Villa is quite popular for dim sum, which is usually served during lunch and brunch hours. It also serves seafood and other Cantonese dinner cuisine.

La Furia Chalaca
Address: 310 Broadway, Oakland
Phone: (510) 451-4206
Hours: M-Sun 11am-3pm, 6pm-11pm
Specializing in traditional seafood cuisine of Northern Peru made with fresh, organic ingredients and spices imported from Peru. The restaurant also features contemporary Peruvian art and live music.

Le Cheval
Address: 1007 Clay St, Oakland (10th and Clay Streets)
Phone: (510) 763-8957
Hours: M-Sat 11am-9:30pm, Sun 5pm-9:30pm
This Vietnamese restaurant is a good place to see the diversity of Oakland’s population. Very busy at lunchtime, be prepared for a noisy atmosphere.

Legendary Palace
Address: 708 Franklin St, Oakland (7th and Franklin Streets, Chinatown)
Phone: (510) 663-9188
Hours: M-F 9am-3:30pm, 5pm-midnight, Sat-Sun 8am-midnight
This colorful building is one of the most recent big Hong Kong-style dim sum houses to open in Oakland, and also serves seafood and other Cantonese cuisine. It’s busy on weekends, and may also be so during weekday lunch hours.

Address: 388 9th St # 288, Oakland (second floor, Pacific Renaissance Plaza, 9th Street between Webster & Franklin Streets, Chinatown)
Phone: (510) 286-8866
Hours: Daily 11am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10pm
Peony is a big, sprawling Hong Kong-style dim sum house that also serves seafood and other Cantonese cuisine. It’s quite busy on weekends, and may be so during weekday lunches, too.

Shan Dong
Address: 328 10th St # 101 (10th Street between Webster & Harrison Streets, Chinatown)
Phone: (510) 839-2299
Hours: T-Th 10am-9:30pm, F-Sat 10am-10pm
This tasty and affordable Chinese restaurant serves spicy Sichuan and other non-Cantonese cuisine.

Address: 930 Webster St, Oakland (Webster between 9th & 10th Streets, Chinatown)
Phone: (510) 465-6878
Hours: W-M 10am-9pm
This eatery specializes in Shanghai-style cuisine, including cold noodle plates and soup dumplings.

Silver Dragon
Address: 835 Webster St, Oakland (corner of 9th and Webster)
Phone: (510) 893-3748
Hours: Daily 11:30am-9pm
Popular for family banquets and community events, this eatery serves good Cantonese cuisine and has a first-floor bar.

Sushi Zone
Address: 388 9th St # 268, Oakland (near Peony on the second floor of Pacific Renaissance Plaza, which is on 9th between Webster & Franklin Streets, Chinatown)
Phone: (510) 893-9663
Hours: Daily 11-2:30, 5-9:30
Located in the mall, this Japanese restaurant features wonderful sushi and friendly service.

Alta Mar Restaurant
Address: 1060 E. 12th St., Oakland
Phone: (510) 893-5122
Hours: M-Sun 10am-10pm
Find an inexpensive and delicious Mexican meal at Alta Mar Restaurant. Specializes in seafood. Expect garlic.

Approximately 10 blocks from the conference hotel. A walk from the Marriot to Jack London Square will take you under a major freeway (I-880), then past the social service offices and Oakland Police headquarters. Every Sunday you will find a farmer’s market selling a wide variety of organically grown fruit and vegetables, as well as pastries, breads, honey, and more.

In Jack London Square:

Address: Franklin St # 70, Oakland
Phone: (510) 835-8600
Hours: M-Th 11-9:30 Fri-Sat 11-10:30 Sun11-9:00
This popular restaurant features steaks, seafood, and views of the bay.

Scott’s Seafood
Address: 2 Broadway, Oakland
Phone: (510) 444-3456
Hours: M-Th 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 10:30am – 9pm
This seafood restaurant draws locals for its clam chowder, fresh fish, and dry-aged steaks.

Tony Roma’s
Address: 55 Washington St, Oakland
Phone: (510) 271-1818
Hours: Sun-Th 11am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm
This chain restaurant is known for its baby-back ribs.

Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon
Address: 48 Webster Street in Jack London Square
Phone: (510) 839-6761
Opened in 1883, and built from the timbers of old whaling ships, Heinold’s is one of Oakland’s oldest saloons and was a favorite watering hole of Jack London. Indeed, adjacent to the saloon is a portion of London's 1898 Yukon cabin It may not look like much, but Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon has been designated a National literary landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Near Jack London Square

Everett & Jones
Address: 126 Broadway, Oakland (Broadway & 2rd)
Phone: (510) 663-2350
Hours: M-Th 11am-10pm, F 11am-midnight, Sat 12pm-midnight, Sun 12pm-10pm
This restaurant has excellent barbeque and soul food, but look out for slow service.

Address: 303 Broadway, Oakland (Broadway & 3rd )
Phone: (510) 451-2224
Hours: M-F 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 5pm-9:30pm
This Korean-style Japanese restaurant is known for big portions, reasonable prices, and tasty sushi.

Address: 300 Broadway, Oakland
Phone: (510) 251-8100
Hours: Tu-F 9:30am-2:30pm, Tu-Sat 5:30pm-9:30pm, Sun 5pm-9pm
Owned and operated by a Korean American artist couple, Soizic features stylish nouveau cuisine.

Address: 510 Embarcadero W, Oakland (Washington & Embarcadero)
Phone: (510) 238-9200
Restaurant Hours: M-Th 11:30am-2:00pm, F 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-10pm,
Sat (no lunch), 5:30-10pm, Sun 12:00pm-2:00pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm,
Fri-Sat 5:30pm-10pm
Sushi Bar Hours: Sun-Th 5:30pm-10pm, F-Sat 5:30pm-11pm
This Japanese eatery adjoins a well-known jazz club.

The Piedmont Avenue neighborhood is less than ¾ mile long, but it boasts over thirty restaurants of all types of cuisine and prices. AC Transit bus #s 12 and 59 stop along Piedmont Avenue, or take the 51 bus to 40th Street and walk over the hill from Broadway to Piedmont Avenue. Below are just a few of the restaurants in this neighborhood. You can also find many cafes, including our local favorite, Peet’s. (Alfred Peet opened the first Peet's store in 1966 – with the roasting machine on the premises – in North Berkeley. Now Peet’s roasting facility is located in Emeryville, just a few miles from the original store, and Peet’s coffee can be found in many metropolitan areas, but its home is still Berkeley and the Bay Area, and the company still demands the highest standard of quality for its coffees and teas.)

