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ASA Sessions at a Glance

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Wednesday, November 20 | Thursday, November 21 |
Friday, November 22 | Saturday, November 23 | Sunday, November 24

This is a snapshot of the program as it existed on November 18, 2013. The most up-to-date version of the program can be found online at Please note that Session Numbers (not page numbers) are shown below.


10:00 am

Tour: Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens—Gratis Admission (Off-site) ... 001

2:00 pm

Tour: Harriet Jacobs' Civil War Relief Work: Walking Tour of Historic Alexandria, VA (Off-site) ... 002


8:00 am

Business Meeting: National Council ... 003

Debts of Spirit and Substance ... 004

Decolonizing the Indigenous Archive ... 005

Minority Literature(s) and the Question of an Ethics of Collective Dissent ... 006

Sonic Lives of Debt ... 007

Visions of Anti-slavery ... 008

Race and Visual Cultures ... 009

Disrupting the Logic of Indebtedness: A Roundtable on Debt Discourses ... 010

Payback: The Incorporation and Marginalization of Latinas and Latinos in the United States ... 011

ASA Students' Committee: The Public Intellectual ... 012

Intellectual Debts, Modernity, and C.L.R. James: "Beyond a Boundary" Fifty Years On ... 013

Televising Multiculturalism and its Discontents ... 014

Genes, Disability, and the Challenge to Common Sense ... 015

Houses, Neighborhoods, and the American Dream Deferred ... 016

You've Been Pwned: Asian Americans, Cultural Capital, and the Logic of Competition ... 017

10:00 am

Archival Debts of Colonialism ... 018

Nineteenth-Century Public Lecturing, New Media, and Technologies of Orality ... 019

Political Melville? ... 020

Black Life and the Humanist Subject? ... 021

Transnational Circuits of Blackness ... 022

Our Debt to Michel-Rolph Trouillot: Haiti in the Americas and in the World (Dialogue) ... 023

Debt Trafficking: Sex Work, Deficit, and Radical Insolvency ... 024

In a Galaxy Not So Far Away: Aliens and Disembodiment within Latina/o Science Fictions ... 025

Photographing War, Picturing Dissent: Visualizing the Vietnam Conflict ... 026

Neoliberalizing Cultural Policies and Culture Industries ... 027

Roundtable: Indebted to Difference: Interdisciplinary Knowledge Production, Labor, and Critique ... 028

Chocolate City is No Dream: Twentieth-Century African American Poetry in Washington DC ... 029

Tour: Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens—Gratis Admission (Off-site) ... 030

12:00 pm

Book Exhibit Setup ... 031

Debts to the Future: Temporality in the Nineteenth Century ... 032

Debts and the Memories of Colonial Slavery ... 033

Elegiac Dissent and the Politics of Form ... 034

Cashing a Bad Check: Making Real the Interior Lives of Black Men and Boys ... 035

Black Poetry In Theory: Diaspora, Debt, and Dissent ... 036

Caucus – Childhood and Youth Studies: Destroyed Worlds, Unpayable Debts: Uses of Children and Childhood in Environmentalism ... 037

ASA International Committee Talkshop: Transnational American Studies and North America ... 038

On Borrowed Time: Memory as Collective Dissent in Twenty-first Century U.S. ... 039

Luncheon: International Partnership ... 040

Mapping Meaning Across Disciplines: Forging New Collectives for Landscape and Environment ... 041

Black/Camp: Disrupting Black Aesthetics ... 042

America's Pacific Empire and Resistance to Neocolonialism ... 043

Excavating the Roots of the Carceral State: Black Freedom Struggles and White Resistance, 1955–1965 ... 044

ASA Program Committee Panel: Forgotten Histories, Continuing Pasts: Unaccounted Modes of Life ... 045

Tour: Federal Reserve Fine Arts Collection at the Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building (Off-site) ... 046

2:00 pm

Caucus – Material Culture: Credit/Debit, Fealty/Faith: Doing, Subverting, and Archiving America's Business from the Antebellum Era to Jim Crow ... 047

Song, Screen, Stomach: Cultural Debt and Transnational Italian Americanism ... 048

African American Landscapes of Dissent: Creatively Contesting Economic Inequality in Urban Space ... 049

