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Wednesday, November 5 | Thursday, November 6 |
Friday, November 7 | Saturday, November 8 | Sunday, November 9

This is a snapshot of the program as it existed on October 1, 2014. The most up-to-date version of the program can be found online at Please note that Session Numbers (not page numbers) are shown below.


6:30 pm

Business Meeting: Executive Committee...001


8:00 am

ASA Women's Committee and Digital Humanities Caucus: Feminist Making I: Building Critical Contexts...002

Popular Posthumanism and the Youthful Undead...003

Business Meeting: National Council...004

Religiosity and Altered States...005

Riots, Radios, and the Historical Record: Mass Media and Crisis in Twentieth American Literature and Art...006

Performing Radical Politics in the Postwar United States...007

The Dangers in Delight: The Creative Context of El Partido Liberal Mexicano...008

Selfie Nation...009

Caucus: Childhood and Youth Studies: "He'd better play, or I'll work him": Race, Class and the Pathologizing of Childhood Fun...010

Ambivalent Activisms: Pleasure and the Politics of Racial Representation...011

Accessing Material Bodies...012

Blackness, Flesh, and the Outside of Fun; Or, Regarding the Fun in Fungibility...013

Wild and Not Free: The State, Capital and Nature...014

Fun, Fury, and American Visual Culture: A Session in Celebration of Patricia Hills...015

Blackness and the Ecstatic...016

Stoners, Cowboys, Buddies: The Neoliberal Regulation of Cinematic Asians...017

Playing the Field: Sports, Culture and Racially Gendered Bodies...018

10:00 am

Labor Under Contract: Culture, Resistance, and State-Managed Migration in the Twentieth Century...019

A Sheer Romance: Cultural Representations of Black Women's Sexuality, Pleasure, Power, and Rebellion...020

Business Meeting: Early American Matters Caucus...021

Caucus: Food Culture Studies: Part I: Reimagining Agriculture and Accessibility Within and Against L.A.'s Cityscape...022

Affect and Appeal: Political Fury in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic-Americas...023

The Unsettling Modernity of Reactionary Nineteenth-Century Social Movements...024

Playing with Rules: Having Fun and Keeping Order in Mid-Century Racial Liberalism...025

Vietnam Re-Viewed: The Visual Culture of the American War...026

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: Against the Bromance of Cross-Racial Community: Mapping Queer and Feminist Afro-Asian Alliances...027

After the Rain: Vanguardist Jazz in the Seventies (in memory of Amiri Baraka)...028

Being and Blackness...029

Asian/Americanist Work and Play: Enacting Queer Sites of Pleasure Within Racialized Labor...030

Octavia Butler's Wild Seeds: An Acorn Community Gathering...031

Enduring Vulnerabilities: Performance, Pain, and Publics...032

Global Lockdown: Policing and Protest from the Americas to the Middle East...033

The Pleasures and Perils of Home: Queering Domesticity, Rethinking Privacy...034

Love After War: Asian Kinship and Affect in the Shadow of American Empire...035

Roundtable—mdash;"Our Translational America"...036

Exhibit (Day 1): The Autry National Center in Griffith Park: Gratis Admission with ASA Badge (co-sponsored by the Material Culture Caucus and Visual Culture Caucus) (Off-site)...037

12:00 pm

Book Exhibit Setup...038

ASA Women's Committee and Digital Humanities Caucus: Feminist Making II: Producing Cultural Critique...039

Doing It Themselves: The Discourses of Radical Homemaking in the Twenty-first Century...040

Caucus: Food Culture Studies: Part II: Urban Gardeners and Culinary Gurus: Creating Alternative Maps of Los Angeles...041

Fun in Public: The Cultures of Amateur Labor...042

The 'Pre-Occupation' of the American West: Imagining a Native Past...043

ASA Program Committee: New Work on Slavery and Empire...044

The Cultural Front in the Twenty-first Century: Paradigms for a New Millennium...045

Fandom and the Public Sphere: Textuality, Affect, and Social Relevance...046

Reconsidering the 1960s...047

Caucus: Sports Studies: To Protest or Not to Protest Athletic Resistance and/or the Pleasure of Fans...048

Chicanas/os and Latinas/os Read James Baldwin...049

Performance and Play at the Edge of the Administered World: Three Sites...050

Caucus: Visual Culture: Without Photography: Visualizing Violence in Non-Photographic-Documentary Media...051

