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This is a snapshot of the program as it existed on September 1, 2015. The most up-to-date version of the program can be found online at Please note that Session Numbers (not page numbers) are shown below.


1:00 pm

Business Meeting: American Quarterly Editorial Board ... 001

6:30 pm

Business Meeting: Executive Committee ... 002


8:00 am

Spatio-Sexual Politics and Racial Justice in Chicago and Los Angeles ... 003

Spectacles of Misery: Violence, Resistance, and Subversive Performance ... 004

Where Misery Meets Agency: A Critique of Empowerment, Resilience, and Bearing Witness Models of Intervention ... 005

Technologies of Misery and [In]security in the Military-Industrial Complex ... 006

Temporalities of Resistance: Media and the Miseries of Race ... 007

The Angel of Misery: Temporality, Political Ecologies, and Public Feeling ... 008

The Emotion of Photography ... 009

The Miseries of Reproduction: Intractable Media and American Art of the Long Nineteenth Century ... 010

The Production of Misery in Media Forms: Neoliberalism, Resistance, and Repression ... 011

The Ambiguity of Belonging: Space and Place in the Writing of Dionne Brand ... 012

The Progressive Era's Afterlives ... 013

Indigenous Persistence Where We Meet ... 014

Monuments to (In)justice ... 015

Social Tragedies of Music Making? Child Stars, Digital Patronage, and Aging R&B Performers ... 016

Speaking Askance: Experimental Aesthetics and Social Critique in Black Expressive Culture ... 017

Black Misery in Word and World ... 018

Then Again: Race, Recurrent Misery, and Resistant Futures ... 019

Decolonial Feminism in Theory and Practice ... 020

Abolition and Decolonization in Canada and the U.S. ... 021

The Urban Environment ... 022

Business Meeting: National Council ... 023

10:00 am

Mapping Violence, Projecting Desire, Seeing Futures ... 024

Canadian Association for American Studies: Wildcat Currencies: America's Alternative Economies ... 025

Transnational History of Japan–North America Migration and Contact: Labour, Culture, and Transracial Relationships ... 026

Death/Work: Afterlives of the Black Mortuary ... 027

Throwaway People: The Production and Productivity of Black Urban Misery in the Long 1980s. ... 028

Depatriarchal Practice In/Against Neoliberalism: Migrations of Misery and Resistance in Las Américas ... 029

Refusing Erasure: Black Women's Bodies as Sites of National, Colonial, and Sexual Oppression and Resistance ... 030

Digital Death Worlds: Mediating Necropolitics ... 031

Diminishing Attachments: Feminist Politics and Aesthetics in the Miserable 1970s ... 032

Facing Post-gentrification: On the Politics of Home in an Era of Rapid Change ... 033

Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of (De)institutionalization, 1955–1988 ... 034

Geographies of Indigenous and Settler Immiseration, Commiseration, and Resistance ... 035

Institutions of Misery: Abjection, Sexuality, and Aesthetic Practices ... 036

Sex, Misère, and the Redemptive: Barebacking and Historicity ... 037

Hooray for the Riff-Raff: Shiftless Hustlers, Tramps and Street Punks Resisting Carcerality and Capitalism ... 038

Intimate Industries in the Making of Precarity: A Transnational Conversation on How Bodies Matter ... 039

Queer Spaces ... 040

Public Education, National Security State, and Insurgent Black Life: Tracing Genealogies and Infrastructures of the Racial State ... 041

Colonialism and the Settler State ... 042

Object Misery and the Resistant Art of Scavenge ... 043

10:15 am

First Story Indigneous Toronto Walking Tour (Check-In Sheraton Main Lobby) ... 044

12:00 pm

Defiant Assembly: Resisting Misery through Performance and Visual Art in the Americas ... 045

Canadian Association for American Studies: American Realisms and the Pursuit of Unhappiness ... 046

Abjection and the Consumption of the Body ... 047

(Not) Talking Back to Empire ... 048

Boundaries and Beyond ... 049

Amateur Hour: Performances of Race in Twentieth-Century American Popular Culture ... 050