American Studies Journal: Chocolate Spaceship: Gender Politics and Afro-Futurism in Funk ... 050

Dollars and Dreams: The Cultural Politics of Black Economic Citizenship ... 051

Caucus – Childhood and Youth Studies: The National Investment in Childhood: Reproducing National Identity from the Civil War to the Cold War (co-sponsored by Environment and Culture Caucus) ... 052

ASA International Committee Talkshop: The Bologna Process and International American Studies ... 053

Techno-Orientalism and Digital Diasporas: Neoliberal Vulnerability and Viral Legacies of Imperial Debt ... 054

Seeing and Being Seen as a Citizen: Collective Dissent in a Transnational Culture of Photography ... 055

Asian Immigrants, Housing, and Alternative Modes of Collective Dissent ... 056

Caucus – Critical Prison Studies: Downsizing Prisons or a Jubilee for Debts to Society ... 057

This Debt We Pay: Black Identity, Labor, and Performance at the Nadir ... 058

In the Presence of Absence: Black Trans Embodiment Against the Logics of Visibility ... 059

2:30 pm

Access to Capital After The Poor People's Campaign (Off-site) ... 060

3:00 pm

Business Meeting: Committee on Regional Chapters ... 061

Business Meeting: Women's Committee ... 062

4:00 pm

Business Meeting: Nominating Committee ... 063

ASA Program Committee: Another University Is Possible—Right? ... 064

Development, Empire, and the Decolonization of Debt ... 065

Cross-Cultures, Racial Subjectivity, and the Affective Politics of Space ... 066

The Biopolitics of Debt, Reproductive Labor, and Motherhood ... 067

Caucus – Politics and Policy: The Role of American Studies in Interpreting the 2012 Elections ... 068

Mutual Indebtedness: Childhood and Other American Studies ... 069

Racialized Debt and the Strangeness of Dissent in Asian/American Popular Culture ... 070

Social Justice Pedagogy: Public, Digital, and Participatory Strategies ... 071

Meet and Greet: The National Endowment for the Humanities ... 072

Legacies of Surveillance: Tallying and Resisting Technological Debts ... 073

Indebted to the Future: Developing Structural Competence ... 074

Autonomous Knowledge ... 075

The Balance Sheet of Racial Struggle: Calculating Progress in Prisons, the Arts, and Business ... 076

Transpacific Dissent ... 077

5:00 pm

Reception: Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian (co-sponsored by the ASA Site Resources Committee and Visual Culture Caucus) (Off-site) ... 078

6:00 pm

Reception: Lifetime ASA Members ... 079

7:00 pm

Reception: Welcome/Celebration of ASA Authors/Exhibits Open ... 080

8:00 pm

Community Dialogue: Social Movements in an Age of Debt (Off-site) ... 081


7:00 am

Minority Scholars' Committee Mentoring Breakfast ... 082

7:30 am

Breakfast: Networking for Program and Center Directors ... 083

8:00 am

ASA Site Resources Committee: In the Belly of the Beast: A Film and Video Festival – Day 1 ... 084

Business Meeting: American Quarterly

Editorial Board ... 085

The Logic of the Cold War State: Asian/Americans, Government Surveillance, and Political Liberalism ... 086

A Critical Look At Funding For Prison Education Programs ... 087

Borderland Intimacies ... 088

Business Meeting: Sports Studies Caucus ... 089

The "Failed Subjects" of the Mountains: Poor White People as Renewable Resources and Parasites ... 090

ASA Program Committee: Imperialism, Freedom, Refuge, Reparations ... 091

Is Asset Building the Best Kept Secret to Closing the Racial Wealth Gap? ... 092

Caucus – Digital Humanities: Digital Humanities and the Neoliberal University: Complicity and/or Resistance ... 093

ASA Students' Committee: Breakfast Forum I: Mock Job Interview Workshop ... 094

Forms of Debt in Asian/American Art ... 095

Aesthetic Strategies of the Occupy Wall Street Movement ... 096

Indebtedness: Anachronism, Exuberance, and Desire in an Age of Dependence ... 097

