This is a snapshot of the program as it existed on October 1, 2017. The most up-to-date version of the program can be found online at Please note that Session Numbers (not page numbers) are shown below.


2:00 pm

Business Meeting: American Quarterly Managing Editors ... 001


8:00 am

Who Is You? Critically Discussing Black Southern Intimacy in Queen Sugar and Moonlight ... 002

Dissent of the (Un)disciplines ... 003

Genres of Dissent: Dystopian Fiction, Beat Poetry, Prison Writing, Comics ... 004

Can the University Teach Dissent? ... 005

Parables of Dissent: Resistance in the Work of Octavia Butler ... 006

Stories of Dissent: Rereading #Ferguson ... 007

Spaces of Dissent ... 008

It is Difficult Not to Write: Satire and Dissent ... 009

Testing the Boundaries of the Visual Archive: Methodologies, Theories, Interpretations ... 010

Circuits of Resistance in the Palestinian Transnational Experience ... 011

Flesh and Blood Stories: Talking Heads, Testifying Bodies ... 012

Constructing Counterpublics ... 013

Dissent in Motion: Race, Space, and Place ... 014

Styling the Latina/o Body Politic: Club Kids, Goth Scenes, and Snarky Fat Feminists. ... 015

Choreographies of Dissent in Defining American Dance ... 016

Running the Course of Dissent: A Dialogue on Pedagogy, Politics, and Ethics ... 017

Enticing Infestations: Animal Encounters and Contested Belonging in American Literature and Visual Media ... 018

WTF Rural America? Geography. Culpability. Trump. ... 019

The Imperial Dynamics of Counterinsurgency Warfare ... 020

Business Meeting: Council ... 021

Grammars of Capture: Slavery and the Pedagogical Impulse ... 022

Sensing Otherwise: Dis-sent and Synaesthesia ... 023

Fugitive Impulses: Thinking, Teaching, and Living Fugitivity ... 024

Constructing the Graduate Student Teacher-Activist: Pedagogies, Research, and Institutional Climate ... 025

Contextualizing Pedagogies of Dissent: Experiences Across Institutional Settings ... 026

10:00 am

Gestures of Dissent ... 027

Educating Figures, Figures of Education? ... 028

Black and Latinx Musical Resistances ... 029

Impossible Possibilities and Dissenting Narratives of Slavery ... 030

Poetics of Dissent from the Antebellum Era to the Present ... 031

Program and Site Resources Committees: Public Art and Activism in U.S. Cities ... 032

Reinventing the Black Literary ... 033

Activating Dissent/Descent: Epistemologies of the Fantastic ... 034

Designing Dissent: A Roundtable on Design Pedagogy and the Culture of Resistance ... 035

Boycotting Settler Colonial Exceptionalism/Refusing Pedagogies of Settler Irresponsibility ... 036

Mediated Bodies, Performative Possibilities ... 037

Anchors Along the Climb: Developing Resources for Asian Americans and Asian American Studies ... 038

On the Worldliness of HIV/AIDS ... 039

The (Im)Morality of Affluence ... 040

The Politics and Racial Aesthetics of Public Space ... 041

Critical Prison Studies Caucus—Beth Richie's Pedagogy of Dissent: Scholarship and Activism Towards a World Without Violence ... 042

Engage the Contradictions! Contested American Studies Teaching and Pedagogy ... 043

Climates of Dissent: Media Ecologies as Oppositional Pedagogy ... 044

Queer Hemisphere: Keywords Lost in Translation ... 045

Censorship Unlimited ... 046

Embodying Dissent: Transgressive Genealogies of Afro-Diasporan Dance ... 047

Lessons of War ... 048

Boundary Work: Subverting Normative Pedagogies of the National Body ... 049

Distance and Dissidence: Revisiting the Politics of Location in the Online Classroom ... 050

Unsettling Early Modern Colonialism as Pedagogy of the Present: The Atlantic, the Americas, and Asia ... 051