Insidious Discourses: U.S. Settler Colonialism and Territorialization ... 051

American Exceptionalism and the Biopolitical Turn ... 052

Border Crossing Music ... 053

Blackness and the Miseries of Law in the Long Afterlife of Slavery ... 054

Disability and Performances of Citizenship ... 055

Forcefields of U.S. Imperialism: The Management of Warfare in the War on Terror ... 056

Forms and Fantasies of Annihilation ... 057

Hemispheric Trauma and the Latina/o-Indigenous Cultural Imagination ... 058

Feeling Shitty: The Affective Miseries of Multiculturalism and Corporeal Ways of Resistance ... 059

Infrastructure, Race, and Misery ... 060

Queer and Transgender Misery ... 061

Blackness, Relation, and Liberal Ways of War ... 062

Sites of Trauma and the Making of Disability ... 063

Negotiating Difference, Forging Solidarities ... 064

International Partnership Luncheon: Developing Transnational American Studies for Transnational Publics ... 065

2:00 pm

Borderlands, Culture, and the State: A Conversation Across Disciplines ... 066

Canadian Association for American Studies: Free Market Fictions ... 067

International Committee: The Locations of American Studies ... 068

Redefining Freedom and Sexual Justice in the Caribbean: A Roundtable ... 069

Race, Ethnicity, Indigeneity: Critical Static Across the U.S./Canada Border ... 070

Afterlives of Misery: Legacies and Prophecies in the Neo-Slave Narrative ... 071

Unseen and In Motion ... 072

And Now a Word From Our Miserable Sponsors! ... 073

Asian American Sexualities and the Reproduction of Misery in U.S. Popular Culture ... 074

Black Sites and Fugitive Visions ... 075

Defining and Contesting Miserabilism: Migrant Confrontations with Inequality in Mexico and the United States ... 076

Dis/Enabling Misery: Racial Trauma, Resistance, and the Black Body in Literature and Film ... 077

Racial Capitalism and Settler Colonialism: Thinking Through the Relationship ... 078

Fighting Choreographies: Dance and Violence in American Popular Culture ... 079

How Do We Teach Research? Pedagogical Practice in Interdisciplinary Methodologies ... 080

Finance Capital and the Reproduction of Misery: 'Moral Hazard,' Settler Colonialism, and Hashtags against Housing Violence ... 081

Public Representations of Misery ... 082

Lady Justice?: Black Women, Sexuality, and the U.S. Legal System ... 083

Race-Radical Black Feminists at the Forefront of Transformative Justice Movements in Settler Societies ... 084

Katrina: Ten Years After ... 085

Business Meeting: Minority Scholars Committee ... 086

First Peoples Resistances and Rebellions Tour at the Art Gallery of Ontario ... 087

4:00 pm

Settler Colonialism and the Question of Indigenous Studies: A Position Paper and Three Responses ... 088

Canadian Association for American Studies: Stand Your Ground: Incarcerations, Lynchings, and Executions ... 089

Committee on Graduate Education: Precarious Resistance to the University of Austerity ... 090

Cultivating Communal Sites of Knowledge Production in the Critical Latin@ Studies Classroom ... 091

Transnational Capital, Security State, and Militarized Racial Modernity in America's Asia Pacific ... 092

Accept, Articulate, Mis(use): What's Afro-pessimism Without Misery? ... 093

States of Injury ... 094

Architecture and Narrative: The Production and Renovation of Everyday Space ... 095

Asian American Miseries: The Sounds of Silence ... 096

Miserable Circulations: Race, Sex, Labor, and Creativity ... 097

Data and Diaspora Catalogues: Black Life and Death in the Future Space ... 098

Catastrophe and American Studies ... 099

Disruptive Attachments: Kinship, Adoption, and the (Re)production of Loss ... 100

Does Misery Move You? Transnational Mobility, Affective Vulnerability, and the Gendering of Racialized Criminality ... 101

Genealogies of Diasporic Resistance: Imagining Transnational Filipina/o American Studies ... 102

This is Your Life? ... 103

Pedagogies of Misery: (Re)Working the Limits of Neoliberal Higher Education ... 104

Re/Centering AIDS in the Age of Gay Liberalism ... 105

Does Property Resist Capitalism's Reproduction, and Does it Make Us Miserable? ... 106