Bay Wolf
Address: 3853 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
Phone: (510) 655-6004
Hours: M-F 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-9pm, Sun-Sat: 5:30pm-9pm
This well regarded continental style eatery serves lamb and duck specialties. Reservations advisable.

Address: 3814 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
Phone: (510) 653-2444
Hours: Sun-Th 11:30am-9pm, F-Sat 11:30am-10pm
This Jamaican-Caribbean place offers cozy outdoor seating, wonderful flavors, and a casual atmosphere. Good for breakfast.

Address: 3859 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA
Phone: (510) 985-3003
Hours: Tu-Th 5:30pm-9:30pm, F-Sat 5:30pm-10:30pm
Excellent California-French cuisine

Address: 4066 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA
Phone: (510) 601-6441
Hours: M-Sat 11:45am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm
This intimate restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine with a South Asian twist. Some signature dishes include: Sea Scallops on a Bed of Eggplant with a Minced Chicken and Basil Sauce; Oven-Braised Lamb Shank in Stock of Onion, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass and Tomato; Pad Thai with Penne Pasta; Ravioli Stuffed with Spinach, Basil, Pine Nut, and Ricotta Cheese with a Red Curry Sauce

Address: 4293 Piedmont Ave, Oakland (near Piedmont and Echo Ave.)
Phone: (510) 652-3676
Hours: Mon-Thu 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10pm, Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-11pm, Sat 5:30pm-11pm
The tiny menu at this sophisticated Italian restaurant changes daily, but Pizza Dopo (a Marguerita pizza) is always available. The restaurant recently doubled its seating capacity, but expect a wait. No reservations.

Address: 4039 Piedmont Ave.
Hours: 5:30-midnight everyday

Address: 4270 Piedmont Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 652-6222
Hours: Tu-Sat 5pm-10pm
Sicilian food, including pastas and pizza. Expect a wait, and a family friendly atmosphere.

Little Shin Shin
Address: 4258 Piedmont Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 658-9799
Hours: Mon-Thu 11:30am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm, Sun 11:30am-9:30pm
Chinese restaurant with famed Kung Pao, Little Shin Shin has been voted “Best of the East Bay” several times in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Address: 4029 Piedmont Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 658-8210
Hours: M-Sat 11am - 3 pm, 530pm - 10pm, Sun 530pm - 10pm
Housed in one of the buildings designed by Oakland’s favorite home-grown architect, Julia Morgan (1872-1957), this restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and changes its menu frequently.

Mama’s Royal Café
Address: 4012 Broadway, Oakland (on Broadway at 41st)
Phone: (510) 547-7600
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, Sat-Sun 8am-3pm
Popular spot for breakfast and brunch.

Simply Greek
Address: 4060 Piedmont Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 428-0588
Hours: M-Th 11am-8pm, F-Sat 11am-9pm, closed Sundays
Specialties include dolmas (Stuffed grape leaves with rice, onions, dill & herbs), spanakopita (Spinach pie with eggs, feta, green onions, & dill in a phyllo crust), and rice pilaf (Steamed lemon rice). They also serve a fabulous vegetarian gyro.

Cato’s Ale House
Address: 3891 Piedmont Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 655-3349
Hours: Sat-Th 11:30am-12pm; F 11:30am-1am
Live jazz and quality pub grub are offered at this spirited Irish tavern. On various nights of the week, the sounds of live jazz, bluegrass or Latin groups meld with the chatter into a loud, rumbling hum. Liquor isn't available, but there are 23 beers on tap (mostly American microbrews), hard cider and a decent wine selection.

Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers
Address: 5819 College Ave.
Phone: (510) 601-0444
Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm
This excellent burger joint serves enormous beef, chicken, and veggie burgers with inventive twists. Also a variety of big salads plus spicy curly fries and deep fried vegetables.

Rooz Café
Address: 4252 Piedmont Ave.
Phone: (510) 985-1360
Hours: M-F 7am-8pm, Sat 8am-7pm, Sun 8am-3pm
This relaxing European-style cafe offers specialty espresso drinks, salads, sandwiches, and pastries, and free wireless Internet service.

Take a walk around Lake Merritt, then get a bite to eat in this popular Oakland neighborhood. You can find anything from Peet’s Coffee to gourmet pizza to Cheese Steak sandwiches, a kosher deli and a natural foods grocery store.

Address: 3355 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA
Phone: (510) 465-8320
This neighborhood favorite serves a variety of pastas, pizzas, salads, and eclectic entrés, including vegetarian options and moderately priced wines. Super friendly and helpful waitstaff.

Arizmendi Pizza, A Worker Owned Cooperative
Address: 3265 Lakeshore Avenue
Phone: (510) 268-8849
Hours: M 7am-3pm, Tu- Sat 7am-7pm; pizza starts at 11:30am
Part of the same group that owns the Cheeseboard in Berkeley, Arizmendi offers a variety of breads and pastries, as well as delicious and unusual pizzas.

Holy Land Kosher Food
Address: 677 Rand Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 272-0535
Hours: Sun-Th 11am-9pm, F 11am to sunset
Try the falafel plate with extra hummus, warm pita, and some cucumber/ tomato/ cabbage salad. You’ll soon be coming back to this nondescript Middle Eastern restaurant for more!

Quickly becoming one of Oakland’s latest favorite neighborhoods, Temescal can be reached easily from downtown Oakland via AC Transit bus #40, which runs along Telegraph Avenue.

Doña Tomas
Address: 5004 Telegraph Ave., Oakland (near 49th street)
Phone: (510) 450-0522
Hours: Tu-Th 5:30pm-9:30pm, F-Sat 5:30pm-10pm
The menu here features inventive California-Mexican cuisine.

Address: 5008 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 652-4888
Hours: Tu-Sat 5:30pm-10:00pm
The owners of Pizzaiolo are Chez Panisse graduates and continue the tradition of creating simple food made with fresh, organic ingredients, as well as pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven. Pizzaiolo provides a casual atmosphere and is kid-friendly. This restaurant does not take reservations and can have long waits – especially on weekend nights.

