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ASA Sessions at a Glance

ASA Sessions at a Glance | Session Subject Index | Thursday, November 15 |
Friday, November 16 | Saturday, November 17 | Sunday, November 18

This is a snapshot of the program as it existed on October 1, 2012. The most up-to-date version of the program can be found online at Please note that Session Numbers (not page numbers) are shown below.

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8:00 am

The Puerto Vallarta "Postcolonial Theory, the U.S. South, and New World Studies" Conference at Ten ... 001

Business Meeting of the ASA National Council ... 002

10:00 am

Imperial Epistemes: Writing, Feeling, Playing Empire ... 003

Comparative Colonialisms: Practices of Rule and Administration in the U.S. and British Empires ... 004

California and the Global Crisis: Intercolonial Solidarities and Political Possibilities during the Great Depression ... 005

Insights from Outside: Approaches to the Study of Americans Abroad ... 006

Crimson and Clover: Hope and Dread in the Musical Countercultures of the 1960s ... 007

Caucus: Early American Matters: Religious Empires and American Indigeneity ... 008

Curious Objects: Aesthetic Capitalism and the Waning of American Empire ... 009

Empires and Discursive Dissent: Reimagining Aesthetic Traditions in Race and Ethnicity Studies ... 010

Domestic Conflicts/Global Spheres: Race and Empire in the Long Twentieth Century ... 011

Engaging Empire at Home: Public Scholarship and Activist Pedagogies Beyond "Diversity" ... 012

Liberalism in the Service of Empire: Past, Present, and Future ... 013

Transnational Print Publics ... 014

The Transmission of Imperial Discourse in the Nineteenth-Century Global Southern Hemisphere ... 015

Comparative Approaches to the Law of Slavery and Race in the Americas ... 016

Anti-Imperialist Film Festival November 15 ... 017

Transnational Learning: Reimagining Alliance and Collaboration through a Japan-U.S Course ... 018

Beyond Big Pharma: Rethinking Medical Consumerism ... 019

The Bordering of America: Axes of Inclusion and Exclusion in Age of U.S. Empire ... 020

Objecthood, Abjecthood, and Fantasies of American Conquest ... 021

Beyond Incarceration, Toward Interventions: Roundtable on Juvenile Justice ... 022

Caribbean ReCastings of American Studies ... 023

Time and Untimeliness in the Practice of Diasporas ... 024

12:00 pm

Envisioning Spain, Narrating Borders: Race, Hemisphere, and Empire in Nineteenth-Century American Studies ... 025

Worlds of Color: Black Internationalism in the Twentieth Century ... 026

Race, Gender, and the Sixties ... 027

Captive Traffics: Transnationality, Empire, and Resistance ... 028

Is There an American Studies of the Law? ... 029

International Partnership Luncheon ... 030

Invisible Structures and the Experience of Music ... 031

Television and the Long Backlash to Civil Rights ... 032

Media Empires: Technology and Transnationalism in the American Century ... 033

Beyond Islamophobia: Islam and American Empire ... 034

Hollywood's Korea / Korea's Hollywood ... 035

Ensuring a Future Beyond U.S. Empire: Methodologies, Indigenous Genealogies, and Land-Based Practices ... 036

Blogging as Public Pedagogy: A Roundtable with GayProf, Historiann, Roxie, and Tenured Radical ... 037

The Violence of Life Itself: Progress, Design, Beauty, Humanitarianism ... 038

Hemispheric Cultural Diplomacy: New Archives, New Approaches ... 039

Racial Misrecognition and the Performance of Belonging ... 040

Transnationalism and Discourses of Human Rights ... 041

Caucus: Humor Studies: Race, Resistance, and the Imperial U.S.: Nineteenth-Century Humor in the Classroom (A Roundtable) ... 042

Imperial Cinema ... 043

Puerto Rican Transnational Activism: The Gendered Contours of Anti-Imperialist Organizing, 1940–1980 ... 044

Return of the Tiger: The Social and Cultural Politics of Asian American Parenting ... 045

Navigating Black Poetry: Borderland Geographies and Poetry on the Twenty-first-Century Cultural Studies Landscape ... 046

Book Exhibit Set Up ... 047

2:00 pm

Pictures from an Expedition: Aesthetics of Nineteenth-Century Cartographic Exploration in the Americas ... 048

African American Readers of the Past: Interpreting Traces of Margin and Center ... 049

Prison/Representation ... 050

Homeland Insecurity ... 051

Caucus: Material Culture: The Dust of Empire: Material Culture and the Circulation of Power's Remains ... 052