I'm with Ridunculous! ... 107

Business Meeting: Nominating Committee ... 108

Business Meeting: Committee on Regional Chapters ... 109

6:00 pm

Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory ... 110

Miserable Failures! American Studies and the Ideologies of Failure ... 111

Contesting Anti-Muslim Racism in Canada: An Activist/Academic Roundtable ... 112

Feminist/Queer Activism in the Post-Industrial City (A Live Oral History/Storytelling Session) ... 113

Reception: Lifetime ASA Members ... 114

Reception: American Studies at Arizona State University Celebrates International Participants ... 115

7:00 pm

Reception: Welcome/Celebration of ASA Authors/Exhibits Open ... 116

8:00 pm

Film Screening: Love and Solidarity (38 minutes). ... 117

Film Screening: Spirits of Rebellion and Discussion of Resistance and Misery in Black American Cinema (90 minutes) ... 118

A Staged Reading of Lisa B. Thompson's Underground: Trauma, History and the Limits of Resistance ... 119

Beyond Ayaan Hiirsi Ali: On Being Black, Muslim, and from East Africa in Liberal North American Societies ... 120

9:00 pm

Graduate Student Cocktail Party at Imperial Pub (Offsite 9 pm – close) ... 121


8:00 am

Business Meeting of Editors of American Quarterly

The Misery of Settler Colonialism: Roundtable on Glen Coulthard's Red Skin, White Masks and Audra Simpson's Mohawk Interruptus ... 122

Violent Intimacies: Producing Racial Terror in American Visual and Material Culture ... 123

Caucus Critical Prison Studies: Carceral Globalization and Circuits of Resistance I ... 124

Histories of Violence I: Gender and Sexuality ... 125

Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies: How Does It Feel? Aesthetics, Minoritarian Politics, and the Political Sensorium ... 126

Queering Governmentality ... 127

Students' Committee: Mock Job Interview Forum ... 128

From Divine Sorrow to Refugee Resentment: Tracing Transnational Vietnamese Counter-Memories ... 129

Asian American Sporting Cultures: Playing through Sporting Pleasures, Resisting Racialized Exclusions ... 130

Re/Producing Ferguson in Europe: Protest Movements from the Streets to the Classroom ... 131

Rejecting Misery: Engaging Critical Ethnic Studies in Arizona ... 132

Miserabilist Mediations: Recording, Radio, Reportage, and the Multimedia of Racial Reproduction and Resistance ... 133

Misery and Memorial: On the 9/11 Museum, its Objects, Topography, and Scale ... 134

Black Miseries and Modes of Satirical Resistance ... 135

Early American Spaces of Misery: The Alienation of Labor and Land in Homes, Cities, Frontiers ... 136

Moving Beyond Misery in the Black Queer Archive ... 137

Neoliberal Reproduction of the Cold War "Miseries" ... 138

Re/production in Biocapitalism: Feminist Speculation and Alternative Futures ... 139

Race and Resistance in the Folklorization and Reappropriation of Musical Cultures of Struggle ... 140

Race and the Age of Revolution in Hemispheric Studies ... 141

Business Meeting: Critical Disability Studies Caucus ... 142

Breakfast: Program and Center Directors Networking ... 143

Student Breakfast ... 144

Business Meeting: Academic and Community Activism Caucus

9:00 am

Committee on Departments, Centers and Programs: American Studies on a Shoe-String ... When You're the Shoe-String ... 145

Environment and Culture Caucus Mentoring Breakfast ... 146

10:00 am

Misery at Work: Resisting Racism and Other Inequities ... 147

Caucus Material Culture: Building Oppression: Misery and Resistance in the American Cultural Environment ... 148

Caucus Critical Prison Studies: Carceral Globalization and Circuits of Resistance II ... 149

Histories of Violence II: Suffering for the State: Touring and Commemorating Sites of Militarized Violence ... 150

Gendering the Trans-Pacific World ... 151

Producing the Racial Subject: Identity and Resistance Through Historical Modes of Capitalist Accumulation ... 152