One of Oakland’s many great neighborhoods, Rockridge is easily reached via bus or BART. Take the #51 AC Transit bus from Broadway towards Berkeley. The Rockridge neighborhood starts at the top of College Avenue. Get off the bus at any stop and you’ll find fabulous food of all varieties and price ranges. Or, take the Pittsburgh/Bay Point BART train from either the 12th Street or 19th Street station in downtown Oakland, and get off at Rockridge station. You’ll find yourself in the center of the neighborhood.

A Coté
Address: 5478 College Ave, Oakland
Phone: (510) 655-6469
Hours: Sun-Tu 5:30pm-10pm, W-Th 5:30pm-11pm, F-Sat 5:30pm-midnight
Mix and match to make a meal from A Cote’s French- and Italian-inspired menu of tapas-size plates. A Cote does not take reservations, though, and this is a very popular place so a wait may be in order.

Address: 5356 College Ave, Oakland
Phone: (510) 595-4000
Hours: M-W 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm, Th 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10pm,
F 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm, Sat 5:30pm-10:30pm, Sun 10am-2pm, 5:30pm- 9:30pm
Bar opens daily at 5pm
This white-table-clothed establishment serves pleasant continental style cuisine. Reservations advisable.

Nan Yang
Address: 6048 College Ave, Oakland
Phone: (510) 655-3298
Hours: Daily 11:30am-3pm, 5pm-9:30pm
One of the first restaurants of its kind in the East Bay, Nan Yang serves Burmese cuisine, which blends Indian and Chinese flavors. Try their scrumptious salads, especially those with ginger or mangos!

Address: 5655 College Ave
Phone: (510) 547-5356
Hours: Restaurant M-F 11:30-2:30, Sun-Sat, 5:30 –10
Café Sun-Sat 7:00am-10pm
The menu at this chic, casual, and well-regarded Italian restaurant changes daily.

Bittersweet Cafe LLC
Address: 5427 College Ave, Oakland
Phone: (510) 654-7159
Hours: Tu-Th 8am-7pm; F 8am-9pm; Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 9am-6pm
All things chocolate.

Zachary's Chicago Pizza
Address: 5801 College Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 655-6385
Hours: M-Th 11am-10pm, F-Sat 11am-10:30pm, Sun 11am-10pm
Known for a deep-dish pizza in which delicious ingredients are sealed between two layers of dough, Zachary’s also serves a thin and crispy pie.

Market Hall
Address: 5655 College Avenue, Oakland
Phone: (888) 952-4005
Market Hall Merchants:
The Pasta Shop 510-547-4005, or toll free 1-888-952-4005
Market Hall Bakery 510-652-7905
Bloomies Flowers 510-547-0444
Market Hall Caterers 510-547-4066
Enzo’s Meat and Poultry 510-547-5839
Hapuku Fish Shop 510-654-3474
Paul Marcus Wines 510-420-1005
Peaberry’s Coffee and Tea 510-653-0450
Market Hall Produce 510-601-8208
Market Hall has a café, bakery, grocery store, butcher and seafood merchants, and pasta, cheese, and wine shops. The Pasta Shop is a particularly fine place to find prepared food that is perfect for a picnic, or even to take back to the hotel. It’s also a great place to browse or get a cup of coffee while you wait to get into Oliveto.

Pizza Rustica
Address: 5422 College Avenue, Oakland
Phone: (510) 654-1601
Hours: Daily 11am-9:30pm
Known for their thin-crust pizza, this restaurant also serves rotisserie chicken dishes.

Shen Hua
Address: 2914 College Ave., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 883-1777
Hours: Daily 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-9:30pm
Chinese cuisine amidst modern décor.

Pearl Oyster Bar and Restaurant
Address: 5634 College Avenue, Oakland
Phone: (510)654-5426
Hours: Lunch: 11:30AM- 2PM Tu-Sat,
Dinner: 5:30pm-10pm Sun-Th, 5:30pm- midnight F-Sa
Rated #1 for food in Oakland by the 2006 Zagat Guide, Best of the East Bay 2006 ( Best Desserts ), East Bay Express, and San Francisco Chronicle Magazine: Bay Area's Top 100 Restaurants (April '06).

Address: 5484 College Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 653-5484
Hours: M-Tu 5:30pm-9pm, W-Th 5:30pm-9:30pm, F 5:30pm-10pm, Sat 5pm-10pm;
Sun 5pm-9pm
Typical entrees at this unpretentious and mellow California-French restaurant may include rabbit with creamy polenta or prime rib with potato gratin.

Address: 5421 College Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 655-0889
Hours: Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm M-F
Dinner 5:30pm-10pm M-Sa
Stylish Thai cuisine

Cactus Taqueria
Address: 5642 College Ave.
Phone: (510) 658-6180
Hours: M-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm
A favorite of families and college students, this cafeteria-style taqueria serves a huge variety of Mexican dishes.

Address: 6317 College Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 595-3559
Hours: Tu-Th 11:30am-3pm, 5pm-10pm, F 11:30am-3pm, 5pm-11pm, Sat 5pm-11pm, Sun 5pm-10pm
Sampling the intriguing sakes offered at this hip Asian fusion eatery is sure to be an adventure, while sampling the wide variety of small plate dishes is sure to be a treat..

Telegraph Avenue, near the University of California, Berkeley, campus, has many restaurants and cafes that are particularly good for lunch. A bit further south from campus, along Telegraph, are some fine dinner restaurants as well. AC Transit bus #40 will take you along Telegraph Avenue from downtown Oakland to the Berkeley campus, and even downtown Berkeley. Bus #51 will take you to the corner of Telegraph and Bancroft Avenues, just on the southern edge of the university campus.

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant
Address: 6100 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA
Phone: (510) 653-3456
Hours: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm, seven days a week
A Bay Area favorite for decades, Addis Ethiopian Restaurant serves authentic Ethiopian cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Cafe Eritrea d'Afrique
Address: 4069 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA
Phone: (510) 547-4520
Hours: Sun-F 11am-11pm, Sat 11am-midnight
This Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant has a veggie buffet on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Address: 2826 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley (near Stuart Street)
Phone: (510) 848-9299
Hours: Tu-Sat 5:30pm-10pm
This stylish bistro features sophisticated California-French cuisine.

Le Bateau Ivre
Address: 2629 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 849-1100
Hours: Tu-Th 9am-9:30pm, F 9am-10:30pm, Sat 9am-10:30pm, Sun 9am-9:30pm
This charming, French-inspired coffeehouse-bistro in Berkeley features an outdoor patio and free wireless Internet service.