Memory and Disruption: Sites for Seductive Possibilities...052

Bridges and Divides: Navigating Japanese America and Interethnic Relations in Los Angeles During World War II...053

Racial and National Commodification in the Global City...054

The Transnational Movements of Hip-Hop...055

Luncheon: International Partnership...056

1:00 pm

Business Meeting: Minority Scholars Committee...057

2:00 pm

Roundtable: The Transoceanic Pacific in the Age of Sail...058

Intimate Ways of Seeing: Queer Diasporas and Interracial Friendships in the U.S. and Global South...060

Pleasure and Pain in the Archives: An Interactive Workshop with/in the Papers of Catharine Sedgwick...061

Violent Reckonings with National Pasts...062

Caucus: Science and Technology: Ethics and Affects of Online Playbor...063

What Comes of Fury? Responses to California's 1960s and 1970s Urban Crisis...064

Teaching Against the Prison Industrial Complex Through (Ambivalent) Spaces of Possibility...065

alt. Black Musical History...066

Black in the Archives: Technologies of Capture...067

Carceral Bodies...068

The Choreography of Protest...069

Empire of Funk: Hip Hop and Representation in Filipina/o America—mdash;A Roundtable...070

Chicana/Native American Relations: Post-colonialism and Contradictions in the Spanish-Anglo Colonized Borderlands...071

The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Comparative Racialization...072

On Athletes and Outlaws: Asian Americans in Popular Culture and the Pleasures of Recognition...073

Queering Migration: DREAMers, Protest Revelers, and Lesbian Renegades...074

3:00 pm

Business Meeting: Committee on Regional Chapters...075

Business Meeting: Women's Committee...076

4:00 pm

The Party's Over: A Panel and Open Discussion on the Aftermath of the ASA's Boycott Resolution...077

ASA Women's Committee: (En)gendering the Affects of Performance, Productivity, Pleasure and Pain...078

Business Meeting: Nominating Committee...079

ASA Students' Committee: New Directions in American Studies...080

ASA Graduate Education Committee: Perfecting Your Pitch: Graduate Student Professionalization with the Pros...081

Love and Rage: Cultural Strategies in Postwar U.S. Anarchism...082

Reel Fun: Community Filmmaking in the 1960s and 1970s...083

Unsettling Pleasures and Pains: Conservatism, Neoliberalism, and Intimate Labors...084

Development, Displacement, Dispossession...085

ASA Program Committee: Wildness: The Fun and the Fury of Anarchy...086

Alternative Economies of Pleasure in Contemporary Southern Working-Class Cultures...087

Blackness in Latina/o America: Working Across Latina/o and Black Studies...088

Critical Practices for a Changing World: Sharing Pedagogical Pleasures...089

The Grave Wave Off the Shores: Pacific and Caribbean Island Ecologies and Imaginaries...090

Stomp, Swerve, Rattle, and Roll: Fun and Pleasure as Political Resistance in American Blues Music...091

Punch the Clock: Time, Asian American Art and Aesthetics...092

Haiti in the U.S. Imaginary...093

Racial Vernaculars on the Border...094

5:00 pm

Reception: Food Culture Studies Caucus...095

6:00 pm

Reception: Claremont Graduate University...095A

ASA Program Committee: I Want My ASA, or, W(h)ither American Studies?...096

Reception: Lifetime ASA Members...097

7:00 pm

Reception: Welcome/Celebration of ASA Authors/Exhibits Open...098

Business Meeting: Antiracism Inc. Collective

9:00 pm

ASA Site Resources Committee: A Concert with Artist Dorian Wood (Off-site)...099


7:30 am

Breakfast: Networking for Program and Center Directors...100

8:00 am

Caucus: Digital Humanities: Digital Shorts: The Fun and the Fury...101

Caucus: Academic and Community Activism: PACBI, USACBI and the History of Academic Boycotts: The Turning Tide...102

Business Meeting: American Quarterly Editorial Board...103

Business Meeting: Sports Studies Caucus...104

Matters of Life and Death...105

ASA Students' Committee: Breakfast Forum I: Mock Job Interview...106

ASA Program Committee: Uncontrolled Substances/Altered States...107

Racial Optics...108

Sensing Cuba...109

Feeling Queer...110

Life-Writing, Musical Lives...111

Lo Siento: Queer Latina/o Embodied Consciousness (Without Apology)...112

Other World(s): Childhood, Nation, and the Price of Feeling Good...113

Caucus: War and Peace Studies: Reconsidering "R and R": Dialectics of Violence and Pleasure in Militarism...114