11:30 am

Walls of Respect: Chicago Public Art Group Bronzeville Mural Tour ... 052

12:00 pm

Restraining Carcerality: Feminist Responses to Migrant Encounters with Criminal (In)Justice ... 053

Dissident Labor ... 054

Queer Relationality: Of Time and Intimacy ... 055

Locating Dissent: Place(s) of Resistance and Contestation in the Nineteenth Century ... 056

Radical Imaginations and the Recursion of 1970s–1990s Feminist and Queer of Color Literary and Visual Cultures in the Present ... 057

Program Committee: Technologies of Dissent: A Workshop on Organized Resistance in the Digital Age ... 058

Telling Tales: Of Figures and Dis/figuration ... 059

The Rest of Native America ... 060

Pedagogical + Performative: 21st c. Cultural Reenactments of Institutional Critique, Decolonizing Methods, and Trans/national Histories ... 061

Defying Erasure: Imagining a Palestinian Future ... 062

Feminist Ways of Seeing ... 063

Digital Dissent ... 064

Pedagogies of (Resistance to) Neoliberalism ... 065

Re-Making the Child: Queer Pedagogies of Violence and Futurity ... 066

Dissenting from Diagnosis: Embodiment and Visual Culture ... 067

Power and Authority in the Era of Trump: A Roundtable on the New American Empire ... 068

Luncheon: International Partnerships ... 069

Teaching Difficult "Subjects" in Difficult Times ... 070

Pedagogies of the Anthropocene: Constructing and Disrupting the Human and the Natural Through Public Display ... 071

Queer of Color Critique in Transnational Dialogue: Complicating U.S. Queer Politics, Taking on Empire ... 072

Dressing up the Message: Producing and Consuming Embodied Politics ... 073

Early American Pedagogies of Agency, Resistance, and Respectability ... 074

Guilty Pleasures, Little Treasures: Towards a Pedagogy of Shameful Desires ... 075

Pedagogies of Performance: Dissent and Its Limits in Sex-Segregated Women's Sports ... 076

Teaching Community: A Roundtable from Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy ... 077

Dissenting Races. Italian Americans, African Americans, and the Browning of the Cultural Canon ... 078

2:00 pm

Criminalized Development: Deconstructing Notions of Youth and Racial Criminalization in the United States ... 079

Aesthetics in/and African American Cultural Formations ... 080

Queer Depths ... 081

Militarism, Media, Violence ... 082

Disrupting DH, Dissident DH ... 083

Program Committee Teach-in: Sexual Assault on College Campuses ... 084

New Directions in Arab American Studies: How We Read Now ... 085

Resistance is Ongoing: Projects in Indigenous Resurgence ... 086

Creative Pedagogies: Storytelling as Revolutionary Practice ... 087

Crossover Moves: Sports Culture as a Contact Zone between Academia and Popular Discourse ... 088

Assignments for Change: Four Case Studies in C/Overt Dissent in American Studies ... 089

International Committee Talkshop I: Whose Protest Is It Anyway? Transnational Performances, Practices, and Responsibilities of Dissent ... 090

Pedagogies of Militarism ... 091

Mapping Childhood ... 092

Beyond Interdisciplinary Pedagogy: Experimentalism as Dissenting Pedagogy ... 093

Dissent, Jewishness, and Teaching Israel/Palestine in the American Academy ... 094

Decolonizing the Academy: Pipeline Programs and the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion for American Studies ... 095

Energy Pedagogies ... 096

Geopolitics of Dissent ... 097

Ecologies of Dissent: Development, Land Rights, Heritage and Food Security ... 098

Business Meeting: Early American Matters Caucus ... 099

The Colonial Fantasy of American Futurities ... 100

The Explanation Never Quite Fits the Sight: Unlearning Normative Discourses of Identity Formations ... 101

Reading / Writing / Dissenting: Gender and Print Culture in Post-World-War II America ... 102