Students' Committee: Job Materials ... 153

Beyond Pleasure Reading: Race and Genre Fiction ... 154

Caucus Sports Studies: The (Re)production of Sexual Violence in Sports and Ways of Resistance ... 155

American Quarterly: Special Issue on Pacific Currents ... 156

Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: Ethnic Studies Past, Present and Future ... 157

Iconographies of Suffering, Wars, and the Empire's Media ... 158

Indigeneity, Immiseration, and Affective Despair I ... 159

Black Experimentation: Politics and Aesthetics Beyond Resistance ... 160

Caucus Early American Matters: Colloquy with Ed Baptist on The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism ... 161

Queer: A Funky, Old, Nasty, Mess ... 162

Modes of Misery, Genres of Grief: Narrative Forms of Environmental Suffering ... 163

The Politics of Transnational Conservative Ascendency ... 164

Caucus Sound Studies: (Re)Sounding Misery and Resistance: Chicana Feminist Listening Practices in Radio, Film, and Television ... 165

Chemical Harvests and Hideous Progeny: Visualizing the Miseries of Reproduction ... 166

Business Meeting: American Studies Journal Editorial Board ... 167

Canadian Association for American Studies Executive Meeting ... 168

11:00 am

Camera Atomica Tour at the Art Gallery of Ontario ... 169

12:00 pm

Misery and Resistance in the Great Recession ... 170

Caucus Material Culture: Representing Terrible Things: The Material Culture of Misery in America ... 171

Caucus Critical Prison Studies: The Contradictions and Changing Permutations of the Prison Industrial Complex ... 172

Histories of Violence III: State of the Field ... 173

Lisa Lowe's The Intimacies of Four Continents: A Roundtable ... 174

Caucus Science and Technology Studies: Machines and Proletarians: (Re)Producing and Resisting Misery ... 175

Students' Committee: Innovative Assignments ... 176

Beyond Recovery: Neoliberal Health Governance and the Limits of Resistance ... 177

Caucus Sports Studies: Troubling a Racial Slur: Researching and Resisting the use of R*dskins in Sport ... 178

Re-situating American Quarterly in Hawai'i, Pacific, and Asia ... 179

Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: Rebuilding and Re-presenting Port-au-Prince and New Orleans Through the Lens of Black Misery: Five and Ten Years Post-Disaster ... 180

Disorganizing Knowledge ... 181

Indigeneity, Immiseration, and Affective Despair II ... 182

Chinese Railroad Workers in North America: Recovering the Production of Misery and Ways of Resistance ... 183

Caucus Early American Matters: Troubling Region: The Problem of Geography in Teaching "the Early Americas" ... 184

Ordinary Crises: Visual Rites of Survival and Resistance ... 185

Non-Profit Blues: Affective Economies in/of the NPIC ... 186

Oh, That's Fierce: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Black Queer Performance ... 187

Caucus Sound Studies: A Miserable Racket: American Music, American Noise ... 188

Chains, Fences, and Bonds ... 189

Business Meeting: Critical Korean/American Studies Scholars ... 190

Evergreen Brick Works Tour (and Walking Tour of Lower Don River) Check-In ... 191

1:00 pm

Business Meeting: 2016 Program Committee ... 192

2:00 pm

American Studies and the Theoretical Legacies of James Baldwin ... 193

Caucus Visual Culture: Photographic Returns ... 194

International Committee: Indigenous and Critical Race Perspectives on Transnational Power ... 195

Caucus Academic and Community Activism: Resisting Perpetual (Re-)Productions of Misery? Transnational Multimedia Life Writing ... 196

International Dimensions of Black/Jewish Politics: Apartheid and Black Power ... 197

Caucus Critical Disability Studies: Affect Theory Meets Mad Studies: A Roundtable ... 198

Students' Committee: Overcoming Misery: Accessing Structures of Support in the University ... 199

Settler Colonialism, the Philippines, and American Empire ... 200

Caucus Sport Studies and Critical Prison Studies: Between Misery and Resistance: The Connections between the Carceral State and Sporting Cultures ... 201

Workshop on American Quarterly Review and Editorial Process ... 202

Tense and Tender Ties: Critical Ethnic Studies and Critical Mixed Race Studies; Race and Multiracialism ... 203