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: Accumulation: Settler Colonialism and Military Occupation as Paradigms for Neoliberal State Formation I: Knowing Settler Colonialism ... 098

8:45 am

ASA Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs, and Centers: Strategies for Financial Survival in an Age of Austerity ... 099

9:30 am

Book Exhibit (Friday) ... 100

10:00 am

Business Meeting: American Studies Journal Editorial Board ... 101

Paid in Full: Autisms, Debts, Dissents ... 102

Sentimental Girls: Youth, Poverty, and the Nineteenth-Century Cultural Imagination ... 103

Contesting Strategies of Border Affirmation ... 104

Caucus – Sports Studies: Penalties, Sanctions, and Fines: Discourses of American Sports Gone Afoul ... 105

Paying Our Debt to the 1930s: The Great Recession, Historical Memory, and Critical Resistance ... 106

Socialist Legacies, Revolutionary Reformations: Rethinking Indebtedness through a Politics of Protest ... 107

ASA Program Committee: Beyond the "Debt" of U.S. Cold War "Liberation": Rethinking Transnational Circuits of Labor in the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea ... 108

Caucus – Digital Humanities: Digital Shorts: New Platforms of Knowledge and Dissent ... 109

ASA Students' Committee: Your First Time: Article Publishing and Professionalization for the Uninitiated ... 110

Both a Borrower and a Lender Be: Complicating Imperial Hierarchies in the American Century ... 111

Queer Politics and The Debt of Representation ... 112

Caucus – Activism: Boycott as a Non-Violent Strategy of Collective Dissent ... 113

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: Accumulation: Settler Colonialism and Military Occupation as Paradigms for Neoliberal State Formation II: Legal Legacies ... 114

Business Meeting: Critical Prison Studies Caucus Mythbusters' Mixer ... 115

Caucus – Material Culture: About Something or for Someone? Curatorial Ethics and Cultural Debts (Off-site) ... 116

Tour: Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens—Gratis Admission (Off-site) ... 117

10:45 am

ASA Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs and Centers: Strategies for Intra-Institutional Alliances to Ensure Program Stability ... 118

12:00 pm

Business Meeting: Digital Humanities Caucus ... 119

Demons of Comparison: Ethnic Studies and the Imperatives of Imperialism ... 120

Fulbright Scholar Program Opportunities in American Studies ... 121

U.S. Indebtedness to the Americas: Interventions in Hemispheric Studies ... 122

Intimate Economies in the Age of Security ... 123

Foundational Debts ... 124

Debt, Dissent, and Decolonization: Histories of American Imperial Remainders and Colonial Reminders in the Philippines ... 125

Indebted to Death: A Traffic in Black Bodies and Suffering ... 126

One Big Mixed Race Classroom: New Models for Digital, Transnational, and Cross-Disciplinary Pedagogy ... 127

Why Policy Needs History? ... 128

The Other Sides of Debt: Credit, Labor, Value ... 129

A Debt and A Dream: The Afterlives of the March on Washington ... 130

Keywords: Debt and . . . Freedom, Government, Racialization, Society ... 131

ASA Program Committee: Economies of Dispossession (I): The Measure of Value ... 132

When Interdisciplinary Isn't Enough: Critical Approaches to Public Practice In American Studies ... 133

Aesthetics Under Obligation: Art and Performance in Asian/America (Off-site) ... 134

1:00 pm

Business Meeting: 2014 Program Committee ... 135

2:00 pm

Business Meeting: Encyclopedia of American Studies

Editorial Board ... 136

Ethnic Studies in a Moment of Danger ... 137

Theorizing Debt, Theorizing Resistance ... 138

Chicana/o-Native American Relations: Post-colonialism and Contradictions in the Spanish-Anglo Colonized Borderlands ... 139

The Financialization of Social Life ... 140

Solidarities Against Slow Violence ... 141

Debts of Empire: Representations and Politics ... 142

ASA Program Committee: Indebted Practice: Collaborative Research and Intellectual Debts ... 143

Caucus – Sound Studies: Sampling Phonographies: Sonic Memory and the Long History of Sampling ... 144

Migrant Dissent: Countering Gender Violence and Racial Governance in Immigration Law Enforcement ... 145