The Pedagogical Potential and Perils of "Community-Engaged" Learning ... 103

Loopholes, Sanctuaries, and Silences: Pedagogical Media Economies from the 19th Century to Today ... 104

3:30 pm

Walking Tour of Argyle Street (one-hour tour) ... 105

Business Meeting: Regional Chapters Committee ... 106

4:00 pm

Afro-pessimism and Praxis: A Roundtable on Revolution ... 107

Education Must Not Simply Teach Work—It Must Teach Life: Teachings of W.E.B. Du Bois ... 108

Citizenship, Extraction, Real Estate, Waste and Work: Situating Police and Prison Power in the Patterns of Racial Capitalism ... 109

Structures of Un/Freedom and Forms of Dissent ... 110

Beyond Intersectionality: Teaching Anti-Racist and Anti-Capitalist Feminism ... 111

Activist Archives and Digital Pedagogy ... 112

Turning Over the Land: Local Plots, Global Policies ... 113

Unruly Currents: Embodiment, Memory, and the Politics of Transpacific Dissent ... 114

Alternative Views: Photography, Self-Representation and Fact in Contemporary American Art and Culture ... 115

Queer and Feminist Dissents: Locating Pedagogies of Refusal in Iranian and Arab Cultural Production ... 116

ASA-JAAS Project Advisory Committee: Trouble in the Archives: History, Narrative, and the Politics of Resistance ... 117

Transnational Public Pedagogies of Immigration: Race, Gender, Coloniality, and Media ... 118

Troubling White Nationalism and Whiteness ... 119

Teaching Truth to Power: Race, Activism, Education ... 120

Oppositional Knowledge Production and Aesthetics of Dissent ... 121

Business Meeting: Digital Humanities Caucus ... 122

Presidential Session: Pedagogy and Dissent in Contemporary Higher Education ... 123

Committee on Graduate Educaton: Training the Precariat ... 124

Visual Culture Caucus: Visual Dissents: Political Action and Commerce in the Public Eye ... 125

Beyond Diaspora: Roundtable on Diaspora as Pedagogy, Theory, & Method for Minoritarian Studies ... 126

Unlearning Economic Rationality: Financial Pedagogy and Dissent ... 127

Business Meeting: Nominating Committee ... 128

Sounds of Dissent and Solidarity in Africa and the Americas ... 129

Race, Gender, and the Politics of Housing, Lending, and Debt ... 130

Pedagogies of War ... 131

Rethinking History and Methods in the American Studies Classroom ... 132

Intermediary Interlocutors: Unknowing Race and Sexuality in the Long 19th Century's Archives ... 133

5:00 pm

The Secret Life of Indigenous Archives ... 134

6:00 pm

Presidential Session: The Dissent Mixtape ... 135

7:00 pm

Welcome Reception/Celebration of Authors/Exhibit Open ... 136

8:00 pm

Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Film Panel) ... 137


7:30 am

Students Committee Breakfast Forum I: Lightning Shorts: On Projects in Progress ... 138

8:00 am

Breakfast: Program and Center Directors Networking ... 139

Mentoring Breakfast: Material Culture Caucus, with the Visual Culture Caucus

Black Death: Past & Present ... 140

Memories of War: Undergraduate Student Research and Oral History ... 141

A Diversity Taboo ... 142

Colored Conventions in the Nineteenth Century and the Digital Age ... 143

Program Committee Teach-In: Standing Rock in Real Time ... 144

Listening to Sonic Pedagogies of Dissent through Chicana/ Mexicana Music and Community Radio ... 145

Sports Studies Caucus: Book Publishing in Sports Studies ... 146

Program Committee: Performances of Dissent ... 147

Carceral Interventions: Youth, Education, and Carcerality ... 148

Poet, Librarian, Teacher: Audre Lorde's Ethics of Knowing ... 149

Graphic Displays of Race and Agency ... 150

Liner Notes on Soundscapes of Memory ... 151

The Transnational Textbook: American Studies at Home and Abroad ... 152

Child Pedagogues of Dissent: Reading the Lessons of Young People in Literature and Performance ... 153