Liberating Politics Through Culture: Recovering the Voices of African American Activist-artists Through Talk and Performance ... 204

Ideas from El Imperio: American Political Thought in Cuba and Beyond ... 205

Committee on Departments, Programs and Centers: What Is This Thing Called Interdisciplinarity? ... 206

Queer Misery: Queer Lives, Queer Texts, and Producing the Possible in Early America ... 207

Asian/American and Latina/o Aesthetics of Resistance: A Dialogue on Etiolation, Abnormality, Brownness, Opacity and Rage ... 208

New Directions in Latina/o Scholarship ... 209

Race and Wellbeing in Middle Eastern America: Resisting White Singularity and Challenging Histories of Misery ... 210

Caucus Sound Studies: Listening to Breaking Windows: Urban Mobility and Sonic Disorder in New York City ... 211

Caucus Digital Humanities: Digital Shorts: The (Re)production of Misery and the Ways of Resistance ... 212

Business Meeting: Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies ... 213

Business Meeting: Environment and Culture Caucus ... 214

4:00 pm

Broken Hearts: Misery Takes Its Toll ... 215

Caucus Visual Culture: Race, Labor and Misery Under the Photographic Lens ... 216

Beyond the Misery of the Archive: Doing Memory Work in Contemporary Black Canadian Art and Activism ... 217

A Conversation on Race and Critical Theory (with members of the Living Commons Collective) ... 218

Golem Theory?: Critical Jewish Studies in/and ASA ... 219

Caucus Critical Disability Studies: Building Intersectionality: American Studies Meets Critical Disability Studies ... 220

Committee on Graduate Education: Perfecting Your Pitch: Graduate Student Professionalization with the Pros ... 221

Resistance and Resilience in Native America ... 222

Asian/American and Latina/o Aesthetics of Resistance: A Dialogue on Negativity, Inscrutability, Burning Out, and the Proximal ... 223

Black (Re)Production, Biocapital, and the Legacies of Colonial Science and Slavery and in the Americas ... 224

Resistance in Academia: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Academic Labor ... 225

Canadian Writers Read ... 226

Exiled Intimacies: Visual Culture and Transnational Asia/America ... 227

Committee on Departments, Programs, and Centers: Beyond the Buzz? The Pleasures and Miseries of Internationalization ... 228

Early Environmentalisms ... 229

Misery Loves Complicity: Pedagogies of Social Justice Within and Beyond Corporate Universities ... 230

Normativity and the Hetero-state ... 231

Black Queer Diaspora Praxis and Its Manifold Futures ... 232

Caucus Sound Studies: Spinning Dystopia: DJ Practice, Urban Soundscapes and Techno-Sonic Intervention ... 233

Caucus Digital Humanities: The Shadow Archive: Digital (Re)Assemblages of Ephemera ... 234

Business Meeting: Critical Prison Studies Caucus ... 235

Business Meeting: Sports Studies Caucus ... 236

4:30 pm

Reception: Early American Matters Caucus and Environment and Culture Caucus ... 237

Reception: Southern American Studies Association (SASA) ... 238

5:00 pm

Histories of Violence Organizational Meeting (Open to all interested) ... 239

Reception: University of Southern California ... 240

Reception: Mid-America American Studies Association (MAASA) ... 241

6:00 pm

Reception: Claremont Graduate University School of Arts and Humanities ... 242

Business Meeting of the Graduate Education Committee

7:00 pm

Annual Awards Ceremony ... 244

8:30 pm

Presidential Address ... 245

9:30 pm

President's Reception ... 246

10:00 pm

Post-Presidential Mash Up at Harlem (Offsite 10 pm – close) ... 247


7:15 am

Welcome Breakfast for K–16 Collaboration Teachers ... 248

8:00 am

The Settler Colonialism Analytic: A Critical Reappraisal ... 249

Misery, Shame, and Tragedy: The Struggles and Strategies of Women Performers ... 250

K–16 Collaboration Committee and Critical Prison Studies Caucus: The Carceral University I ... 251