American Quarterly: Species/Race/Sex—A Special Issue ... 146

ASA International Committee: American Studies and the State of Collective Dissent in the Arab World ... 147

Methodologies of Debt ... 148

Deficit, Debt, and the DSM-5: The Immeasurable Costs of Psychiatric Power ... 149

Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy: An Assembly on Debt, Race, and Neo-Liberalism ... 150

Caucus – Visual Culture: Spectacles of Debt: Visualizing Indebtedness in Landscape Painting, Documentary Photography, and the Mass Media (Off-site) ... 151

4:00 pm

Business Meeting: Minority Scholars Committee ... 152

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: Life and Debt: Race, the American Healthcare System, and Race-based Medicine ... 153

Bad Debts: History by Default ... 154

Immigrant Politics and New Social Movements ... 155

Bodies in Debt ... 156

Urban Citizenship: Violence and Desire ... 157

Tourism, Debt, and Disaster: The Politics of Touring the Toxic Everyday ... 158

The Politics of Exigency: Dispossession, Petitioning, and the Limits of Legal Recourse ... 159

Caucus – Sound Studies: Musical Debts: Appropriations, Reparations, or New Traditions? ... 160

Immigrant Matters ... 161

Default: Black Life and the Poetics of Nonpayment ... 162

ASA Students' Committee: Teaching Tips and Tricks for Graduate Students ... 163

Topologies, Ethics, Critique, Resistance: A Roundtable on Debt ... 164

Dying for Work: Latina/o Labor and the Price of American Health, 1930–1965 ... 165

Occupy Imaginaries ... 166

Caucus – Visual Culture: Recuperating Disabled Spaces: Intimacies of Visual and Tactile Cultures (Off-site) ... 167

4:30 pm

Reception: Food Culture Studies Caucus ... 168

5:00 pm

Reception: University of Iowa American Studies Department ... 169

ASA Town Hall: The United States and Israel/Palestine ... 170

5:30 pm

Reception: Southern American Studies Association ... 171

5:45 pm

Reception: Visual Culture and Material Culture Caucuses (Off-site at National Portrait Gallery) ... 172

7:00 pm

ASA Awards Ceremony ... 173

8:00 pm

ASA President's Address ... 174

9:30 pm

ASA President's Reception ... 175


8:00 am

ASA Site Resources Committee: In the Belly of the Beast: A Film and Video Festival – Day 2 ... 176

Business Meeting: Editorial Board Meeting for Common-Place ... ###

Mapping Race and Revolution in the Americas: Literary and Political Syntheses from WWII to the War on Terror ... 177

Business Meeting: International Committee ... 178

Business Meeting: International Presidents, Editors, and Representatives ... 179

Caucus – Early America Matters: Commons Democracy ... 180

Repudiating Debt Across the Americas: Latinidades, Embodied Performance, and the Archive as Site of Contestation ... 181

Climate Debt: Employing the Logic of Debt for Environmental Justice ... 182

Toxic Coverage: The National Media Imaginary on Gendered Gun Violence ... 183

ASA Students' Committee: Breakfast Forum II: Roundtable on Student Labor ... 184

Breakfast: Welcome for K–16 Collaboration Teachers ... 185

ASA Artist in Residence Ricardo Dominguez: Disturbance Research Lab: Debt Strike (Exhibit) ... 186

Queer Attachments: New Relational Economies in Experimental Art Practice ... 187

Caucus – War and Peace Studies: Keywords for American Studies, War, and Peace ... 188

ASA Program Committee: Food, Debt, and the Anti-Capitalist Imagination ... 189

ASA Program Committee: Histories, Futures, and Presents of Anarchism ... 190

Re-Working International Blackness: Where is Labor in the Transnational History of Race? ... 191

Cultures of Militarism: SPAM, Budae JJigae, and the Gender Politics of Gangnam Style ... 192

American Studies Journal: Groove Theory: Funk, Feminism, and Afro-Beat ... 193

9:30 am

Book Exhibit (Saturday) ... 194

10:00 am

ASA Site Resources Committee: Fighting Foreclosure Across Scales ... 195

Business Meeting: Academic and Community Activism Caucus ... ###

Business Meeting: Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs and Centers ... 196