The Musical Offering
Address: 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 849-0211 or, toll free, 1-888-BWV-1079 (1-888-298-1079)
Hours: Record store hours: M-Sat 10 am-8 pm, Sun 11:30 am-5:30 pm
Cafe hours are seasonal. Please call for exact hours.
Buy your favorite classical music after eating a sandwich or salad at this mellow café. A favorite among graduate students and faculty. The Musical Offering Café offers special table-service dinners on Zellerbach Auditorium performance nights.

International House Café
Address: 2299 Piedmont, Berkeley (at the corner of Bancroft)
Phone: (510) 642-9490
Hours: Fr-Sat 7:30am-1am, Sun-Th 7:30am-12am
Enjoy the company of strangers from around the globe, and a great view of the San Francisco Bay.

Downtown Berkeley has been revitalized in the past ten years, and now hosts many casual restaurants with fine food, as well as a few more upscale restaurants. This part of town is reached easily via bus or BART. Either take AC Transit bus #51 north towards Berkeley, and get off around Center Street, or take the Richmond-bound BART train to the Downtown Berkeley station.

Address: 2271 Shattuck Avenue
Phone: (510) 647-1790
Hours: Dinner daily 4pm-10pm
Designed in 1925 by famous Bay Area architect W.F. Yelland, this French provincial style building is distinctive in the downtown landscape. Beckett’s A lively bar and restaurant that offers Irish pub style cuisine.

Downtown Restaurant
Address: 2102 Shattuck Ave.
Phone: (510)649-3810
Hours: Tu-Th 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm, F 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-11pm,
Sat 4:30pm-11pm, Sun 4:30pm-9:30pm
The menu at this Mediterranean restaurant focuses on seafood. Enjoy live jazz and blues nightly, or get a bite to eat before seeing a show at the Berkeley Repertory Theater, located nearby.

Address: 2181 Shattuck Ave.
Phone: (510) 843-8277
Hours: M-Th 11:30am-1am, F 11:30am-2am, Sat 12pm-2am, Sun 1pm-12am
This mellow pub serves gourmet sandwiches and pizzas and offers a lovely courtyard for dining outside.

Mount Everest Restaurant
Address: 2011 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley (Corner of Shattuck and University)
Phone: (510) 665-6035
Hours: M-Sat 11:30am - 3:30pm, 5pm-10pm, Sun 12pm-3:30pm, 5pm-10pm
Nepalese and Indian cuisine

La Note
Address: 2377 Shattuck Avenue
Phone: (510) 843-1535
Hours: Breakfast M– F 8am - 2:30pm
Weekend Brunch Sat & Sun 8am - 3pm
Lunch M-F 11am - 2:30pm
Dinner Th-Sat 6pm - 10pm
“ Authentic Provençal (Southern France) cooking, in a warm rustic setting.”

Venus Restaurant
Address: 2327 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 540-5950
Hours: M 8am-2:30pm, Tu-Th 5pm-9:30pm, F-Sat 8am-2:15pm, 5pm-9:45pm,
Sun 8am-2:15pm, 5pm-9pm
A warm and casual place, Venus serves bistro cuisine with an international twist.

Home to Alice Water’s famous restaurant, Chez Panisse, and the first Peet’s Coffee café, North Berkeley now boasts several fine eateries and many types of cuisine. Getting here from the conference hotel is a little less straight-forward than other neighborhoods, but nonetheless pretty easy. Your quickest route is to take the Richmond BART train from the 12th Street or 19th Street station in Oakland, to the Downtown Berkeley station. Exit the station at Center Street (up the escalator), then, either hop on the AC Transit bus #7, 9, or 43 from Center Street towards North Berkeley and get off at Cedar Street, or stroll north along Shattuck Avenue. AC Transit bus #51 will also take you from downtown Oakland to the corner of University Avenue and Shattuck Avenue.

Chez Panisse
Address: 1517 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 548-5525 restaurant, (510) 548-5049 café
Hours: Café: M-Th 11:30am-3pm, 5pm-10:30pm, F-Sat 11:30am-3:30pm, 5pm-11:30pm
Restaurant: M-Sat dinner only, phone ahead to make reservations
Guided by Alice Waters’ legendary vision, this world famous eatery offers a single, prix-fixe menu each night. The upstairs café is less expensive and more casual than the downstairs restaurant. Reservations recommended. Make reservations well in advance to be seated downstairs.

Taste of the Himalayas Restaurant
Address: 1700 Shattuck Ave St. A, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 849-4983
Hours: M-Sun 11:30am-3pm, 5pm-10pm
Nepalese and Indian cuisine. Owner Rajen Thapa explains, "When people come here we want them to feel like they are eating at home - dignified, respected and recognized - as they would in Nepal."

O Chame
Address: 1830 4th St., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 841-8783
Hours: M-Thu 11:30am-3pm, 5:30pm-9pm; F-Sat 11:30am-3pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm
Some diners describe the experience of this intimate Japanese restaurant that features fresh ingredients and subtle flavors as Zen-like.

Cafe Rouge
Address: 1782 4th Street, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 525-1440
Hours: M 11:30am-3pm, Tu-Th 11:30am-10pm, F-Sat 11:30am-11pm,
Sun 11:30am-9:30pm
This boisterous French restaurant is a favorite of meat-eaters.

Address: 1515 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 883-0222
Hours: Daily 12pm-3pm, 4pm-12am
This sleek urban-rustic hangout features a menu of Spanish tapas and great drinks.

Address: 2109 Cedar St., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 883-1893
Hours: M-Sat 11am-9pm
Grégoire serves excellent French food, but only for take-out. No seating available.

Cha Am
Address: 1543 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 848-9664
Hours: M-Th 11:30am-3pm, 5-9:30pm, F-Sat 11:30am-3pm, 5-10pm, Sun 5pm-9:30pm
The Tom Kha Gai at this Thai restaurant is excellent.

Cheeseboard Pizza
Address: 1512 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 549-3183
Hours: Tu-F 11:30am-2pm, 4:30pm-7pm, Sat 12pm-3pm, 4:30pm-7pm
The menu at this popular pizzeria changes daily and always contains only a single item--the pizza of the day. Run as a collective, Cheeseboard Pizza uses organic ingredients. A couple of doors down is the Cheeseboard cheese cooperative, where you can choose from hundreds of gourmet cheeses, and find baked goods too.