Audio-Visual Pedagogies of Decline ... 154

Policing Religions: Secularism, Race, and Governance ... 155

Teaching Visual Histories of Oppression and Resistance in the Era of Post-Truth ... 156

Latinx Reproduction in the Age of Trump: Pedagogies of Resistance ... 157

Towards a Pedagogy of Black Disorder ... 158

Divas and Dissent ... 159

Aesthetics of Dissent in Black Art and Performance ... 160

Dissenting Rights ... 161

Rewriting the World: Invoking Histories of Resistance and Radicalism in Performance Scholarship ... 162

Praying for a Wind: A Conversation on the Muslim Left ... 163

Business Meeting: American Quarterly Board of Advisory Editors

9:00 am

Committee on Departments, Programs, and Centers: How to be An Effective Chair/Director: What No One Teaches You ... 164

10:00 am

Hip-Hop Pedagogies ... 165

Elemental Excavations: Racial Matterings in Asian American Cultural Production ... 166

Resisting Pedagogy: Critical Perspectives on Disability in U.S. University Teaching ... 167

Digital Humanities Caucus: Sustaining Dissent in the Digital Humanities ... 168

Who Tells Your Story? The Public Pedagogy of Hamilton: An American Musical ... 169

Indigenous and Chicana@ Pedagogies of Dissent in the Era of Civility ... 170

Sports Studies Caucus: Sport and the Pedagogies of Race and Gender in the Post-Civil Rights Era ... 171

Avery F. Gordon's The Hawthorn Archive: Letters from the Utopian Margins: A Roundtable ... 172

Learning from Dissent: Refusal and Radical Praxis Against Carceral Pedagogies ... 173

Artifacts of Dissent: Comics and Emotions in Dark Times ... 174

Decolonial Pedagogies: From the Reservation to the Street ... 175

On the Responsibility to Truth ... 176

American Studies Journal: Special Issue Roundtable: Speaking Up to Make a Difference: Testimonio and Oral Tradition in Latinx Social Justice Issues ... 177

Students Committee: International Networking: A How To Guide for Graduate Students ... 178

Academic and Community Activism Caucus Open Meeting ... 179

Program Committee: Breaking the ICE: Undocumented & International Students on Campus ... 180

The Visual Ecologies of American Urban Experience ... 181

Radical Self-Love as Decolonial Education ... 182

Combahee and Her Daughters: Black/Queer/Feminist/Women's Practices of Survival and Resistance ... 183

Regional Chapters Committee: A Discussion with ASA Regional Student Award Winners ... 184

Business Meeting: Committee on Graduate Education ... 185

Science, Technology, and Medicine Caucus: Passing the Personality Test: Dissent and the Therapeutic Subject ... 186

Decolonial Bewilderment ... 187

Black Pedagogies, Performance, and the Archive ... 188

Proximities of Dissent: Native American and Indigenous Protest Across Time and Place ... 189

Pedagogies Against Right-Wing Ideologies: Strategies in an Era of Trump, Modi, and Duterte ... 190

Pedagogies of Crossing: Hemispheric Performance and Dissenting Bodies ... 191

Business Meeting: Science, Technology and Medicine Caucus

12:00 pm

Untimely Objects: Feminism and/in/eclipsed by the ASA ... 192

Pedagogy in (and of) the Museum ... 193

Rethinking Japanese American Internment: Pedagogies of Settler Colonialism, Religious Liberalism, and Political Accommodation ... 194

Dissenting and Perverse: Queer Pedagogies ... 195

Digital Humanities Caucus: Toward a Critically Engaged Digital Practice: Scholarly Digital Publishing in American Studies ... 196