Authors—mdash;Meet—mdash;Critics: New Books in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Latino Studies ... 053

The Sixties, Fifty Years Later ... 054

Affect, Dissensus, and Empire ... 055

Conscripts of Empire ... 056

Asian Americanist Keywords: Fetish, Biopolitics, Assemblage ... 057

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: Deviant Developments: Transnational Currents of Queer Political Critique ... 058

Contested Geographies: Negotiating Space in Historical and Contemporary Puerto Rico ... 059

Crisis Economies of U.S. Empire ... 060

Resisting the Imperial Archive: New Work in Moving Image Preservation and Access ... 061

ASA International Committee Talkshop I: Teaching Puerto Rico ... 062

Commodity Chains and Transactions of Sovereignty ... 063

Caucus: Humor Studies: The "Post-Racial" Panopticon? Reflexivity, Race, and Resistance in Comedy ... 064

Social Scientific Racism—mdash;Understanding the Stereotypes that Permeate "Pop" Social Science. ... 065

Circuits of Empire: Communication and Circulation in the Early Caribbean ... 066

Future Tension: Early-Twentieth-Century Visions of Race and Gender in Techno-Science ... 067

Transnational Transversals: Movements of Liberation, 1960–1989 ... 068

3:00 pm

Business Meeting of the ASA Committee on Regional Chapters ... 069

3:30 pm

Business Meeting of the ASA Minority Scholars Committee ... 070

4:00 pm

Primitive Accumulation and Past/Present/Future Empire ... 071

Is There a Place for Jewishness in American Studies? A Keywords Roundtable ... 072

Dimensions of Occupation ... 073

Asian Los Angeles: Defining Space in the Past and Present City ... 074

Remapping Empire: Telling, Selling, and Touring Transnational American Souths ... 075

Citizenship and Belonging: Disability, Race, and Sexuality in America ... 076

Blackness and the Sacred Performative ... 077

American Ruins: Rhetoric and Remnants ... 078

Cultural Studies, Military Ecologies, and the Sciences: The Futures of the Environmental Movement ... 079

American Quarterly: Decolonial Feminist Critique ... 080

Keywords in Critical Ethnic Studies: Racialization, Genocide, Settler Colonialism, and Debt ... 081

Empire and Resistance in Unexpected Places ... 082

Transnational African American Political Thought ... 083

Digital/Imperial Worlds ... 084

ASA International Committee Talkshop II: "The Politics of Transnational Publishing" ... 085

Violence, Politics, and Cultural Expression: The Legacy of Haiti in the Nineteenth-Century U.S. ... 086

Business Meeting of the Humor Studies Caucus ... 087

Mediating Disaster in a Culture of Spectacle: War, Ruins, and Catastrophe ... 088

The Cartographies of U.S. Empire Across History, Geography, and Nation ... 089

Disrupting Empire and (Re)Imagining Nationhood: Anishinaabe Strategies and Perspectives ... 090

Business Meeting of the ASA Nominating Committee ... 091

5:00 pm

Documentary Screening and Director's Discussion with Bernardo Ruiz: Roberto Clemente ... 092

Reception of the Food Studies Caucus ... 093

5:30 pm

Envisioning a Latina/o Studies Association: A Discussion ... 094

6:00 pm

COINTELPRO Then and Now ... 095

Reception for Lifetime Members ... 096

7:00 pm

Welcome Reception/Celebration of ASA Authors/Exhibits Open ... 097


8:00 am

Media(ted) Resistance: Blueprints, Digital Archives, and the Politics of Visibility ... 098

ASA Students' Committee: Mock Job Interview Workshop ... 099

Consumer Empire: American Advertising and Nationalism ... 100

Caucus: Food Studies: Archives of Domesticity and Dissent: Cookbooks, Cooking Culture, and the Limits of Culinary Exchange ... 101

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: The Corporation ... 102

Imperial Designs: U.S. Empire, Technology, and Transcaribbean Space ... 103

Imperium in Imperio: Intra-racial and Intra-ethnic Trajectories in Black/Brown Identity Discourses ... 104

Mixtape Logics: Listening to Empire and Resistance ... 105

Caucus: Science and Technology Studies: Empires of Science, Resisting Solutions ... 106

Occupy Academe, Resist Colonization I: Neo-liberal Crisis and Transnational Student Protest ... 107

Caucus: Digital Humanities: What Can the Digital Humanities Bring to American Studies, and Vice Versa? ... 108