Encountering Zionism: From Academia to Queer Activism and BDS...115

Doing Feminism: Event, Archive, Techne...116

Settler Colonialism in the U.S.-Mexico-Native Borderlands...117

Gaming the Bonaventure...118

The Rise and Fall of Urban Movements...119

Criminal Pleasures, Legitimate Fun, and the Racialization of Enjoyment...120

Who Gives a Sh*t If It Counts?: Designing Counter-Disciplinary Digital Publication...121

#feelingthrills in the Digital Undercommons: Tumblr's Intimate Publics...122

8:45 am

ASA Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs, and Centers: The Fun, Fury, Pleasure, Pain, and Process of Program Review I...123

9:00 am

Tour: ASA Site Resources Committee: ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries (Off-site)...124

9:30 am

Book Exhibit (Friday)...125

10:00 am

Caucus: Early American Matters: Early American Carnality...126

ASA Minority Scholars Committee Session I: Race, Indigeneity, and Structures of Work: Issues of Joint and Contingent Appointments...127

Business Meeting: International Presidents, Editors, and Representatives...128

Business Meeting: American Studies Journal Editorial Board...129

Caucus: Digital Humanities: Scripting the Reader in Electronic Literature...130

ASA Students' Committee: Workshop I: Demystifying Fellowships and Grants...131

ASA Program Committee: Black Radicalism, Insurgency in Israel/Palestine and the Idea of Solidarity...133

American Quarterly: Rethinking American Studies from the Perspective of Las Américas...134

Dando Vueltas: Building a Back-and-Forth Between Latino Studies and Disability Studies...135

Fugitive Preludes: Chicana/o Popular Music and the Neoliberal City...136

Protest and Poverty...137

Girls, Girls, Girls: Gender and Popular Culture...138

Willful Subjects: Action, Agency, and Politics...139

Formations of United States Colonialism (I): Economies of Racial Governmentality and the Subjects of Sovereignty...140

Counting on Social Justice: Social Science Methods and American Studies...141

The Politics of Need and Desire in Neoliberal Culture...142

Playing the System: Hollywood, Los Angeles, Genre...143

Fashioning Fury: Math, Computing and the Politics of Things...144

Mitigating Peril in the Pacific: U.S. Empire, Militarism, Climate Change and the Pleasure of a Strong Sense of Place...145

Queer OS: Queerness as Operating System...146

Fabricating Tech: Pleasure and Pain of Design Communities...147

Exhibit (Day 2): The Autry National Center in Griffith Park: Gratis Admission with ASA Badge (co-sponsored by the Material Culture Caucus and Visual Culture Caucus) (Off-site)...148

Tour: "Route 66" Exhibition and Library Private Tours at The Autry National Center (co-sponsored by the Material Culture Caucus and Visual Culture Caucus) (Off-site)...149

10:45 am

ASA Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs, and Centers: Is There Room for Fun After the Fury?: The State of American Studies Programs, Centers and Departments in 2014...150

11:30 am

Business Meeting: International Committee...151

12:00 pm

Caucus: Early American Matters: Colloquy with Kathleen Donegan on Seasons of Misery...152

Politics and Practices of Exuberant Homecomings...153

Business Meeting: Politics and Policy Caucus...154

Music, Fashion and the Power of (Queer) Nightlife...155

Dangerous Pastimes: Print-Cultural Networks and Patterns of Self-Making on the Canada-U.S. Border...156

Caucus: Food Studies: Desire and Disgust, Pleasure and Pain: The Sensory Dialectics of Eating...157

High on Crack: Surveillance, Loss and Addiction in Black Communities...158

The Fun and the Furry: Bestial Pleasures in Heterosexuality's Empire...159

ASA Program Committee: Students Under Attack...160

Our History is No Mystery: Community Organizing and State Violence...161

Performing Decolonial Aesthetics and the Politics of Pain and Pleasure in Music Across the Americas...162

Serious Children, Serious Childhood...163

Does the Fun Stop Here? Marxist Encounters with American Studies...164

Formations of United States Colonialism (II): The Horizon of Incommensurability and Incorporation...165

Ambivalent Affects: The Challenge of Financial Subjectivity...166

Becoming-Minor in American Studies: Solidarities in Precarious Times...167

The Ferocity and Fun of Fighting the PIC: Community Organizing from L.A. to NY...168