Café de la Paz
Address: 1600 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
Phone: (510) 843-0662
Hours: M-Th 5:30pm- 9:30pm, M-F 11:45pm- 2:30pm, F-Sat 5:30pm-10:00pm,
Sat-Sun 10:00pm- 2:30pm, Sun 5:30pm- 9:30pm
The upstairs dining room of this pan-Latin American restaurant features wonderful natural lighting.



Address: 510 Embarcadero W, Oakland (Washington & Embarcadero)
Phone: (510) 238-9200
Shows: M-Sat 8pm and 10pm, Sun 2pm and 8pm
Featured jazz show during the weekend of the American Studies Association conference: Ray Brown 80th Birthday Salute with Benny Gree, John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, and Marlena Shaw.

La Peña Cultural Center
Address: 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 849-2568
Hours: Visit the La Peña website for their events calendar
La Pena has been a cultural institution in the Bay Area since the 1970s, uniting art and politics. Founded in response to the 1973 U.S.-backed military coup that overthrew Chile’s government, the restaurant and cultural center are built on a base of local and international solidarity. Live performances and films most evenings. Check for Saturday daytime children’s programs.

Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center
Address: 1317 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 525-5054
“ Berkeley’s Home for Music World Dance Since 1973”

The White Horse Tavern
Address: 6551 Telegraph, Oakland
Phone: (510) 652-3820
Hours: M-Tu 3pm-2am, W-Sat 1pm-2am
The oldest and longest running gay bar in the Bay Area, this club features drinks, dancing, and drag shows. Weekends feature a small dance space with hip hop, house and electronica music.

Club Anton
Address: 428 3rd Street, Oakland
Phone: (510) 463-0165
Performers here are deeply rooted in Latin music, but also spread into hip-hop and reggae especially when there's a DJ.

Address: 135 12th St., Oakland
Phone: (510) 763-0404
Hours: Tu-Sun 4pm-2am
Oasis features shabby chic furniture, outdoor, tiki-themed dance floor, and thumping, deep grooved music provided by the East Bay's premier DJ's.

Conga Lounge
Address: 5422 College Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 463-2681
Hours: W-Th 5pm-close; F-Sat 5pm-2am
This 50s-style tiki lounge serves kitchy cocktails, appetizers, and potluck-style dishes. On the weekends, DJs enhance the tropical atmosphere with exotica and lounge mixes. Some funky dancing may ensue, as well as a round of limbo.

Cafe Van Kleef
Address: 1621 Telegraph Ave. Oakland
Phone: (510) 763-7711
Hours: Daily 4pm-2am
An East Bay hipsters' hangout with eclectic decor, live entertainment, and free snacks.

The Ivy Room
Address: 858 San Pablo Ave., Albany
Phone: (510) 524-9220
The Ivy Room embodies a classic dive bar feel and plays host to some of the best of the Bay Area's live music acts. The emphasis is on rock & roll, alt-country and power-pop, with some East Bay punk and rockabilly thrown in for flavor.

Luka’s Taproom and Lounge
Address: 2221 Broadway, Oakland
Phone: (510) 451-4677
Hours: M-W 11:30am-12am, Th-F 11:30am-2am, Sat 5:30pm-2am, Sun 5:30pm-12am
This neighborhood bar and restaurant invites an office crowd and locals to drink tap brews and shoot pool. Local office workers congregate during happy hours to enjoy the 16 beers on tap, or to dine on traditional French and Belgian brasserie fare like oysters, sausages and cured meats. In the evenings, a more social crowd arrives for pool and DJ dancing in the adjacent 1,200-square-foot lounge. Music ranges from funk and punk to hip-hop and Indian bhangra.

Stork Club
Address: 2330 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 444-6174
Hours: Tu-W, Sun 4pm-2am; F-Sat 1pm-2am
A mecca for the East Bay punk scene, close quarters and typically raucous entertainment make the Stork Club a difficult place to converse in. Weeknights host up to three live bands a night. Every Sunday there is an open mic.

Address: 320 Lee St Ste 1201, Oakland (near Lake Park Way)
Phone: (510) 832-2644
Hours: Daily 1pm-2am
Head to this mint green house for a party where soulful bands turn out bass-rich grooves. On Tuesdays, old school R&B comes deejayed through vintage tapes and cover is nil. On Fridays and Saturdays, Serenader offers live bands on the tiny stage in front. The rest of the days of the week are usually set to the sounds of a pre-recorded mix, but call ahead --sometimes bands play on Thursday or Sunday, too.

FESTIVALS AND SPECIAL EVENTS – check the web for up-to-date information

SF World Music Festival
Various locations throughout San Francisco and Berkeley
Phone: (415) 561-6571
Website: http://www.sfstation.com/the-sixth-annual-san-francisco-world-music-festival-e8787

“A Day in the Bobby Hutton Park”: Black Panther Party 40th Anniversary
for more about the BPP 40th anniversary celebration, go to
Sunday, Oct 15 from noon


Berkeley Repertory Theater
Address: 2025 Addison Street, Berkeley
Phone: Administration: (510) 647-2900
Box Office: (510) 647-2949, or (888) 4BRTTix (888.427.8849)
Box Office: Tu–Su, Noon–7pm
The Berkeley Rep will being playing MOTHER COURAGE, by Bertolt Brecht / translated by David Hare / directed by LiSat Peterson / The Roda Theatre / September 8–October 22, 2006.

The Paramount Theatre
Address: 2025 Broadway
Phone: 24-HOUR HOTLINE: 510-465-6400
A National Historic Landmark, the Paramount Theatre opened in 1931 as a movie palace. The art deco theater has been meticulously restored to its original condition and is home to the Oakland Ballet and Oakland East Bay Symphony. It also runs a classic film series, which includes period newsreels and cartoons. A must-see for fans of art deco.

Oakland Ballet
Address: 130 Linden St., Oakland
Phone: (510) 452-9288

Cal Performances
Address: 101 Zellerbach Hall #4800, University of California, Berkeley
Phone: Ticket Office: (510) 642-9988
Administrative Office: (510) 642-0212
Cal Performances hosts live dance, theater, music, and talk/discussion events at a variety of venues on the University of California, Berkeley, campus, including Zellerbach Auditorium, Zellerbach Playhouse, Hearst Greek Theater, Wheeler Auditorium, and Alfred Hertz Hall. Check listings for scheduled events.