Minority Scholars' Mentoring Breakfast ... 109

Imaginary Indians: Representations of Native American People in Comparative Imperial Perspective ... 110

Geography Ground Zero: Territories of Labor, Race, and Region in Contemporary U.S. Politics ... 111

Networking Breakfast for Program Directors ... 112

Anti-Imperialist Film Festival November 16 ... 113

Religion and the Construction of Racial Fantasies ... 114

Slavery in the Atlantic World: Body, Flesh, and Spirit ... 115

Commodity Cultures, Sovereignty, and Post-Colonial Divisions of Labor ... 116

Performance as Power and Critique: Social Change in African Diasporic Performance ... 117

Beyond White Picket Fences: Identities, Belonging, and Asian Americans in Suburbia, 1950s–2000s ... 118

New Deal Urbanisms ... 119

Dimensions of Empire: Rehabilitating the Citizen Body and Psyche in the Age of Global Neoliberalism ... 120

9:30 am

Book Exhibit (Friday) ... 121

10:00 am

Black, White, or Other?: Reading Race, Constructing Childhood in American Popular Culture ... 122

Seeing like Subjects of the State: Visual Technologies of Citizenship at Risk ... 123

ASA Students' Committee: Roundtable on the Results from the ASA Students Survey ... 124

The Talking Cure for Empire? Oral History and Testimonio in the Twenty-first Century ... 125

Clocking the Deceptions: Race, Citizenship, and Nationalism in Trans/Gender Policing ... 126

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Speculation, Futurity, New Materialisms ... 127

Fear and Loathing in the Archives: Field Notes on Histories of Violence ... 128

Writing Resistance to Empire: African American Transnational Alliances ... 129

Sanitary Imperialism: U.S. Efforts to Clean and Beautify Puerto Ricans ... 130

Caucus: Science and Technology: What is the Future of Technology in American Studies?: A Roundtable ... 131

Occupy Academe, Resist Colonization II: Neo-liberal Crisis and Student Protest ... 132

Caucus: Digital Humanities: Digital Shorts: New Platforms of Knowledge Production and Resistance ... 133

ASA Minority Scholars Committee: Mentoring from the Pipeline Through to Tenure Track ... 134

Cultural Production, Racial Identity, and Black (Inter)Nationalism in the Jim Crow Era ... 135

Scholarship, Community, and Responses to "Crimmigration" Complexes in the Global Nuevo South: A Roundtable ... 136

ASA Committee on American Studies Programs and Centers: Revising and Developing American Studies Curricula/Programs in the Twenty-first Century ... 137

Historiographies of the Long Movement: Race, Gender, Transnationalism, and Trans-generational Continuity in Anti-Imperialist Organizing ... 138

Cartooning, Caricature, and the Imperial Grotesque ... 139

From Black Power to Prison Power: What does Jones v. North Carolina Prisoners' Labor Union Mean for Black Studies and Critical Prison Studies Today? ... 140

Poetics of Empire ... 141

Fraught Production, Anxious Consumption: Exchanges of Meaning in the Colonial Caribbean ... 142

Mercenaries, Missionaries, and Explorers: 150 Years in Africa ... 143

Beyond Frederick Douglass' Narrative ... 144

11:00 am

Business Meeting of the American Studies Editorial Board ... 145

12:00 pm

Ask Your Mama: The Sound(ed) Poetics and Politics of Black Feminist Internationalism ... 146

Photogrammar in Puerto Rico: Reading the FSA's 1930s Visual Archive with Twenty-first-Century Visualization Tools ... 147

ASA Committee on Graduate Education: Globalizing American Studies ... 148

Caucus: Sports Studies: More than a Game: Global Sports, Exotic Bodies, and Contested Spaces ... 149

Junot Díiacute;az and the Latina/o American Literary Field Imaginary ... 150

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Environmental Justice ... 151

American Quarterly: Debt, Death, and Discipline: The Global-Historical Fabric of the "Subprime Crisis" ... 152

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: A New Agenda for U.S.-Native Relations? ... 153

Caucus: Early American Matters: Resisting Empire and Colonization: A Methodology Roundtable ... 154

Resituating Discursive Loci in the Korean Context: Intersecting Disciplinary Practices in an Uneven World ... 155

The Occupy Movement and its Discontents at One Year: History, Neoliberal Resistance, and Criticism ... 156

ASA Students' Committee: 180 in Progress: Lightning Shorts from the Next Generation ... 157