Urban Fury and Smoldering Heat: Black Radical Traditions in Urban Space...169

The Pain and Pleasure of Autobiographical Expression...170

#FTW, #WTF, #Fail, and #OMG: Queering New Media Sociality...171

At the Intersection of Ethnography and Hip-Hop: Multiracial Queer Voices Redefining Family...172

Business Meeting: Digital Humanities Caucus...173

1:00 pm

Business Meeting: 2015 Program Committee...174

2:00 pm

The Pleasure of the Archive...175

Keywords and Field-Formation...176

Business Meeting of the Environment and Culture Caucus...177

Caucus: Material Culture: Twenty Years, Twenty Questions to Ask an Object...178

ASA Program Committee: Food and the Politics of Necessary Pleasure...179

The Pleasures of the Harlem Renaissance: The Making of a "Salon" Anthology...180

ASA International Committee and ASA Women's Committee Talkshop I: Teaching American Studies Transnationally...181

Caucus: Academic and Community Activism: Incarceration and Resistance: Pleasure and Pain in the Global Prison Complex...182

Charting Central American (In)Visibility in Los Angeles...183

ASA Program Committee: Scholars Under Attack...184

I Need A Hero: Latina/o Biography for a Twenty-first-Century Audience...185

Writing Black-Latino Histories: Marking Racial Boundaries and Overlaps, A Roundtable Discussion...186

Twelve Years a Slave: Sounds and Spectacles of Slavery...187

Fun Was Not Had By All: The Still Hidden Injuries of Class...188

Political Imaginings of Palestine Beyond the Here and Now...189

Everyday People: Re-thinking Desire and Drug User Agency...190

Speculative Peripheries: Materialisms, Affect, and Objects in the Transnational...191

Teaching Los Angeles: Innovative Strategies, Possible Pitfalls...192

ASA Program Committee: Film Screening and Discussion: Without Guarantees: Remembering Stuart Hall: The Stuart Hall Project...193

Migrating the Black Body in Pleasure and Pain?: The African Diaspora and Visual Culture...194

This Bridge We Call Cyberspace: The Radical Potential of Digital Scholarship...195

Indigenous Los Angeles: Place Making Through Story Mapping...196

Digital Deaths and Disenfranchisements: Reading Pleasure, Pain, and Politics in Video Games...197

4:00 pm

ASA International Committee Talkshop II: Promoting New Dialectics of Pleasure and Pain in the Americas...198

Caucus: Environment and Culture: Keywords for Environmental Studies: From Ecotourism to Ecoterrorism...199

Business Meeting: Critical Prison Studies Caucus...200

Archival Time Machine: Queer Cultural Production and Ephemeral Worlding...201

The Fun and the Fury . . . of Teaching the Introduction to American Studies Class...202

The Embodied and Emotional Life of Migrant Organizing...203

ASA Program Committee: Kill this Keyword?...204

A Turn to Flesh: Decolonial Pleasure as a Politics of Possibility...205

Bittersweet: Remaking the Exhibit "American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music" for the Smithsonian Institution...206

Interdisciplinary Americas: Hemispheric Approaches to Latin America and American Studies...207

Funny Feelings: A Roundtable Discussion with Queer Xicana-Indíiacute;gena Artist Adelina Anthony...208

The Politics of Feeling: Social and Affective Dimensions of Education, Political Movements, and State Violence...209

Bodies in the Streets: Collective Memory and the Art of Protest...210

Before the Dawn: Pleasure, Cultural Memory, and Rebellion...211

The Politics of the "Pleasures" of Humanitarianism...212

Humanities Labor in the Neoliberal University: Luxury, Crisis, and Changing Conceptions of Work...213

Pleasures and Frictions from the Queer Middles...214

Indigenous and Critical Settler Geographies of Decolonial Pleasures and Futures...215

Transnational Bodies in Pain and Pleasure...216

We're Listening: Surveillance Technologies and Non-Private Publics...217

Critical Play, Digital Games...218

Is Porn Still Fun?...219

Reception: [Un]Framing the Bad Woman: Sor Juana, Malinche, Coyolxauhqui, and Other Rebels With a Cause by Alicia Gaspar de Alba...220

5:00 pm

University of Southern California Reception...221

5:30 pm

Reception: Visual Culture and Material Culture Caucuses...222

Reception: MAASA + Women, Gender, and Families of Color Journal + American Studies Journal...223