Presidential Session: Chicago Latinidades ... 197

Creative Dissent Pedagogies: Visual Arts, Film, and Performance as Spaces of Oppositional Pedagogies ... 198

Sports Studies Caucus: #BlackGirlMagic in Sport: Visual and Literary Representations of Black Girls and Women ... 199

Program Committee: What a Little Moonlight Can Do: Race, Poverty, and Sexuality in the Age of Dissent ... 200

Teaching (Alternative) Futurity and the Archives of Tomorrow: Educational Strategies of Dissent in Museums ... 201

Roundtable: Crossing Coalition and Vulnerability as Pedagogical Practice ... 202

Carceral Non/Personhoods ... 203

Policing Dissent, Producing Borders ... 204

Decolonial Pedagogies of a Guidebook: The Detours Project ... 205

Graduate Education Committee: Perfecting Your Pitch: Graduate Student Professionalization with the Pros ... 206

Fighting Erasure: African Americans' Corrective Visions ... 207

Southern Metrics of Dissent: A Transdisciplinary Analysis of Black and Brown Resistance, Coalitions, and Justice in the Shadow of the Civil Rights Movement in the Deep South ... 208

Dissenting from Liberal Orthodoxies: A Roundtable Conversation on Hidden Violences and Unexpected Forms of Resistance ... 209

Oppositional Pedagogies: Communities of Color Confront Medical, Legal, and Public Health Discourses ... 210

Business Meeting: Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies ... 211

Business Meeting: Arab American Studies Association Board ... 212

The Black Public Sphere as Engine of Dissent ... 213

Trafficking Theory, Migrating Method, and Cross-Disciplinary Pedagogy: Sex Trafficking and Queer Migration Scholars in Conversation ... 214

Black Protest, Black Pedagogies: The Continued Role of Resistance in Black Studies ... 215

United States Gun Culture and the Performance of Sovereignty ... 216

Creating Legacies of Interventionist Pedagogy: Sites of Inquiry, Modes of Action ... 217

Minority Cultural Production and the Ethics of Pedagogies of Dissent ... 218

1:00 pm

Business Meeting: 2018 Program Committee ... 219

1:30 pm

Business Meeting: Arab American Studies Association Members ... 220

2:00 pm

Minority Scholars' Committee: Experiences Navigating Impostor Syndrome and Inequity in the Academy ... 221

Im/Material Knowledge: Ghosts, Sounds, Passages ... 222

Asian North American Studies and the Environment ... 223

Dissenting Archives ... 224

Transgressive Borders: Scholarship Meets Teaching in the Digital Humanities ... 225

Presidential Session: The Blues Epistemology: Clyde Adrian Woods's Pedagogy of Dissent I & II ... 226

Political Prowess in Ana Castillo's Chicanx Literature of Dissent ... 227

Tour: Museum of Contemporary Art (Sold Out) ... 228

Wrecklessly Raunchy: On Aesthetics, Relationship, and Pleasure in Practicing Research with Black and Latina Girls ... 229

Moonlight and Dissent in Black and Blue ... 230

Abolition Dissensus: On the Tensions of Dismantling Walls and Ending Policing ... 231

Post-11/9 Pedagogical Pause: How Now Must We Teach? ... 232

International Committee Talkshop II: Pedagogies of Dissent in A Global Context ... 233

Protest in Practice: Food, Bodies, Materialities ... 234

Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies and Minority Scholars' Committee: Pedagogies of Sanctuary ... 235

Students Committee: Radical Teaching/Teaching from a Radical Perspective ... 236

Re/presenting the Archive of Black Experience: Photography and Race ... 237

Un/Learning: Latinx Praxes ... 238

The Ignorant Schoolroom ... 239

Toxic Memories: Ecologies, Bodies, and Dissent in the Aftermath of the Vietnam and Gulf Wars ... 240

Educational Justice: Black Women Educators as Intellectuals and Theorists ... 241

Queer Pedagogies of Dissent in the Age of Empire, Homonationalism and Social Protest ... 242