The Fantasy of Arab American Representations in a Post-9/11 World ... 158

What's Queer about Anti-Imperialism? Sexuality and the Philippines in the Cultures of United States Empire ... 159

Imperium in Natione?: Law, Fantasy, and U.S. Empire in the Long Nineteenth Century ... 160

ASA International Committee Talkshop III: Inter-American Studies Outside the U.S. ... 161

Solidarity Against the Odds: Cultural Politics of Resistance and Affiliation in the Late Cold War ... 162

Symptoms of Empire: Race, Hospitals, and Citizenship in Southern California ... 163

Hemispheric Latinidades: Latina/o American Public Cultures, Public Conflicts ... 164

Historical Coloniality, Universal Empire and the Indigenous "Present" in the Caribbean ... 165

Ministry, Missionaries, and Empire ... 166

Discursive Lives of the Frontier: Race, Representation, Resistance ... 167

Business Meeting of the Digital Humanities Caucus ... 168

Business Meeting of the Critical Prison Studies Caucus ... 169

1:00 pm

Business Meeting of the ASA 2013 Program Committee ... 170

2:00 pm

Vieques Struggle: Political, Social, and Historical Significance ... 171

Caucus: Visual Culture: Visualizing Pre-Columbian Civilizations in the Service of Nation-Building in the U.S. and Mexico, 1880–1980 ... 172

Prison Movements, Epistemology, and Social Change ... 173

Archipelagic American Studies ... 174

The Flow of Empire: Gender, Water, and the Affect of Resistance ... 175

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: A Conversation on the Past, Present, and Future of U.S. (Un)Equal Rights ... 176

American Quarterly: Popular Culture and the Crisis of the Subprime: Representation, Race, and Empire ... 177

Caucus: Environment and Culture: Environmental Dimensions of Empire: Eco-Terrorism, Militarization, Waste, Sustainability, and Climate Migrancy ... 178

Aesthetic Dimensions of the Puerto Rican Diaspora: Institutional Violence, Sexuality, and Public Culture ... 179

How and When Race Changed in the Post–World War II U.S. ... 180

New Global Uprisings and the Reinvention of American Studies: U.S. Occupy Movements, Eurozone Resistance, and the Second Wave of Arab Spring Uprisings ... 181

ASA Committee on Graduate Education: Digital Dimensions of Graduate Education in American Studies (co-sponsored by the Digital Humanities Caucus and ASA Students' Committee) ... 182

Caucus: Material Culture: Whales, Balloons, and Boxcars: Imperial Objects in the Long Nineteenth Century ... 183

Hemispheric Imaginings of Race ... 184

Awkward Black Comedy 2.0: A Roundtable Discussion ... 185

Native Hawaiians, Colonialism, and Resistance: A Roundtable ... 186

Subjectivity and Sound: Rethinking Genre in Chicano/a Music ... 187

The Body Politic: Comparative Area Studies, Queer Theory, and Transnational American Studies ... 188

The "Rights of Discovery," 1500–1800: Politics, Religion, and the Letter of the Law in Colonial American Encounters ... 189

Caucus: Sports Studies: Examining the Dimensions of Sport within the Empire of American Studies ... 190

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: The Question of Palestine in the Context of Contemporary and Historical Struggles against Racism and Settler Colonialism ... 191

Challenging the Axes of Exclusion during the Late Twentieth Century: New Narratives of Latina/o Migration ... 192

Business Meeting of the Encyclopedia of American Studies Editorial Board ... 193

4:00 pm

Women Writing the Caribbean Diaspora ... 194

The World Is Not Enough? Trans-colonialism and Resistance from Dollar Stores to Distant Shores ... 195

Abolition Undercommons ... 196

Critical Indigenous Theory Engages U.S. Empire: Rethinking Disciplinary Foundations and Futures ... 197

Setting Out for the Empire at Home: Domestic Negotiations of Imperial Images "on Tour" ... 198

A Century of Resistance to U.S. Empire: Puerto Rican Independence, Incarceration, and Intergenerational Continuity ... 199

Color-Blind Blackness: Invisible Racial Economies of the American Empire ... 200

Claiming Arizona: Historical, Rhetorical, and Spatial Battles ... 201

Triangulating Latinidad across the Americas: Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States ... 202

Freedom University Georgia: Higher Education and the Fight for Equal Rights in the Empire's South ... 203

Artist Talk with Nao Bustamante, Artist-in-Residence ... 204

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Roundtable on When Jesus Came, the Corn Mothers Went Away ... 205