Business Meeting: Visual Culture Caucus ... 197

Business Meeting: War and Peace Studies Caucus ... ###

Morbid Accumulation: The Body as Capital, Bodies in Debt, Embodied Resistance ... 198

Southern Transformations: Latina/os, Africans Americans, Labor, and Organizing in the American South ... 199

Debt as Social Obligation ... 200

Staging Race, Place, and Gender ... 201

ASA Students' Committee: Projects in Progress: Lightning Shorts from ASA Students ... 202

ASA K–16 Collaboration Committee: Education Without Fees and Degrees: Debt, Dispossession, De-occupation ... 203

Women's Brunch ... 204

American Secrecy and Transparency ... 205

Caucus – War and Peace Studies: Beyond Blood and Treasure: Reconceptualizing War Debt I (Redress and Repayment) ... 206

Caucus – Food Culture Studies: How the Other Half Eats: Race and Food Reform from the Slaughterhouse to the White House ... 207

Producing Knowledge, Practicing Dissent: Black Feminist Epistemologies and the Labor of Reimagination ... 208

Transnational Ethical Economies: Global Frontiers in Investment, Poverty, and Entrepreneurialism ... 209

Debt and "The Palestine Question" in Latin America: Colonization, Zionism, Imperialism and Dissent ... 210

"Compromised" Citizenship ... 211

Tour: Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens—Gratis Admission (Off-site) ... 212

11:00 am

Business Meeting: Material Culture Caucus ... 213

12:00 pm

Business Meeting: Ethnic Studies Committee ... 214

ASA Program Committee: Debts for DC: Multi-Scalar Histories of the National Territory ... 215

ASA Site Resources Committee: Real Estate, Revision, and Resistance: Washington DC, Then and Now ... 216

Indebted to Normativity?: Using Ambivalence to Build Collective Default ... 217

Hemispheres of Debt, Crises of Ecologies, Ethics of Collective Dissent: The Caribbean and Pacific Islands in American Studies ... 218

Caucus – War and Peace Studies: Beyond Blood and Treasure: Reconceptualizing War Debt II (Affective Obligations, Inheritances, and Economies) ... 219

ASA Graduate Education Committee: Why the Free-Standing MA in American Studies?: A Roundtable Discussion ... 220

ASA K–16 Collaboration Committee: The Digital and Human Genius of Hip Hop ... 221

ASA Artist in Residence Ricardo Dominguez: Disturbance Research Lab: Digital Disobedience (Practicum) ... 222

ASA Women's Committee: Countering Debt with Cultural Indebtedness: Trans/National Visualizations of Dis/Empowerment and Female Participation ... 223

Faithful Families' Financial Freedom: Christian Home Economics in the Service of Gendered Nationalism ... 224

Life After Debt: The Politics of Afro Pessimism and Social Death ... 225

Beasts of the Southern Wild ... 226

ASA Program Committee: Economies of Dispossession (II): Accumulation in Crisis ... 227

Indigenous and Critical Settler Cartographies: Mapping Labor and Debt in Public Spaces of Dissent ... 228

Debt, Discipline, and the Political Economy of U.S. Imperialism ... 229

Tour: Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery (Off-site) ... 230

12:30 pm

Business Meeting: ASA-JAAS Project Advisory Committee ... 231

Business Meeting: Early American Matters Caucus ... 232

2:00 pm

Business Meeting: Food Culture Studies Caucus ... 233

Neighborhoods of Debt ... 234

Cultures of Intimacy, Debt, and Servitude ... 235

Intersectionality: Foundations and Frontiers in the Shadow of the Crisis ... 236

Living Downstream in Time: Environmental Justice, Slow Violence, and Corporeal Debt ... 237

Neoliberalism as Dissent ... 238

ASA Program Committee and ASA Students' Committee: The Cruel Optimism of the University of Debt ... 239

ASA K–16 Collaboration Committee: The Student Debt Crisis ... 240

ASA Artist in Residence Ricardo Dominguez: Disturbing Gestures (Performance) ... 241

Caucus – Early America Matters: Colloquy with Annette Kolodny on In Search of First Contact ... 242