5:45 pm

Reception Cash Bar: Dartmouth Futures of American Studies

7:00 pm

ASA Awards Ceremony...224

8:00 pm

ASA President's Address...225

9:00 pm

Reception: ASA President's Reception...226

10:00 pm

ASA Site Resources Committee: Fun and Fury with the Empty Orchestra: Karaoke, Protest, and Pleasure (Off-site)...227


7:00 am

Business Meeting: Ethnic Studies Committee...228

8:00 am

ASA Regional Chapters Committee: Making Your Work Fun and Productive: A Discussion with ASA Regional Student Award Winners...229

Strip Cultures: Learning From Las Vegas...230

The Land and the Fury: Land, Space, and Legacies of Cultural Nationalism in Latina/o Environmentalism...231

Tutus, Vagabonds, Comics, And Toxic Drag Queens: Tactical Deployments Of Humor In The Critique Of Sovereignty...232

ASA Students' Committee: Breakfast Forum II: Lightning Shorts, On Projects in Progress...233

Sex Panics: New Dialectics of Pleasure and Pain in Transnational "Sex Trafficking" Initiatives...234

Bazinga! Ethnic Humor, Stereotypes, and Science in The Big Bang Theory...235

The Invention of Authenticity: Troubling Narratives of the "Real" Southern Foodways...236

Children, Youth, and the Pleasures of Gender and Sexual Transgression...237

Feminist, Queer and Jewish Responses to Zionism...238

The Muslim Left and U.S.-Based Social Movements...239

Queer Filipino Cultures of U.S. Imperialism, Canadian Multiculturalism, and Globalization...240

The View From Both Sides: Art and Transnational Latinidades...241

The Pleasures of Imagining the Latina/o Past: Rethinking the Boundaries of Literary, Intellectual, and Social History...242

Staging Racial Humor: The Politics of Comedy...243

Indigeneity and Difference...244

Primetime Rurality and the National Imaginary...245

Minority Scholars Committee Mentoring Breakfast...246

Digital Queer Utopias: Gaming, Performance, Pleasure...247

The Hallucinogenic Turn...248

Performances of Excess...249

Local Laughter, Local Knowledges: Transforming American Studies Through the Middle East...250

9:30 am

Book Exhibit (Saturday)...251

10:00 am

ASA Site Resources Committee: Typhoon Haiyan Memorial Event (Dance Workshop)...252

Working Identities and the Double Bind of Racial Performance...253

Disastrous Aesthetics/The Aesthetics of Disaster...254

Business Meeting: Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs and Centers...255

Business Meeting: Visual Culture Caucus...256

The Filth and the Fury: Cultural Politics of Waste in America...257

Our City, Our Stadium: The Cultural Politics of Sports Landscapes in Los Angeles...258

ASA Students' Committee: Workshop II: Anatomy of a Syllabus...259

Circuits of Pleasure: New Visions of Black Cinema...260

The Mass Media's Carceral Imaginary...261

Livable Spaces: Producing Knowledge, Producing Justice...262

Commerce of Pleasure...263

The Sweetest Taboo: Theorizing Black Female Pleasure, Agency and Desire within Black Feminism...264

Hurts So Good: Desiring Bad Objects...265

The World of Drugs: Geographies of Pharmaceutical Access and Excess...266

American Empire and Its Objects of Desire: Mutilated Bodies as Art and Artifact...267

Unexpected Sites of Asian American and Black Activism: Globalism, Radicalism, and Democracy...268

Cultural Identity Along Landscapes of Mobility...269

Settler Colonialism and Anti-Black Racism...270

Caucus: Sound Studies: Power Ballads and Blurred Lines: Songs from the Boundaries of Fun...271

Melancholic Masculinities: The Erotics of James Baldwin...272

The Pleasures and Pains of the Book...273

Racist Memorabilia and Classist Collectibles...274

Gender and Sexual Politics of Pacific Militarization...275

Exhibit (Day 3): The Autry National Center in Griffith Park: Gratis Admission with ASA Badge (co-sponsored by the Material Culture Caucus and Visual Culture Caucus) (Off-site)...276

10:55 am

Business Meeting: Material Culture Caucus...277

11:00 am

Women's Brunch...278

12:00 pm

Investigating Pain and Patients: Medical Experimentation and the Development of Medical Specialization in Nineteenth-Century Americas...279

ASA Minority Scholars Committee Session II: Race, Indigeneity, and Structures of Work: Teaching Indigenous Studies and Working in Settler Colonial Contexts...280

Business Meeting: Critical Disability Studies Caucus...281

ASA Program Committee: Reading Blackness, Queerness, and Social Media: A Roundtable...282