Race, Surveillance, and the State: Asia and Asian Americans in the Pacific Empire ... 206

Queer Performance in Black and Brown ... 207

Caucus: Sound Studies: Resisting Silences: Re-sounding Race, Gender, and Empire ... 208

Roundtable: Beyond Resistance—mdash;Rethinking the Politics of the Aesthetics ... 209

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Sugar and the Narration of Commodities ... 210

Speculative Visions of Alternate Worlds and Near Futures Beyond Empire ... 211

Violent Pre-Occupations: The Power of Crowds, Mobs, and Riots in American History ... 212

I'm a MuthaFking Monster: Alter Egos, New Media, and Black/Queer Performativity ... 213

The Politics and Poetics of Urban Space ... 214

Business Meeting of the Visual Culture Caucus ... 215

Business Meeting of the Sports Studies Caucus ... 216

Black and Cuba, an African American Studies Documentary: Work-in-Progress Screening and Talkback with Director/Cast 432

5:00 pm

Business Meeting of the Material Culture Caucus ... 218

Reception of the University of Southern California ... 219

5:30 pm

Business Meeting of the ASA Students' Committee ... 220

Reception of Yale University ... 221

6:00 pm

Dramatic Reading and Discussion: Poet/Novelist Giannina Braschi on Empire and Immigration ... 217

Reception for the Material Culture Caucus and the Visual Culture Caucus ... 222

University of Minnesota Reception ... 223

7:00 pm

Awards Ceremony ... 224

8:00 pm

Presidential Address: Where We Stand: U.S. Empire at Street Level and in the Archive ... 225

9:30 pm

President's Reception ... 226


8:00 am

Latino Film: Resisting Empire in the Borderlands ... 227

ASA Students' Committee and Regional Chapters Committee—mdash;What's Next?: A Discussion with Student ASA Regional Award Winners ... 228

Turtle Leads the Way: A Poetics of Contact Literatures in the Early Americas ... 229

Anthologizing African American Literature in the Twenty-first Century ... 230

Women's Breakfast ... 231

Subversive Bodies and Corporate Persons ... 232

Rethinking U.S. Empire in the Long Nineteenth Century ... 233

Exposed to the Elements: The Politics of the Natural Body ... 234

The Cold War at the Margins ... 235

Market Controls, Labor Passes, and Musical Boundaries: Tracing Racial Choreographies of American Culture, 1860–1920 ... 236

Empires of Funk: U.S. Colonialism, Filipina/o Resistance, and Hip Hop ... 237

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Sport ... 238

Alien Belongings: Exploring Transnational Citizenship in the Age of Empire ... 239

ASA Committee on American Studies Programs and Centers: Poster Session: "Best Course Ever!" Dynamic and Engaged Undergraduate American Studies Courses ... 240

Anti-Imperialist Film Festival November 17 ... 241

Aesthetics in the Belly of the Beast: Reading American Carceral Art ... 242

Race, Religion, and Representations of a Savior in America: A Panel Discussion of The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America (Sept. 2012) ... 243

Pedagogies of Empire ... 244

Now is the Time: New Narratives of Civil Rights History ... 245

Critical Landscape Interpretation in the North American West ... 246

Mexico in Time and Space ... 247

Business Meeting of International Presidents, Editors, and Representatives ... 248

Business Meeting of the Food Studies Caucus ... 249

8:30 am

Welcome Breakfast for K–16 Collaboration Teachers ... 250

9:30 am

Book Exhibit (Saturday) ... 251

10:00 am

Incantations and Imbrications: Mediascapes of Immigrant Rights ... 252

ASA Women's Committee: Televisual Empires: Interrogating the Black Female Body in Television ... 253

ASA Students' Committee: Beyond the Classroom: Collaborative and Full-Time Work in American Studies ... 254

The Transgressive Possibilities of Transracial and Transnational Identification in Twentieth-Century American Literature ... 255

People of Color on Turtle Island: Settler Colonialism, Diaspora, and Native Sovereignty ... 256

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: The Nineteenth-Century Prison ... 257

Asian/American Cultural Critique and Global Neoliberalism ... 258

Caucus: Environment and Culture: Situating Sustainability in an Unequal World: Tales from California, Texas, Puerto Rico, UAE, and India ... 259

Difference Incorporated ... 260

Franco-American Imperial Formations: Liberty, Slavery, Race, and Citizenship ... 261

Past, Present, and Future: Politics and Culture in Haiti and U.S./Haitian Relations ... 262