American Quarterly

: The War on Terror and Visual Culture ... 243

Public Histories of Dissent ... 244

Lessons in Hegemony from the Neoplantation/Neoliberal Laboratory: Contests for Justice in New Orleans ... 245

ASA Women's Committee: Critical Conjunctures of Debt: Women of Color, Healthcare Disparities, and Advocacy ... 246

ASA Program Committee: Economies of Dispossession (III): Life, Death, and Financialization ... 247

Solidarity in Theory and Practice: A Roundtable ... 248

Kalfou – Banking without Borders: Culture and Credit in a New Financial World ... 249

2:30 pm

Business Meeting: Environment and Culture Caucus ... 250

3:30 pm

Business Meeting: All Committee Chairs ... 251

4:00 pm

Reframing the Liberal Apotheosis ... 252

Hashtag #BlackFashion: Beauty, Glamour, and Social Media ... 253

She's Dreaming: Alternate Racial Futures and the Decolonial Imaginary in Speculative Cultural Production ... 254

Sustainable Environments ... 255

American Studies in 3D: Space, Time, Language ... 256

ASA Program Committee: What Does Money Mean?: World-Making through Currency and Credit ... 257

Caucus – Sound Studies: Connected Listening: Re-imagining Community Through Sound ... 258

Here and Now: The Critical Possibilities of the Textured Present ... 259

Show me the Money: Museum Conversations of Debt and Commerce ... 260

American Quarterly

: Classification/Contamination: Reproduction and the Value of Race-Mixing ... 261

The Good, The Bad, The Unforgivable: Black Women's Food Work as Spaces of Dissent and Strategic Acquiescence ... 262

Sonic Ledgers of Dissent ... 263

Embodied Borders, Contagious Divides ... 264

The Spaces of U.S. Empire and the Crisis in the Academy ... 265

Toxic Debt: Creative Research on Crises of Ecology, Capital, and Sovereignty in Risk Society ... 266

Reception: University of Hawai'i American Studies Department Pau Hana ... 267

5:00 pm

Reception: University of Southern California ... 268

Reception: Harvard American Studies ... 269

ASA Open Discussion: The Israeli Occupation of Palestine ... 270

6:00 pm

Reception: Early American Matters Caucus and Environment and Culture Caucus ... 271

Reception: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor ... 272

Reception: University of California, Riverside ... 273

6:30 pm

Reception: University of Maryland American Studies Department ... 274

7:00 pm

Reception: ASA 2013 Program Committee ... 275


8:00 am

Caucus – Humor Studies: When Does Laughter Liberate?: Humor and Dissent in 20th-Century Popular Culture ... 276

ASA National Council: Special Meeting ... 277

Reading in the Age of NAFTA ... 278

Dissident Methodologies in Latina/o Studies ... 279

Arab Dissent, Arab Dignity: Analyzing the Unfinished Dignity Revolutions in the Middle East and Beyond ... 280

Left Alone in American Studies: The American Military and Military Culture in America ... 281

Contemporary Asian American Politics: View Through the Lens of the 1882 Project ... 282

Prison Abolition and the Queer Commons ... 283

Diversity's Debts: Difference and Biovalue in Neoliberal Multiculture ... 284

Against Debt, Dependence, and Disenfranchisement: Dissent in American Indian, Working Class, and Women's Writing ... 285

ASA Students' Committee: Making Your Work Do Work: A Conversation with ASA Regional Student Award Winners ... 286

Racial Form and the Logic of Capital ... 287

Folklorization on the National Mall: Representations of Culture through the Smithsonian Folklife Festival ... 288

Party Like It's 1899: Racial Play in the Neoliberal University ... 289

Pitied But Not Entitled?: Disability and Dissent in American History ... 290

ASA Program Committee: Television and the Politics of Consumption and Debt ... 291

Caucus – Science and Technology: Naturalizing Neoliberal and Neutralizing Networks: Power, Control, and the Normative Functions of Information Networks ... 292

Critical University Studies I: Mortgaging Higher Education ... 293

Queer Histories, Queer Methods ... 294

8:30 am

Book Exhibit (Sunday) ... 295

9:30 am

Tour: The Price of Freedom at the National Museum of American History (Off-site) ... 296