MOVIE THEATRES- see local newspaper listings

Parkway Speakeasy Theater
Address: 1834 Park Blvd., Oakland (near East 18th St.)
Phone: (510) 814-2400
Admission: $5.00 Admission for all shows (must be 21 year of age or older for films shown after 4pm), Wednesday 2 for the price of one admission.
The only Bay Area theatre where you can order pizza and beer while watching second-run flicks.



The East Bay is home to many institutions of higher learning, from community colleges to one of the foremost research institutions in the country. Among the community colleges are Laney Community College, College of Alameda, Merritt College, and the City College of Berkeley.
Mills College was founded as a seminary for girls in 1852 in the North Bay town Benicia, once the capital of California. The seminary moved to Alameda County in 1872 and in 1885 the state granted it a college charter, making Mills the first women’s college west of the Mississippi. St. Mary’s College of California was founded in 1863 in San Francisco and moved to Oakland in 1889. Nearly forty years later the Catholic university moved to a brand new campus – its present site in Moraga – and continued to develop a liberal arts education and has earned a great reputation for scholarship and faculty. Originally established in 1868 on the shores of Lake Merritt by six Sisters of the Holy Names to train young women as teachers, Holy Names University moved in 1957 to its present site on 60 wooded acres in the Oakland Hills and now offers a variety of comprehensive academic programs for men and women. In 1855, former Congregationalist minister Henry Durant founded the College of California in Oakland, and modeled the new institution after Yale and Harvard. Eleven years later, with the help of federal funds from the Morrill Land Grant of 1862, the Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College was founded. And in 1868 the two colleges merged to form the University of California. In 1873 the new public university moved to its present location in Berkeley, and has since grown to become one of the leading research institutions in the country. Berkeley is equally famous for producing student activism – especially the Free Speech Movement of 1964 and anti-Vietnam war protests – and Nobel Laureates. California State University, East Bay (Hayward) has been a Bay Area institution since 1957. It began as a two-year institution that offered Associates Degrees, but was incorporated into University of California president Clark Kerr’s master plan of 1960 for creating a new California State University system that could accommodate the imminent surge in student enrollment. The university offers Baccalaureate and Masters degree programs from its campus in the Hayward Hills, and a second one in Concord, near Mt. Diablo (from the peak of which you can see on a clear day from the Pacific to the Sierra).


*Oakland Museum of California
Address: 1000 Oak Street, Oakland
Phone: (510) 238-2200
Hours: W-Sat 10am to 5pm, Sun 12pm-5pm,
First Friday of each month open until 9 p.m.
Admission: Adults $8
Seniors (65+) and Students (with valid ID) $5
Children under the age of six are free
Free Second Sunday of each month (does not include special exhibitions).
The OMCA offers permanent exhibits on California art, natural sciences, and history. During the ASA conference, the museum will also be showing new video work by Bill Viola and highlighting men and women who broke both records and barriers in sports. The museum is opening its annual Días de los Muertos/Days of the Dead exhibit on Oct 11. In Laughing Bones/Weeping Hearts: Días de los Muertos 2006, guest curator Carol Marie Garcia and the artists explore the ways the Days of the Dead attends to the sorrow of the living and honors and celebrates the Dead. Artists include Juan R. Fuentes, Jaime Guerrero, Todd Herman, Fernando Hernandez, Calixto Robles, Joe Bastida Rodriguez, Hermina Albarran Romero, Deborah Rumer, Wende Stitt, Kay Weber, Jana Weston, and Sandra Yagi. This annual celebration includes hand on children's activities with the guest artists.

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Address: The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive reside in two locations on the
southern edge of the UC Berkeley campus: 2626 Bancroft Way and 2621 Durant Avenue. The Pacific Film Archive Theatre is located at 2575 Bancroft Way.
Phone: (510) 642-0808
Hours: Gallery and Museum Store: W-Sun 11am-5pm,Th 11am-7pm
Gallery Admission: Adults $8, Non-UC Berkeley students
Young Adults (13-17)
Seniors (65+)
Disabled Persons $5
BAM/PFA Members
UC Berkeley Students, Faculty, and Staff; Children (12 & under) Free.
PFA Theater Box Office Hours: Daily 11am-5pm at the museum's Bancroft lobby admissions
desk, and one hour before the first show time of the day at the PFA Theater box office.
Theater Admission: Adults $8
UC Berkeley Faculty and Staff, Non-UC Berkeley Students, Youth (17 and under), Seniors (65+), and Disabled Persons $5
BAM/PFA Members and UC Berkeley Students $4.
Website: www.bampfa.berkeley.edu


*Oakland Asian Cultural Center
Address: 388 Ninth Street, Suite. 290
Phone: (510) 637-0455

Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts
Address: 1428 Alice St., Oakland
Phone: (510) 451-6100


Oakland Public Library

*Main Branch
Address: 125 14th Street
Phone: (510) 238-3134
Hours: Sun 1pm-5pm, M-T 10am-5:30pm, W-Th 12pm-8pm, F 12pm-5:30pm,
Sat 10am-5:30pm

*Asian Branch
Address: 388 9th St, Suite 190
Phone: (510) 238-3400
Hours: M-Tu 12:30pm-8pm, W-Sat 10am-5:30

West Oakland Branch
Address: 1801 Adeline St
Phone: (510) 238-7352
Hours: M 11:30am-7pm, Tu-Th 10am-5:30pm, F 12pm-5:30pm, Sat 10am-5:30pm

Lakeview Branch
Address: 550 El Embarcadero
Phone: (510) 238-7344
Hours: M 12:30pm-8pm, Tu-Th 10am-5:30pm, F 12pm-5:30pm, Sat 10am-5:30pm

Piedmont Avenue Branch
Address: 160 41st St.
Phone: (510) 597-5011
Hours: M 12:30pm-8pm, Tu-Th 10am-5:30pm, F 12pm-5:30pm, Sat 10am-5:30pm

*African American Museum and Library of Oakland (also, see tour)
Address: 659 14th St.
Phone: (510) 637-0200
Hours: Tu-Sat 12pm-5:30pm

California Genealogical Society
Address: 1611 Telegraph Ave Ste 100, Oakland
Phone: (510) 663-1358
Hours: Th-F 9:00am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm
Admission: Free to members, $5 reader fee for non-members

Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley
Address: 2121 Allston Way (temporary location)
Phone: Administration office (510) 642-3781
Reference desk (510) 642-6481
Hours: TBA
The Bancroft Library is the University of California’s main research library. Its collection of manuscripts, archival material, rare books, and other unique items is one of the most heavily used collections in the United States.