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Language Ideologies, Spanish in the U.S., and Latinidad ... 263

Right to the City, but a Right to Empire?: The Geopolitics of Unequal Belonging ... 264

Business Meeting of the ASA Committee on American Studies Programs and Centers ... 265

ASA K–16 Collaboration Committee I: Food Justice ... 266

Local Riders, Transnational Implications: Public Transit, Race, and Geographic Imagination ... 267

Black Radical Imagination Resisting the Cold War: John Biggers, Harry Belafonte, Gwendolyn Brooks ... 268

The Sun Never Sets I: Rethinking Geographies of U.S. Imperial Power ... 269

Caribbean Ambivalence: Nation, Transnationality, and Outsiderness ... 270

Great Migrations, Governmentality, and Grassroots Activism: Reproducing Empire Chicago Style ... 271

Human Rights, Law, and Citizenship ... 272

Business Meeting of the ASA International Committee ... 273

Business Meeting of the Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus ... 274

Business Meeting of the Early American Matters Caucus ... 275

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Guided Tour ... 276

12:00 pm

Decolonizing Area and Gender Studies: A Roundtable on Pasts, Presents, and Futures ... 277

Black Independent Cinema Before and After Pariah ... 278

On Space, Sex and Disability ... 279

At Home in the World: Gender, Media, Performance, and Other "Domestic" Concerns ... 280

Teaching Early America in the Atlantic World ... 281

Prison Abolition and Teaching Inside Carceral Institutions ... 282

African Americans in 1960s Europe: (Post) Colonialism, State Violence, and Cultural Production ... 283

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Medicine and Markets ... 284

Traceable Logics: U.S. Empire and Interventions in Central America ... 285

Tourism as Resistance: How to Make "A People's Guide" for Your Community ... 286

West Side Story: A Roundtable Discussion ... 287

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Slavery's Past Lives and Afterlives ... 288

Waste and Ruin ... 289

Caucus: Childhood and Youth Studies: Space, Place, and Privilege: New Geographies of Childhood ... 290

ASA K–16 Collaboration Committee II: Decolonization, Self-determination, Autonomy, and Sovereignty in Education ... 291

Exploring Popular Narratives of Resistance: Everyday Politics from Jim Crow to the Domestic Workers Movement ... 292

Caucus: Visual Culture: Pictures in Motion: American Photography and Empire ... 293

The Sun Never Sets II: Critical Perspectives on Diaspora and the Family ... 294

Borders and the Transnational Body: Negotiating Subjectivities and National Identities Across the U.S.-Mexico Border ... 295

Talking Back to Empire: Phillis Wheatley and the Art of Resistance ... 296

Environmental Phenomena and the Urban Caribbean: The Social Impact of Development and Disaster ... 297

Business Meeting of the Caucus on Community and Academic Activism ... 298

12:30 pm

Business Meeting of the ASA-JAAS Project Advisory Committee ... 299

2:00 pm

Business Meeting of the War and Peace Studies Caucus ... xxx

Haiti and Cross-Cultural Modernism ... 300

War Games, War Stories ... 301

Queerness, Affect, and Necropolitics ... 302

Musical Movements ... 303

Technologies of Empire and Resistance ... 304

Blueprints for a Nation: Construction of an Imaginary State: Multi-Media Art Presentation by Adáaacute;l Maldonado and Mariposa Maríiacute;a Teresa Fernáaacute;ndez ... 305

Caucus: Critical Prison Studies: State of the Field: Critical Prison and Carceral State Studies, Current Scholarship and New Directions ... 306

Dimensions of Empire in the Southwest: Early Mexican American Women Writers ... 307

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Global Health ... 308

Staging Race and Nation ... 309

Touring for Culture: U.S. Tourists and the Formation of Empire in the Early Twentieth Century ... 310

Curating Empire: Museum Publics ... 311

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans ... 312

Narratives of the International from Above and Below ... 313

Re-thinking Red, Yellow, Black, and Chicana/o Power through Oral History ... 314

ASA K–16 Collaboration Committee III: A Screening and Discussion of the Film Precious Knowledge ... 315

Extraction Stories ... 316

Affect, Empire, and Photography ... 317

Colloquy with Eliga Gould on Among the Powers of the Earth ... 318

Islands of Resistance: Taiwanese American Studies in the Twenty-first Century ... 319

Empire, Embodiment, and Trauma ... 320

Disabling Biopolitics: Optimal Capacity, Optimal Debility ... 321

3:30 pm

Business Meeting of All Chairs ... 322

4:00 pm

The Narco-Empire: Violence and Resistance in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region ... 323