James Baldwin and the Question of Privacy...283

Speculative Archives: Imagining the Unthinkable in Tension with Neoliberalism in the Post-American Century...284

Exploitation, Ecstasy, and Freedom: Movies and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the 1960s...285

The Pleasures of Watching Slavery...286

ASA Program Committee: Roundtable: SCOTUS v. University of Michigan...287

Dreaming to Travel, Travelling to Dream: Feminist Analyses of Gendered Mobility...288

Global Circuits of Beauty and Fashion: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue...289

The Subversive Pleasures of Transnationalism: The Journal of Transnational American Studies...290

The Pleasures and Politics of Practice: American Studies Outside of the Academy...291

Feeling in the Dark: Activating Forgotten Places in Los Angeles...292

Race, Space, and Politics in Los Angeles's Postwar Suburbs...293

America's Brown Sites: Connecting the Domestic War on Terror and Immigration Detention...294

The Spaces Between: Sustaining Collaboration...295

Eat Me! Consuming Urban Cultures...296

Speculative Fiction and Non-Fiction...297

ASA Graduate Education Committee: An Introduction to Publishing...298

The Aesthetics of Nostalgia: Race, Cultural Production and Conceptions of Home in Post-America...299

Students For Justice in Palestine: Awakening the U.S. Campus...300

ASA Site Resources Committee: Typhoon Haiyan Memorial Event (Flashmob)...301

ASA Program Committee: Film Screening and Discussion: Passing Through (Off-site)...302

12:30 pm

Business Meeting: ASA-JAAS Project Advisory Committee...303

1:00 pm

Tour: Historic Downtown Walking Tour with LA Conservancy Docent (co-sponsored by the Material Culture Caucus and Visual Culture Caucus) (Off-site)...304

1:30 pm

Room Setup/Rehearsal: Ricardo Bracho's Puto...305

2:00 pm

Caucus: Critical Prison Studies: Keywords in Critical Prison Studies I...306

Staging Environmental Apocalypses: Past, Present, and Future...307

Business Meeting: Food Culture Studies Caucus...308

Unsettling Nature...309

The Black Feminist Pleasure Show: Perverse Bliss and Public Sex in Post-American Black Feminism...310

Pleasure in the Land: Marking the Spatial Boundaries of the "good life" in Twentieth-Century America...311

Indigenous Genre Films...312

Caucus: Sound Studies: The Racial Politics of Listening: "Accents," Hate Speech, and Language in the U.S. Media...313

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: Critical Labor: Women of Color Feminists Rethink the Reproductive...314

Honey, That's SHADE! The Politics of Appropriation Between Black Gay Men and Straight Women...315

Law and Violence in Transnational Perspective...316

To Be Young, Global, and Black: The Global Circulations of Blackness and Americanness...317

Performance, Affect and Labor in Contemporary Documentary in the Americas...318

On the Pleasures of Speculation: The Cultural Imaginary of American Gambling...319

Caucus: Humor Studies: The Politics of Comedy: Female Comedians and the Critical Power of Laughter...320

Challenging the Archive: Epistemologies of Islandness and Indigeneity in the Pacific...321

"What's Love Got To Do With It?": Settler Colonialism and Heteropatriarchy as Second-Hand Emotions in Expressions of Settler Sovereignty...322

Caucus: Visual Culture: Step into the Arena: Visualizing Boxing and Wrestling in American Culture...323

ASA Program Committee: The Fun and the Fury of José Esteban Muñoz...324

Aesthetics, Activism, and the Practice of Everyday Life...325

My Body, All Over Your Body: Desire, Collaboration, and the Doing of Pleasure...326

Teaching After Palestine: Speaking about the Occupation and Palestinian Culture in the U.S. Academy...327

3:00 pm

ASA Program Committee: Film Screening and Discussion: Wildness (Off-site)...328

3:30 pm

Business Meeting: All Committee Chairs...329

4:00 pm

Caucus: Critical Prison Studies: Keywords in Critical Prison Studies II...330

Racial Meanings and Musical Performance in Film: Uses of Folk, Calypso, and Jazz in Films, 1944–1965...331

Ethnography is No Fun: Or, the Dark, Queer Pleasure of Ethnography...332

Collaboration, Community, and Crisis: A Roundtable on Filipino/American Art Now...333