10:00 am

Deficiency, Debt, and Deportation: The Carceral Space of Migrant Removal ... 297

Business Meeting: Students' Committee ... 298

Security States and Global Governance ... 299

Latinas/os Onscreen and On/Off Air: Rethinking Contemporary Media Audiences and Discourses ... 300

Recording U.S. Debt to Palestine: Payment Overdue and Collectible with High Interest ... 301

The C.I.A. and American Studies ... 302

Caucus – Critical Prison Studies: The Debt Financing of Mass Incarceration: Prison Profiteering in High Financial Times ... 303

ASA Minority Scholars Committee: Race and the Academy: Navigating the Institution ... 304

DIY Nation (Re)marking the Boundaries of Self-Possession in Neoliberal America ... 305

Caucus – Sports Studies: Sport and the Geography of Debt ... 306

Identity Work and Identity Play Online ... 307

Dishing it Up: Food and Labor ... 308

Lessons from the Archive: Three Colleges Partner with Brooklyn Historical Society ... 309

Performance Economies of Race: Labor, Debt, and Dissent in America ... 310

After the Shutdown: A New Generation of Postindustrial Ethnography and Political Organizing ... 311

Finance, Culture, and Everyday Life: Connections, Speculations, Possibilities ... 312

ASA Program Committee: The Burdens of Our Genealogies: Intellection, Indebtedness, and American Studies ... 313

Critical University Studies II: Reordering Higher Education ... 314

The Way Queer Travels: Capitalism, Tourism, and Transnational Migrations ... 315

12:00 pm

Indebtedness To and For the Nation of Immigrants ... 316

The Urban Turn?: A Roundtable on the City (at the) Center of American Studies ... 317

File Under "Labor" ... 318

Ethical Confrontations with Antiblackness: To Whom is the Human Indebted? ... 319

ASA Site Resources Committee: Activist Responses to the Policing of Sex in DC ... 320

Confronting Carceral America: Activist Responses to the Punitive Logics of Debt ... 321

White Supremacist Cultures ... 322

Movement Debts in the Age of Neoliberalism ... 323

Mobilizing Against Settler Colonialism: Idle No More and Allied Dissent ... 324

Producing Play: Labor and Leisure in Early Video Game Culture ... 325

Slavery, Trafficking, and Criminalization: Using Historical Metaphors to Assess Interlocking Systems of Oppression ... 326

American Modern Design: A Question of Cultural Indebtedness ... 327

Specters of Du Bois: Dissent as Decolonization ... 328

Muckraking, Dissent, and Social Change: Writing in the Public Interest ... 329

Genealogies of Neoliberalism ... 330

Queer Reorientations of the Good Life ... 331

Neo/Colonial Pedagogies and the Creation of Indebted Knowledges in the American Century ... 332

Refugee Archival Memory: Disrupting the U.S. Logics of Freedom and Debt in Hmong/Laotian History ... 333

2:00 pm

Historical Debts and Public Commemoration: Questioning the "Good War's" Memory and Meaning in Contemporary America ... 334

Burning Down the House: Violence, Race, and Development ... 335

New Queer Materialities: The Sexual Mattering of American Studies ... 336

Collecting Social Debt: Twentieth Century Political Reaction and Right-Wing Dissent ... 337

Carceral Logics, Anti-Violence Politics, and Abolitionist Practices ... 338

This Debt We Pay to Human Guile: Economies of Race in Neo-Passing Narratives ... 339

Pedagogies of Food and Eating: Teaching Debt, Dissent, and Identity through Food ... 340

Rosie the Riveter in an Age of Debt and Insecurity: Democracy, Race, and Work on the World War II Home Front ... 341

Settler Colonialisms and Their Discontents ... 342

States of Exception: Representing the War on Terror ... 343

The Price of Freedom App: Discussing a Collaboratively Produced Alternative Tour of the Smithsonian's History of American Wars ... 344

American Studies and Periodical Studies: Investigating a Disciplinary Debt ... 345

Fictions of Speculation: Genre, Narrative, Critique ... 346

Normalizing Debt in the Americas ... 347

Rethinking Boundaries of Belonging: Queer Practices of Citizenship ... 348

Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing: The Book and the Bottom Line ... 349