Atomic Anthropocene ... 252

Conversations about Age and Institutions in the Windy City ... 253

Indigenous Fine Arts ... 254

Religious Cultures of U.S. Imperialism ... 255

Climate Change and Ways of Resistance ... 256

Dwelling within Misery: Capital, Affect, and Social Movement(s) ... 257

Listening as Resistance or Resistant to Listening?: Ethnography, Oral History, Grounded Theory in American Studies ... 258

He's Come Undone: Black Masculinity and the Curious Art of Vulnerability ... 259

Marvels: Collective Disappointment and Collective Education in Graphic Narrative ... 260

Regime and Reckoning ... 261

Palimpsestic Stigma: 1960s Community Medicine and Community Mental Health ... 262

Students' Committee: Lightning Shorts, On Projects in Progress ... 263

Misery and Resistance in the Queer Workplace ... 264

Spinning and Spanning the Globe ... 265

Teaching with Tension: Post-racial Rhetoric, Resistance, and Reality in the Classroom ... 266

Law as Archive ... 267

Landscapes of Racialized Dispossession: Urban Carcerality, Relational Subjectivities, and Neoliberal Violence ... 268

Business Meeting: Early American Matters Caucus ... 269

Business Meeting: International Presidents, Editors, and Representatives ... 270

Fulbright Support for American Studies ... 271

Breakfast: Minority Scholars Committee Mentoring ... 272

Student Breakfast ... 273

10:00 am

From Ferguson to Palestine and Beyond: Geographies of Political and Cultural Resistance ... 274

Minority Scholars Committee: The Business of Diversity ... 275

K–16 Collaboration Committee and Critical Prison Studies Caucus: The Carceral University II ... 276

Contesting Inter/national Militarized Security in the "Asia Pacific" and Imagining an Otherwise ... 277

Anarchism: From the Settler Colonial State to the Anthropocene ... 278

Brave New Digital World ... 279

Religious Geographies of Suffering and Resistance ... 280

Cold War Camera and the Cultural Politics of Visuality ... 281

Crude Extractions in Media ... 282

What Does It Mean to Play a Slave? The "Follow the North Star" Experiment ... 283

Photographing Existence in the Americas: Race, Gender, Migration, and the Diasporic Lens ... 284

Locating Class ... 285

Re/membering the Misery of Blackness: A Resistance through Memory, Performance, and an Ethics of Imagination ... 286

Precarious Performances across Genres and Geographies ... 287

Doing American Studies From Abroad: Challenges and Opportunites ... 288

Unsettling Acts: Queering Ecotheory through Migration and Transience ... 289

Performances of Race ... 290

The Place of Palestinian Life Writing in American Studies ... 291

Longing, Affect, Bodies: Gendered Embodiments in North American Settler Colonies ... 292

Law and Misery: Constructing and Deconstructing Legal Regimes of Miserablism ... 293

Business Meeting: Visual Culture Caucus ... 294

Business Meeting: International Committee ... 295

Business Meeting: Science and Technology Studies Caucus ... 296

11:00 am

Business Meeting: Material Culture Caucus ... 297

Brunch: Women's Networking ... 298

12:00 pm

After the Misery: What Are Critical University Studies For? ... 299

Minority Scholars Committee: The Invisibility and Performance of Labor of Diversity ... 300

Caucus Academic and Community Activism: The ASA Boycott Resolution Two Years Later: Looking Back, Moving Forward ... 301

Ralph Ellison at 100 (Race and the Word) ... 302

Environmental Misery: Confronting the Future of the Anthropocene ... 303

In/cisions and De/cisions: Oppression and Resistance in Native and Latino American Border Narratives ... 304

The (Re)production of Misery among the Religious(ly) Right(eous): Coercion, Conformity, and Resistance to Hetero/Homonormative Patriarchy ... 305

Unsettling Knowledge: Resisting the Miseries of Imperial U.S. Education ... 306

Countering the State: Misery, Surveillance, and Narratives of Resistance ... 307

Caucus Environment and Culture: How American Studies Scholars Can Address Climate Change ... 308

Criminalizing Spaces ... 309

Narratives of Resistance: Rethinking the Politics of Health and Illness ... 310

Visuality, Blackness, and Misery's Company ... 311

Uneven Miseries: The Incommensurate Politics of Comparative Racialization ... 312