Diasporic, Ethnic, and Imperial: West and South Asian Subjectivity in the Heart of Empire ... 324

Chavela Vargas, La Bamba, and Morrissey: Mapping Queer Musical Diasporas and Desires ... 325

Marginal Digital Knowledges: A Workshop on Technology, Transformation, and Resistance ... 326

Caucus: Sound Studies: Sound and the State: The Politics of Acoustic Power ... 327

Caucus: Critical Prison Studies: Prisoners of Empire: Puerto Rican Political Prisoners and Resisting U.S. Colonialism ... 328

Between Island and Diaspora: Locating, Creating and Performing Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba ... 329

Legal Imperialism, Legal Orientalism, and the Human ... 330

Rebel: A Woman, A Myth, and The Politics of National Memory:Written and Directed by Maríiacute;a Agui Carter ... 331

Girl Talk ... 332

Print Cultures of the Americas (sponsored by affiliate organization SHARP) ... 333

ASA Women's Committee: Performing Repression and Resistance in Black and Latino Diasporas ... 334

Queer Performances of the Nation: Asian/American Performance and the Politics of Diaspora ... 335

Animating Empire: Youth Culture and the National Imagination ... 336

Business Meeting of the Environment and Culture Caucus ... 337

Against Wardship: The Society of American Indians and the Making of U.S. Citizenship, 1911–1923 ... 338

Building an Empire of Commodities: Global Trade and Early American Visual Culture ... 339

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: Psychoanalysis and the Racialized Other ... 340

Pinkwashing from Palestine to Puerto Rico: Colonial Afterlives, Corporeal Control, and Valences of Resistance ... 341

Geographies of the Caribbean ... 342

Resistance to Apartheid: South Africa and the United States ... 343

Business Meeting of American Quarterly Editorial Board ... 344

Business Meeting of the ASA Women's Committee ... 345

5:00 pm

Film Screening and Director's Discussion with John Sayles: Amigo ... 346

Reception of the University of Notre Dame (sponsored by the Institute for Latino Studies and the Department of American Studies) ... 347

6:00 pm

Gentrification, Displacement and Empire: No Se Vende! A Conversation about Filming Resistance in Puerto Rico ... 403

Reception for Nao Bustamante, Artist-in-Residence ... 348

Reception of the University of Michigan ... 349

6:30 pm

Reception Mid-American ASA and American Studies Journal ... 350

Reception of the American Studies Association of Korea ... 351

8:00 pm

Social Gathering of Center and Program Directors ... 352


8:00 am

Race and Real Estate: Possessing the Black Diaspora ... 353

Unsustainable Practices: Land, Labor, and Livestocks ... 354

Black Mobility, Traveling Identities, and Disaporic Resistance in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press ... 355

Imperial Circulation and Border Anxieties: Empire in Edgar Allan Poe ... 356

Prisons, Policing, and U.S. Empire: Cold War Crucible ... 357

Our Moment, His Honor: Working-Class and Labor Radicalism in the Lifetime of David Montgomery ... 358

Mediating Masculine Hegemony in the Modern American Empire ... 359

Feminized Popular Culture in a "Postfeminist" Age ... 360

Affiliation and Empire in Early America ... 361

Verses Versus: Native Poetry, Empire, and Settler Colonialism ... 362

Archives of Memory and Erasure ... 363

The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature Roundtable I: (Inter)disciplinarity in Latino/a Writing, Performing, Eating, Breathing ... 364

Doing Disciplinarity: Puerto Rican Studies is/as/with American Studies ... 365

Anti-Imperialist Film Festival November 18 ... 366

Keywords of Black Visuality ... 367

The Transnational Landscape of the American Empire Shaped by Paupers, Nurses, and Migrants, 1850–1940 ... 368

States of Hunger: Representation, Repression, and Resistance ... 369

Race/Religion/War: Triangulations of the Political under Empire ... 370

Population Counts and U.S. Literature ... 371

Computation and the Non-Human: New Directions in Queer Theory and Art ... 372

Birthright Citizenship and Its Discontents: Historical Contexts, Transnational Circuits ... 373

8:30 am

Book Exhibit (Sunday) ... 374

10:00 am

Transpacific Exclusions and Imaginations: Cultural Crossings Between Asian and American Empires ... 375