Address: 550 Second Street, Jack London Square
Phone: (510) 763-4361
Hours: Tu-Sat 12pm -6pm, Sun 12pm -5pm
Admission: Always free
Pro Arts is a non-profit, artist-based membership organization serving the Bay Area's diverse cultural communities through exhibitions, workshops, and multidisciplinary programs.

*Oakland Art Gallery
Address: 199 Kahn's Alley
Phone: (510) 637.0395
Hours: W-Th 11am-6pm, F 11am-5pm, Sat 12pm-4pm

*Oakland Artisan Marketplace
Phone: (510) 238-2103
Address Fridays: Frank Ogawa Plaza (14th & Broadway) 10:00am-4:00pm*
and Hours: Saturdays: Jack London Square 10:00am-9:00pm*
Sunday: Jack London Square 10:00am-5:00pm*
The Cultural Arts and Marketing Division is proud to present the Oakland Artisan Marketplace, the City's arts and crafts vending program, that gives artisans an opportunity to sell their arts and crafts year-round in Oakland. Former street artist and now Council member Nancy Nadel initiated this program and after much research, a series of community meetings with neighborhood and business representatives, and the implementation of two small projects by the City's Community & Economic Development Agency (CEDA), the Oakland Artisan Marketplace was created. Currently there are two marketplace sites weekly: Fridays in Oakland's outdoor civic center Frank Ogawa Plaza and Saturdays and Sundays in Jack London Square.


Marcus Book Stores
Address: 3900 Martin Luther King, Jr., Way, Oakland
Phone: (510) 52-2344
Hours: M-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm
Books By/About Black People Everywhere

*DeLauer Super Newsstand
Address: 1310 Broadway, Oakland
Phone: (510) 451-6157
Hours: Open 24 hours everyday

Walden Pond Bookstore
Address: 3316 Grand Avenue, Oakland
Phone: (510) 32-4438
Hours: Su-Th10 am - 9 pm, F-Sat 10 am - 10 pm
Oakland’s Oldest Independent Bookstore

Spectator Books
Address: 4163 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland
Phone: (510) 653-7300
Hours: M-Th 10am-9pm, F-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 11am to 8pm

Diesel Bookstore New & Used
Address: 5433 College Avenue, Oakland
Phone: (510) 653-9965
Hours: M-Th 10am-9pm, F-Sa, 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-6pm

Pegasus & Pendragon Fine Books & Music
Address: 5560 College Avenue, Oakland
Phone: (510) 652-6259
Hours: M-Sat 9am-10:45pm, Sun 9am to 10pm


Address: 2349 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 649-1320
Hours: M-Th 9am-10pm, F-Sat 9am-10:45pm, Sun 10am-10pm


Address: 1855 Solano Avenue, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 525-6888
Hours: M-Th 9am-10pm, F-Sat 9am-10:45pm, Sun 10am-10pm

Mrs. Dalloway’s Literary and Garden Arts
Address: 2904 College Avenue, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 704-8222
Hours: M-W 10am-6pm, Th-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

Moe’s Books, Since 1959
Address: 2476 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 849-2087
Hours: 10am-11pm everyday

Shakespeare and Co. Books
Address: 2499 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 841-8916
Hours: M-Th 10am-8pm, F-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-8pm

University Press Books (on Bancroft)
Address: 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 548-0585
Hours: M-F 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm

Black Oak Books
Address: 1491 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 486-0698
Hours: 10am-10pm everyday

Builder’s Booksource
Address: 1817 Fourth Street, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 845-6874
Hours: M-Sat 8:30am-7pm, Sun. 10am-7pm
Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape/Gardening, Construction, Engineering, and Do-It-Yourself

Cody’s Books
Address: 1730 Fourth Street, Berkeley, and Phone:
Phone: (510) 559-9500
Hours: Sun-W 10am-7pm, Th-Sat 10am-8pm


Address: 2 Stockton Street, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 773-0444
Hours: Su- W 10am-9pm, Th-Sat 10am-10pm

Stacey’s Books
Address: 581 Market Street, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 421-4687
Hours: M-F 8:30am-7pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm

A Different Light Bookstore
Address: 489 Castro Street, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 431-0891
Hours: 10am-midnight everyday
A bookstore for the gay, bi, lesbian, transgender and transsexual communities.

Green Apple Books and Music
Address: 506 Clement Street, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 387-2272
Hours: “open late seven days a week”
An amazing collection of new and used books. Serious dust allergy alert.

City Lights Bookstore
Address: 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 362-8193
Hours: 10am-midnight, seven days a week
A literary landmark at the crossroads of San Francisco’s Chinatown and North Beach neighborhoods. Co-founded by beat poet and publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Modern Times
Address: 888 Valencia Street, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 282-9246
Hours: M-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-6pm
A collectively owned and operated progressive bookstore in San Francisco’s Mission District.

FOR KIDS (Young and Old)

*Lake Merritt
A tidal, salt water lake located near Oakland’s downtown, Lake Merritt was California’s first bird sanctuary. It still functions as bird sanctuary and offers much more. If you're looking for a jog in the morning or a lunchtime or evening break, a walk/run around Lake Merritt offers a great way to see Oakland’s beautiful topography, as well as a cross section of its residents, who use the lake as exercise and meditation route. Located about .8 miles from the hotel, Lake Merritt’s perimeter is 3.4 miles, or about an hour's pleasant walk. Children will enjoy the playground, picnic areas, band stand and beach, and botanical gardens. http://www.oaklandnet.com/parks/parks/lakemerritt.asp

*Children’s Fairyland
Address: 699 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland
Phone: (510) 452-2259 or (510) 238-6876
Hours: W-Sun 10am-4pm (weather permitting)
Admission: $6 (includes unlimited rides) for children ages 1-101, children under the age of 1 are admitted for free
Walt Disney supposedly found his inspiration for Disneyland at this quaint little theme park for young children, located on the shores of Lake Merritt. It first opened in 1950, and has recently been voted “Best Amusement Park” by San Francisco Focus Magazine and Bay Area Parent, “Best Kiddie Playground” by San Francisco Bay Guardian and “Best Place to Bring Your Kids” by East Bay Express.