The AACM: Musical Dissent and Pedagogies of Possibility ... 243

U.S. Militarism in the Pacific Islands: Settler Colonialism, Differentiated Sovereignty, and Indigenous Epistemologies of Land ... 244

Dissenting Documents: A Roundtable on Teaching with Special Collections ... 245

Pedagogies and Performance: The Body as a Site of Knowing ... 246

Business Meeting of the Sports Studies Caucus

4:00 pm

American Studies Now: Critical Histories of the Present ... 247

Blackness and Fugitive Pedagogy in the U.S. South ... 248

ASA-JAAS Project Advisory Committee: Pedagogy and the Archive of Japanese American Studies ... 249

Learning Intersectionality: Race and Homosexuality in 20th Century Social Movements ... 250

Dissenting Audiences: Networked Pedagogies of Race, Gender, and Labor in Digital Media ... 251

Topographies of Dissent in Chicanx/Latinx Science Fiction ... 252

Transnational Feminism and Cautionary Tales of American Social Reform ... 253

Black Ecologies of Dissent ... 254

Policing and Incarceration as Elements of Domestic and Imperial Development ... 255

The Work that Makes All Other Work Possible: The Pedagogies and Solidarities of Care Work ... 256

A Pale Vision of a Violent Past? Teaching about American Lynching with Technology in the Undergraduate Classroom ... 257

The Everywhereness of Women of Color Thought ... 258

Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies: Get Your People: Activism in/and Scholarship ... 259

Students' Committee: Organizing for Social Justice in the Classroom ... 260

Business Meeting: Critical Disability Studies Caucus ... 261

Passing Strange: New Ways of Seeing and Believing Racial Dissent ... 262

Unity in Dissent: Afro-Asian Intimacies ... 263

Against Nationalism: Children's Literature and Pedagogies of Resistance ... 264

What Can a Virus Teach Us? Safe Sex Education, Embodiment, and Histories of Dissent ... 265

American Quarterly: Workshop on AQ Review and Editorial Process ... 267

Mad/Queer Pedagogies of Dissent ... 268

Pan-African Networks and Popular Education: Black-Led Study and Solidarity Across Continents ... 269

Strategic Poetic Opacity: Violence and Relationality in Multiracial Movements ... 270

Film Screening: Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart: Lorraine Hansberry ... 271

Transnational Racialization and Sports in Cultural Production ... 272

Reception: Mid-America American Studies Association and American Studies Journal

5:00 pm

Connect Chicago: Resistance Movements meet Insurgent Scholarship/ A Conversation and Celebration of Movement-based Scholarship, Activism, and Performance ... 273

Reception: Early American Matters Caucus, Environment and Culture Caucus, and Southern American Studies Association ... 274

Reception: Notre Dame American Studies Department ... 275

Reception: University of Southern California ... 276

Reception: Material Culture Caucus/Visual Culture Caucus at SAIC ... 277

ASA Students' Committee Graduate Student Mixer ... 278

6:00 pm

Reception: Lifetime Members ... 279

Book Launch and Celebration of Clyde Woods

7:00 pm

Annual Awards Ceremony ... 280

8:00 pm

Presidential Address: Pedagogies of Dissent ... 281

9:30 pm

Reception: President's ... 282


7:30 am

Mentoring Breakfast: Environment and Culture Caucus ... 283

Students Committee Breakfast Forum II: Mock Job Interview ... 284

Breakfast: Boston University American & New England Studies Program ... 285

8:00 am

Administering Difference: Identity-Based Disciplines in the Precarious Academy ... 286

Satire, Seniors, and Sexualities: Fomenting Dissent in Twenty-first Century Representations of Blackness. ... 287

Marxism Caucus: Marxism and Anti/Colonialism in the American (Studies) Century ... 288