Ecologies of Misery: Domesticity and Disaffected Labor ... 313

Spectacular Humiliations: Matters of Performance, Misery, and Failure ... 314

The Black Radical Internationalist Tradition: Culture, Media, and Resistance to Racial Capitalism ... 315

The Cold War, the Asia-Pacific, and Transnational American Studies ... 316

Maritime Melancholies: Oceanic Archives of Resistance ... 317

Invisible is a Lonely Number: (Re)Presenting Race and Gender in the Digital Humanities ... 318

Business Meeting of the War and Peace Studies Caucus ... 319

Business Meeting: Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs and Centers ... 320

12:30 pm

Business Meeting: ASA-JAAS Project Advisory Committee ... 321

1:30 pm

Misery Tour at the Art Gallery of Ontario ... 322

2:00 pm

The Miseries of Marriage: What Do Queers Lose When We "Win"? ... 323

Come (back) to the Opera! War, Trauma and Mourning on the American Stage ... 324

International Committee: American Studies and the U.S. State ... 325

Ralph Ellison at 100 (Ellison the Interdisciplinarian) 326Black Liberations (Repeat) ... 327

International Formations: The Horizons of Solidarity and Accountability ... 328

Re(Productions) of Early America in the Reader's Mind: Imagining Ambivalent Beginnings ... 329

K–16 Collaboration Committee: In Anger and Violence: The Cruxes of Misery through U.S. Public Schooling ... 330

Counter-Optics: Reworking the Image in an Age of Structural Violence ... 331

From Bhopal to Port-au-Prince: Environmental and Health Disasters in the Global South ... 332

Polarization on the Potomac and the Jordan: American Political Cultures and Israel-Palestine Gridlock ... 333

Global Legacies of Black Radicalism: War, Law and Class ... 334

Racial Genocide and the U.S. Carceral State: A History of the Present ... 335

Inventing Blackness ... 336

Emergent Themes in Middle East American Studies ... 337

Sports on Screen: Visual Economies of Representation in Film, Television, and Digital Media ... 338

The Company Loves Misery: Labor Organizing in the Service Economy ... 339

Transpacific Entanglements: American Studies, Asian Studies, Asian American Studies ... 340

Methodological Miseries and Race along the Seams of Empire ... 341

Epistemologies of Skin: Visual, Biomedical, and Affective Technologies of Health, Race, and Beauty ... 342

3:00 pm

Business Meeting: Task Force for American Studies in Higher Education in the United States and Globally ... 343

Business Meeting: Marxism Caucus ... 344

4:00 pm

Committee on Graduate Education: The Ethics of Graduate Education in the 21st Century Academy ... 345

Caucus Environment and Culture: Crude Production, Hidden Miseries: Reimagining Global Oil's Commodity Life Cycle ... 346

K–16 Collaboration Committee: Radical Partnerships: Building Sustainable Academic, Activist and Community Collaborations ... 347

The Tragedy and Resistance of Labor: Race, Technology and Revolutionary Imaginaries ... 348

Non-Aligned: Global Dispossession and Solidarity 60 Years after Bandung ... 349

The Pleasures and Perils of the Open Road ... 350

Freedom from Violence: Resistance as Imperative and Question ... 351

Collateral Damage in the Family ... 352

Contagion and Containment: Epidemiological Surveillance and Biomedical Misery in Contemporary Transnational Cultures ... 353

Narratives of Colonial Loss and Ways of Resistance in Hawai'i ... 354

Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies: Globalizing Sexuality in the Queer Studies Curriculum ... 355

The Black Radical Biography: Repression, Pain and Resistance ... 356

The Ne(ur)oliberal Subject: Doing American Studies in the Age of Brain Science ... 357

Just Deserters: Allegiance and American Desertion ... 358

Entanglements of Pathologization and Criminalization ... 359

The Politics of Black Cultural (Re)Production ... 360

The Misery Index: Sites of Resistance and Revitalization in Southeast Asia ... 361

The Sense and Scale of Asian Misery ... 362

Millenial Black Urban: Living for the City ... 363

Entrepreneurial Miseries: Neoliberalism and the (Trans)Formation of White Masculinity ... 364