*MOCHA: The Museum of Children’s Art
Address: 538 Ninth Street, Oakland
Phone: (510) 465-8770
Hours: Tu-F 10am to 5pm, Sat-Sun noon to 5pm
Admission: Free, but classes, workshops, and camps often charge a fee.
" Founded in 1988, MOCHA is synonymous with excellence and leadership in arts education. For more than 15 years, MOCHA has encouraged hands-on learning in the arts and has promoted the arts as a way to help children of all backgrounds develop as healthy, resourceful, and involved citizens.” During October, the exhibit will feature children’s books illustrations.

Lucciola Children's Bookstore
Address: 3980 Piedmont Ave., Oakland
Phone: (510) 652-6655
Hours: M-Sat 10am-6pm
Lucciola has a large selection of books for children – infants to teenagers. Call about story time too (English, Spanish, and Chinese story times).

Fenton’s Creamery
Address: 4226 Piedmont, Oakland
Phone: (510) 658-7000
Hours: 11am-11pm weekdays, F-Sat 11 am-midnight
This old-fashioned ice cream store and family restaurant serves enormous sundaes and traditional American food. There can be lines on weekends.

Chabot Space and Science Center
Address: 10000 Skyline Blvd., Oakland
Phone: (510) 336-7300
and Admission: Call or see website
Chabot Space & Science Center (CSSC) is an innovative teaching and learning center focusing on astronomy and the space sciences and the interrelationships of all science. The Oakland Observatory, precursor to the center, was established in 1883 in downtown Oakland. The center is now an 86,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art science and technology education facility located on a 13-acre site high in the Oakland Hills.

Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley
Address: Centennial Drive, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 642-5132
Hours: Open Daily 10 am-5pm
General Admission: Adults (ages 19 through 61) $9.50
Student/senior/disabled (ages 5-18; 62 plus) $7.50
Child (ages 3-4) $5.50
LHS Members and Children under 3 Free
Planetarium Shows: $3.00 for adults, $2.50 for ages 18 and under (after museum admission)
Lawrence Hall of Science has something for everybody, including Planetarium shows, a biology lab and a computer lab, a variety of exhibits – including hands-on exhibits for kids – and a café with stunning views of the bay.

Tilden Park Nature Area
Located in the hills to the north of the University of California, Berkeley, campus, this parks has a something for everyone in the family: the Little Farm, Steam Trains, botanical gardens, a carousel, Lake Anza, picnic areas, and many hiking trails.

Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception
Address: 3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco
Phone: (415) EXP-LORE
Hours: Tu-Sun 10am-5pm
Admission: Adult (18-64) $13.00
Student (over 18 with ID) / Seniors (65+) $10.00
People with Disabilities $10.00
Youth (ages 13-17) $10.00
Children (ages 4-12) $8.00
Children (3 and under) FREE
Tactile Dome (7+; general admission included) $16.00
This museum was founded in 1969 by noted physicist and educator Dr. Frank Oppenheimer and is located within the walls of the Palace of Fine Arts building in San Francisco, the only surviving structure from the Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915. Visitors will find hundreds of the 650 original interactive exhibits, displays, and artworks have been designed, prototyped, and built on site, as well as hands-on exhibits explore biology, physics, visual perception, listening, and memory. Older children and adults will love the Tactile Dome, “an interactive excursion through total darkness, where your sense of touch becomes your only guide!”

Steinhart Aquarium
Address: 875 Howard Street, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 321-8000
Hours: 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 10am-5pm, except the Third Thursday of every month. On that day, the Academy is open until 9pm and admission is $5 for everyone.
Admission: Adults - $7.00
Youth 12-17 - $4.50
Students w/ID - $4.50
Seniors 65+ - $4.50
Children 4-11 - $2.00
Children 3 and under – Free
“ The Steinhart, which opened in September 1923, is the oldest, still-operating grand municipal aquarium in America. The aquarium's collection includes species found at no other institution in the world, as well as species that are extinct in the wild.”


Angel Island State Park
Angel Island, the largest island in the San Francisco Bay, was once used by the Miwok Indians for hunting and fishing. In 1775, while the island was under Spanish rule, Ayala Cove served as the staging area for the earliest water-based exploration of the bay area. The United States used the island as a military post for nearly one hundred years, remnants of which remain on the island. Angel Island was also the home of the Immigration and Quarantine Stations of the Pacific Cost. Millions of immigrants – most infamously from China – entered the United States. Only a few buildings remain; among them is a hospital where many Chinese immigrants carved into the walls poems of hope and despair while they waited – sometimes for months – to learn of their fate in this country. Unfortunately, the Immigration Station museum is closed until 2007. Still, the island offers plenty of hiking, biking, and other recreational activities, as well as stunning views of the Bay. For more information about how to get to Angel Island and what to do while there, visit http://www.angelisland.org.

Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island is perhaps most famous for the federal penitentiary that once was the home of Al Capone and Robert Stroud, the "Birdman of Alcatraz." The prison closed in 1963, but the island captured national attention again in 1969 when Indians of All Tribes reclaimed and occupied for two years, the land that once belonged to indigenous peoples of California. Throughout its history, Alcatraz has served as a bird sanctuary as well. Today, Alcatraz Island is part of the Golden Gate Park National Recreation Area and offers tours daily. For more information, visit

Oakland Heritage Alliance
Oakland Heritage Alliance is a non-profit membership organization which advocates the protection, preservation, and revitalization of Oakland's architectural, historic, cultural and natural resources through publications, education, and direct action. Among other things, they guide walking tours throughout Oakland, and this fall will be hosting a lectures on the second Thursday of each month (including October 12) at the Chapel of the Chimes, a building designed by Julia Morgan and located on Piedmont Avenue, just outside of Mountainview Cemetery, a burial park designed in 1863 by America’s most famous landscape architect, Frederic Law Olmsted.

Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model, Sausalito- Marin County
The Bay Model is a three-dimensional, working hydraulic model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquim River Delta System that allows visitors to learn in a unique way about the geography, topography, ecology, and the human and natural history of the region’s water systems.


City of Oakland Cultural Arts

East Bay Express

SF Bay Guardian

Info Oakland

A new online data warehouse and mapping service. InfoAlamedaCounty and InfoOakland (our Oakland-focused data warehouse and mapping service launched in 2003) strive to promote social equity and empowerment of residents and community-based organizations in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color in the Bay Area through increased access to good data, assistance in gathering and analyzing data, and collaboration in using data as a tool for promoting positive social change.

Hello Oakland

East Bay Regional Park District
Hiking trails, visitor centers with history, geology, biology, ecology

SF Gate