Black Genealogies of Modernity: History, the Archive, and Futurity ... 376

Jazz and the Voices of Empire and Resistance ... 377

Schools in the Making and Unmaking of U.S. Imperial Formations ... 378

Militarism and the Mind: Discourses of Psychology in Contemporary War ... 379

Imperial Journeys: Airlines and Hoteliers as Agents of U.S.-Caribbean Cultural Negotiation ... 380

Piracy and Empire in the Early Caribbean ... 381

Fantasies of Home in Narratives of Empire: Antarctica, California, and Indonesia ... 382

Turning the Tide of Empire: Analyzing, Challenging, and Eradicating Settler Colonialism in Hawai'i ... 383

The Transnational South ... 384

The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature Roundtable II: Transnational Routes and Circulation ... 385

The Trauma of Empire, Race, and Resistance ... 386

Body. Archive. Empire: Mapping Racial Hegemony Through the Transnational ... 387

The Guantáaacute;namo Public Memory Project: An Invitation to Artists, Archivists, Activists, and Academics ... 388

Thawing Polar Discourses: New Queer and Feminist Readings of Hegemonic Polar Narratives ... 389

Articulations of Empire and the Perils and Possibilities of Comparative Work ... 390

Gender, Violence, and Resistance: Feminist Reconsiderations ... 391

Between Islands and Empires: Hemispheric Legacies of Cultural Labor in the Pacific and the Caribbean ... 392

To What End?: Apocalyptic Imaginings in Twentieth- and Twenty-first-Century Consumer Cultures ... 393

12:00 pm

Complicity and Confrontation in U.S. Empire: Past, Present, and Future ... 394

Imperial Landscapes: Making, Mapping and Re-Organizing Urban Spaces ... 395

Black Empire, Black Counterpublics: Dispossession and Resistance in the Americas ... 396

Comic Reversals: Tripping on the Domestic Rug and Bringing Down the Imperial House ... 397

Narratives of Neoliberalism, Pasts, and Futures ... 398

On the Political Ambitions of Identity Knowledges: A Roundtable Conversation with Object Lessons ... 399

Modernities in Retrograde: Mapping Comparative Temporalities of Race ... 400

Neoliberal Post-Empire: Discourses of Law, Immigration, and the Latino Condition ... 401

Cultural Evangelism ... 402

The American Pacific ... 404

Freaks, Monsters, and Madwomen: Women's Narratives and the Formation of Empire ... 405

Playing Indian Chief: Indigenous Racial Authority and Representation ... 406

Animal Dimensions of American Empire: 1830–2012 ... 407

At the Heart of the American Empire(s) ... 408

The Misperceptions of "Awkward Black Girl": Technology, New Media, and the Burden of Representation ... 409

Caucus: Food Studies: Culinary Occupations: Migratory Identities and the Geopolitics of Public Food Consumption ... 410

Blackness and Latinidad ... 411

The Ubiquity of Empire: Everyday Sites of Imperial Nation-Building and Resistance ... 412

Visions of Pluralism in the Mid-Twentieth Century: Transnational Ethnics and Activists Confront Race and Nation ... 413

2:00 pm

Empires of the Long 1970s: Comparative Periodization in Samuel Delany's Nevèrÿon Series ... 414

Migration and Empire: Cultural Expressions of the Caribbean Diasporas ... 415

The Mexican American Middle Class: Between Multiple Worlds ... 416

Sports, Blackness, and the Body Politic ... 417

Transnational Urbanism: Space, Place, and the Making of Race in Los Angeles ... 418

Women of Color and Trans/national Encounters with U.S. Empire ... 419

Terrains of Modernity, Aural Research, and Critique ... 420

Deterritorialization/Reterritorialization ... 421

Critical Methodologies for Queer Arab American Studies ... 422

Los Nombres: Puerto Rican Popular Music in Lorain, Ohio ... 423

Sciences of Colonization ... 424

Comparative Ethnic Studies in Europe: A Model for Transnational American Studies? ... 425

Neoliberal Governmentality and Visual Culture ... 426

The News from Another Dimension: Amateur Newspapers and Print Collectivities ... 427

The Half Life of Empire: Creative Research on Cold War Remains ... 428

Indians, Immigrants, and Empire: Military/State Police Strikebreaking at the Turn of the Twentieth Century ... 429

The Form and Figure in the Asian Americanist Critique of Empire ... 430

Material Resistance: Waste and the Production of 
Environmental Knowledge ... 431

[Session 432, Black and Cuba, an African American Studies Documentary: Work-in-Progress Screening and Talkback with Director/Cast, takes place on Friday, 4 pm]