The Excesses of Ethnography: Aesthetics, Affect, and Fun in Urban Research...334

Going to the Movies: Situating Early Film Audiences...335

Liberating Encounters: Cultural Consumption as Agent of Pleasure and Social Change in Contemporary Asian, Latin-American, and U.S. Popular Culture...336

Guilty Pleasures: U.S. Food Culture and the Dialectic of Pleasure and Pain...337

Feminist Pedagogy: Reconstituting a Pleasure Principle...338

Placing the Archive: The Legacies and Futures of Historical Knowledge...339

Evangelical Activism: Piety and Pleasure...340

Thinking Through Hemispheric Indigenous Studies...341

Promoting Paradise Amidst the Cityscape: Environmental and Ecological Visions of Interwar Los Angeles...342

Genuine Negro Fun: Contemporary Black Audiences and Popular Cultural Pleasures...343

Digital (De)Colonialism: Confronting Intersections of New Technologies and Indigenous Control of Space, Place, and Health...344

Time and Temporality in Theme Parks...345

How It Feels: Reading Race and Pleasure with Zora Neale Hurston...346

The Pleasure and Pain of Latina/o Media-tions: Representational Practice in Comparative Genres...347

Artifacts of Labor and Leisure: The "Serious Fun" of Nineteenth-Century Transnational Material Culture...348

Arab Worlds: Then and Now...349

ASA Program Committee: Sex is . . . Sex Ain't: Working at the Critical Edge of Sex, Politics, Art, and Industry...350

Reception: ASA Program Committee and Social Text: The Fun and the Fury of José Esteban Muñoz...351

4:30 pm

Business Meeting: Students' Committee...352

5:00 pm

Business Meeting: Activism Caucus’s Academic Boycott Organizing Group ...352A

6:00 pm

ASA Site Resources Committee: A Staged Reading of Ricardo Bracho's Puto...353

University of Michigan Reception...354

Reception: Early American Matters Caucus and Environment and Culture Caucus...355

Reception: New York University...355A

7:00 pm

K–16 Collaboration Committee: Radical Learning in the City of Dreams and Nightmares Autonomous Education in Los Angeles (Off-site)...356

8:00 pm

ASA Site Resources Committee: #Not1More: Art, Music, and Immigration Reform in Twenty-first-Century America (Off-site)...357


8:00 am

ASA International Committee Talkshop III: Egyptian Universities Beyond Crisis...358

Sports, Sex, and Music across the Pacific during the Cold War...359

Welcome Breakfast for K–16 Collaboration Teachers...360

Sonics of Black Excess, 1940s to 1980s...361

Gesture, Transfer, and Kinetic Affects in Black Performance...362

Troubling Terms from the War on Terror...363

Graphic Art, Slavery, and the Minstrel Show: Staging Race in the Americas, 1828–1920...364

ASA Ethnic Studies Committee: Watching in Pain and Pleasure: Representing Women of Color on Screens...365

Playing In the Past: The Promise and Peril of "Fun" History...366

Where There is Surveillance There is . . . Pleasure?: Resistance, Play, and Entertainment in Cultures of Surveillance...367

Guilty Pleasures: Enjoyment, Innocence, and the Affective Dimensions of Mass Imprisonment...368

More Than a Feeling: Race, Queerness, and the Political Potential of Affect...369

Queer Passions and Pieties: Perspectives on Religion and the Politics of Sexuality...370

Techno-objects and the Racial: A Roundtable on Material Pleasures and Violence of the Post-American Century...371

Variation, the Microbiome, Hox Genes: How are these Tools for American Studies Today?...372

Playing at Work: Food, Sex, the Home and the Labors of Leisure...373

Clenched Fists Limp Wrists: Performing Camaraderie and Endurance in Visual Art and Radical Politics...374

Feeling Hands: Pleasures and Perils of Haptic and Visual Encounters in Transnational U.S. Culture...375

It's the End of the Neocolonial World Order as We Know It: Apocalyptic Visions of Redistribution...376

8:30 am

Book Exhibit (Sunday)...377

10:00 am

The Origins of Biopolitics in the Americas...378

Coloring Faith: Black and Latina/o Religion, Politics, and Leadership...379

K–16 Collaboration Committee: Discourses and Acts of "Violence" in the United States Education System...380

What Words Can't Do: Instrumentals, Identity, and Interpretation...381

The Perils of Pity and Punishment: Race, Regulation, and the Rise of the Carceral State...382

Gods Just Want to Have Fun: Ecstasy, Celebration and Community in Los Angeles Religions...383