Business Meeting: All Committee Chairs ... 365

5:00 pm

Business Meeting: Digital Humanities Caucus ... 366

Reception: 25th Anniversary of the UCSD Ethnic Studies Department

6:00 pm

Film Screening: In His Own Home (30 minutes) ... 367

Digital Humanities Caucus: Digital Humanities Mentoring ... 368

Reception: University of Michigan ... 369

7:30 pm


Boodle Fight: Competitive Eating, Toronto's Foodways, and the Philippine Diaspora ... 371

8:00 pm

To Keep from Crying: Aamer Rahman Stand-Up ... 372


8:00 am

AIDS and its Aesthetic, Cultural, and Legal Afterlives ... 373

Miserable on Main Street ... 374

Misery Loves Company: Reimagining Disability/Transgender ... 375

On Black Lives Matter ... 376

Misery Machines: An Investigation into Therapeutic and Affective Technologies ... 377

Theorizing Settler Societies ... 378

Pedagogical Resistance to "Paradigms of the Obvious" ... 379

Queer and Feminist Forms: Aesthetics Practices of Affiliation and Disidentification ... 380

The Death Panel ... 381

Regimes of Health and Medicine ... 382

Reproduction, Reconstruction, and Dispossession ... 383

Senses of Exile: Perception and the Afterlives of Slavery in the Americas ... 384

Resistance and Consent ... 385

School Daze ... 386

Sentimental Modes: The Historical Deployment of Misery in Visual Culture ... 387

Soundings in African American Studies ... 388

9:30 am

Business Meeting: Students' Committee ... 389

9:45 am

Jane's Walk Tour Check-In ... 390

10:00 am

Immaterialism, Repetition, and Disability: Medical Counter-Narratives as Sites of Resistance and Recovery ... 391

Miserable in its Own Way? Disasters, Solidarity and Resistance ... 392

Misery Loves Company: Ruins, Risk, and Creative Contingencies ... 393

Radical Midwest: Resistance, Racial Justice, and Sexuality in De/Industrial America ... 394

Miseries and Commiseration in the Mix ... 395

Comprehending Trauma ... 396

North of Misery: Migration, Affect, and Action ... 397

Re-Alignments and Resistance: Queer Migration Interventions into State-Sanctioned Misery ... 398

Radical Organizing and Imperial Contradictions Across the Pacific ... 399

Critical Latino Indigeneities: Transborder Cultures, Mobility, and Movements ... 400

Woe Is Me? Resisting Misery in Politically Engaged South Asian Diasporic Art and Literature ... 401

Sad Children: Social Misery in the Real and Imagined Spaces of Childhood ... 402

Resisting Misery and Remembering Resistance: Race, Genocidal Carcerality and Social Movement Histories in California ... 403

Resisting Whiteness: Queering Race, Disability, and Gender in the U.S. since 1900 ... 404

Writing Wrongs ... 405

Slavery, Miseries, and Recuperations ... 406

12:00 pm

Chronicity and Contagion: Reimagining Queer-Crip Biosociality ... 407

Miserable Systems: Affect, Materiality, and Resistance in Intermediated Networks ... 408

Misery as Muse: Reifications, Appropriations, and Transformations of Black Suffering in Jazz ... 409

Oh, the (In)humanity: Biopolitics, Misery, and the Limits of the Human ... 410

Talking Back or Suffering in Silence: Female Misery and the Resistance of Voice ... 411

Food at Every Speed ... 412

Not Funny, Not Fun: Unlaughter, Anti-Jokes, and the Empire's Others ... 413

Regional Chapters Committee: A Discussion with ASA Regional Student Award Winners ... 414

Re-making Institutions for Resistance: The Present and Future of the Public Intellectual ... 415

War and Sacrifice ... 416

Writing Black Lives: Misery, Resistance and Resilience ... 417

Scenes of Crime in the Landscape of Urban Redevelopment ... 418

Representing Misery without Civil Society ... 419

Risen From the Ashes: Speculative Fiction at the End of the World ... 420

Sexual Dissidents and the Perverse Appeal of Marriage ... 421

Slavery: Agency, Respectability, and the Material ... 422

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