Margaret Fuller's Politics of Dissent ... 289

Academic and Community Activism Caucus: Other Fights Like These ... 290

Youth in Resistance: Pedagogies from Below ... 291

Circuits of Graphic Protest ... 292

Activist Histories and the Literatures of Indigenous Education ... 293

Dissenting Sciences: Objectivity, Feminist/Trans Science Studies, and the Multiethnic Resistance ... 294

Activist Pedagogies: Thinking Beyond Solidarity and Allyship ... 295

Black Maternal Fugitivity: The Social Life of Dissent ... 296

The Place of Learning in Pedagogies of Dissent ... 297

Material Culture Caucus: Empathy as Pedagogy: The Possibilities and Perils of Understanding Dissent Through Objects ... 298

Dissonance & Dissensus ... 299

Shades of Solidarity ... 300

Mentoring Breakfast: Minority Scholars ... 301

Pedagogies and Praxis: Documenting Dissent with Special Collections ... 302

Broadcasting Dissent: Media Activism and Historical Representation in 1970s America ... 303

Dissent Horizons: The Consequences of Ambivalence for Arab and Muslim Americans ... 304

Uncivil Dialogue: Contesting the News Archive from the Margins ... 305

Queer Temporalities, Nostalgic Places and Critical Futurities ... 306

Learning the Radical Past: Left Studies, Disciplinarity, and Dissent ... 307

Technologies of Dissent: Aesthetic and Performance Practices with/against the (Settler-Colonial) State ... 308

Teaching for Change, not Charity: Experiential Learning and the Neoliberal University ... 309

Dis/Embodied Pedagogies Workshop ... 310

10:00 am

Committee on American Studies Departments, Centers, and Programs: Who is American Studies? A Roundtable for Faculty in Interdisciplinary Programs ... 311

Dialoguing Physics and Blackness ... 312

Marxism Caucus: Afterlives of the Russian Revolution ... 313

Forming and Deforming: Affect and the Subject of Early America ... 314

Spaces of Learning and Unlearning: Physical, Digital, Social ... 315

Program and K-16 Collaborative Committee: Troubling Schools+Prisons: A Troublemakers Teach-in ... 316

Black Women's Poetic and Literary Interventions ... 317

Critical Reflections on Jaskiran Dhillon's Prairie Rising: Indigenous Youth, Decolonization, and the Politics of Intervention ... 318

Academic and Community Activism Caucus: Gay Shame: Is There Room for Direct Action Divas? ... 319

Ethnography Caucus: Ethnography in the Age of Trump I ... 320

Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: Public Pedagogies, Campus Activism, and State Violence ... 321

Beyond Childhood: Teaching with Bikes, Bubblegum Cards, and Toys ... 322

Race, Environmental Justice, and Public Lands ... 323

Transpacific Critique and the Future of Asian Diaspora Studies: A Roundtable on Lisa Yoneyama's Cold War Ruins ... 324

Program and Site Resource Committee: Rights, Activism, and Beauty: A Performance-based Workshop ... 325

Business Meeting: Visual Culture Caucus ... 326

Aging as Dissidence: Puerto Rican Politics of Desire ... 327

American Quarterly Special Issue: The Chinese Factor ... 328

Arab American Studies Association: Dissenting Pedagogies: Teaching in an Age of Islamophobia ... 329

Field Stories: An Ethnographic Roundtable ... 330

International Committee Open Forum for ASA Members ... 331

Language Training, Global Studies, and Pedagogies of Control and Dissent ... 332

Who is an "American Radical"? ... 333

Representing the New: Aesthetics of Resistance and Possibility in the Post-Soul Era ... 334

Tumblr and Its Pedagogies of Dissent ... 335

Dangerous Lessons: Popular Spectacles of Racialized Violence ... 336

11:00 am

Business Meeting: Material Culture Caucus ... 337

Brunch: Gender and Sexuality Studies Networking ... 338

12:00 pm

Business Meeting of the Marxism Caucus

Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: Anti-Colonial Curriculum Design and Teaching: The Standing Rock Syllabus and the New York City Stands With Standing Rock Collective ... 339