The Pleasures and Pains of Hip Hop Listening: New Aesthetic Approaches...384

Imagined Pasts, Happier Presents: The Functions of Nostalgia in American Culture...385

Contesting Gender and Sexuality Through Performance and Play...386

Making Archives, Making Blackness: African American Collecting Acts and the Politics of Assembly...387

The Pleasures of Teaching in a World of Pain...388

Sex Panics, Dangerous Pairings, and Moral Rhetorics of Pleasure and Pain...389

Profit and Pleasure in Prison Expansion...390

Western Radicals and Innovators: Sanora Babb, Willa Cather, Carlos Bulosan, and James Wong Howe...391

Convivial ReVisions: Contemporary Black Performance, Visual Culture and the Archive of Slavery...392

Caucus: Environment and Culture: Ecologies of Pleasure and Pain: Deviance, Destruction and Desire in Environmental History...393

"All the Way Live": The Aesthetics of Pleasure in California Funk...394

Racial Melancholia and the Pleasures of Obstinate Attachments...395

Teaching About Palestine: Changing the Pain and Fury of Ignorance to the Pleasures of Knowing...396

Exhibit (Day 4):The Autry National Center in Griffith Park: Gratis Admission with ASA Badge (co-sponsored by the Material Culture Caucus and Visual Culture Caucus) (Off-site)...397

12:00 pm

There Is Here: Transnational Archives, Comparative Furies...398

Caucus: Critical Prison Studies: Fury of The Oppressed: Fifty Years of California Anti-Prison Organizing...399

K–16 Collaboration Committee: Building Power, Making Change: Tools for Educational/Justice Mobilizations...400

Queer Inhumanisms...401

ASA Graduate Education Committee: The Core of the Field: Required Courses in American Studies Doctoral Education...402

Pleasure, Pain, Politics, and Performance: Black Women Artists and Their Fans...403

Queer Performances After Gay Rights: The Pleasures of Invisibility, Illegibility, and the Undetectable...404

Performative Pleasures of Blackness: The Creation, Consumption, and Conflict of Pleasureable Blacknesses...405

Can Black Women Have Fun?: Beyond Mammies and Martyrs...406

The Afro-German Parallax: The Pleasure and Pain of African American and German Relations...407

Confronting Racism: The Fun and the Fury...408

Settler Colonialism and Postmodern Play in the U.S. West...409

Queer Studies and Class: A Roundtable...410

Playing with the Imperial Imaginary: Race, Irony, Desire, and the Afterlives of Empire...411

Examining the Somatic Pleasure and Pain of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting...412

Queer Play in the Archive: Chicano East L.A. and the Precarious Avant-Garde...413

Totalities of Outsider Art...414

From Furious Orientals to Funny Arabs: The Politics and Possibilities of Arab American Media Studies...415

The Sites, Sights, and Design of Tourism...416

ASA Program Committee: Soap Box Manifestos...417

2:00 pm

Caucus: Sports Studies: Viewing the Peanut Gallery: An Open Forum on Studying Sports Fans...418

Central Avenue Breakdown: Gender, Race, and Coming of Age in a Los Angeles Jazz Community...419

Working in the Empire: Pain and Pleasure in U.S. Circuits of Labor...420

Bad Habits, Everyday Life...421

Writing Loss: Pleasure and Interdisciplinary Possibilities...422

Theory Beyond the Regime of the Theoretical: Fun With Race, Sex, Dis/ability, and Performance...423

All in Good Fun: Race, Gender, and the Politics of Fun in Early Television Comedy...424

The UnMaking of Latina/o Citizenship: Culture, Politics, Aesthetics...425

Freedom's Movements, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Rock the Prison Empire...426

Disastrous Affects: Hopelessness Against Fun in the University of Disaster...427

The Pleasure and Pain of Queer Generations...428

Mothers of Color in Academia: A Performative Panel and Workshop...429

Shamefully Delicious: The (Critical) Pleasures of ABC's Scandal...430

The Pain and the Pleasure of Viewing 12 Years a Slave...431

What Beyoncé (and Her Stans) Can Teach Us About The Pleasures of Intersectional Identity...432

Machine, Sex, and Other Intimate Acts...433

From East London to East L.A.: Excavating Urban Identity and Culture in the West Coast Jungle Scene...434

The Machine in the Garden Fifty Years Later: A Roundtable...435

ASA Site Resources Committee: Latin America + Los Angeles: Arts Organizations Respond to Pacific Standard Time 2017 (Off-site)...436

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