Beyond the Welfare Queen: Blackness, Femininity, and State Power ... 340

Critical Prison Studies Caucus: Abolitionist Feminisms ... 341

Colloquy with Dana Nelson on Reading the Politics of Participation in the Early U.S. and in the Age of Trump ... 342

Digital Humanities Caucus: Digital Shorts ... 343

Site and Program Committee Sponsored: We Who Believe in Freedom: Organizing for Black Liberation This Time (featuring BYP100) ... 344

Demanding Change, Changing Demands: Pedagogies of Social Movements ... 345

Teaching Environmental Justice at the Intersections of Activist Practices and Critical Analysis ... 346

Critical Disability Studies Caucus: Critical Disability Pedagogy ... 347

Ethnography Caucus: Ethnography in the Age of Trump II ... 348

Sound Studies Caucus: Ear Training: Hearing Race and Sound in the American Archive ... 349

K-16 Collaboration Committee: Education in the Time of Trump: Race, Class, Gender, & Redefining Safety, Sanctuary, and the Public ... 350

Material Culture Caucus: Materializing Dissent: Nat Turner's Relics, McKinley's Glass Bowl, Antinuclear Activists' Everyday Stuff, and Pussyhat Politics ... 351

Moving Bodies Towards Wonder: Asian American Aesthetics from Anger to Action ... 352

Fail Epics: Asian American Subjectivity and the Cultural Politics of Lack ... 353

Program Committee Teach-in: Educators Unite! ... 354

Cultural Production and the Neoliberal State: Pleasures & Dangers of Dissent in the US-Caribbean World ... 355

Creative Dissent: Radical Pedagogies in Twentieth Century Grassroots Movements ... 356

Arab American Studies Association: Grounded but Unsettled Solidarities: Exploring Strategically Mobile Resistances to US Militarism and Empire ... 357

Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going? Understanding the Rise of Trumpism, the Alt-Right, and Developing Strategies of Dissent ... 358

Business Meeting: International Committee ... 359

Business Meeting and Lunch: ASA-JAAS Project ... 360

Knowledge and Dissent in the Age of Metrics ... 361

Nina Simone: Politics, Poetry, Pedagogy ... 362

Resistance Aesthetics: Responses to Displacement from the circum-Caribbean to the circum-Pacific ... 363

The Pedagogies of Oprah ... 364

The Problem of Whiteness ... 365

1:00 pm

Business Meeting: Great Lakes ASA ... 366

2:00 pm

Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: QTBIPoC/Asian Diasporic Pedagogies of Dissident Care, Healing, and Survival ... 367

No Black Liberation without Indigenous Sovereignty": Intersections of Blackness and Indigeneity in Culture, Education and Society ... 368

Critical Prison Studies-Critical Disability Studies Caucus: Carceral Humanisms ... 369

Histories of Sexuality in the Wake of the Postsecular Turn ... 370

Will the Internet Save or Destroy Us? A Dialogue with Critical Race Digital Scholars ... 371

Artist-in-Residence: The Albany Park Theatre Project ... 372

Remembering the 1960s ... 373

Temporalities of Dissent: Indigenous Times and Their Political Lessons ... 374

Academic and Community Activism Caucus: Palestine, Zionism, BDS: Pedagogies of Dissent and Resistance in the Trump Era ... 375

Refusing Settler Colonial Pedagogies of Place ... 376

Sound Studies Caucus: Wall of Muted Sound: Sonic Histories of Silences and Speaking Out ... 377

International Committee Talkshop III: Global Publications in the Context of Dissent ... 378

Material Culture Caucus: Material Culture Pedagogy Across the Curriculum ... 379

Voices of Dissent: Trans-Pacific and Hemispheric Approaches to Teaching Race, Violence, Histories, and Identities ... 380

Faithwork, Fieldwork, Network ... 381

Business Meeting: Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus ... 382

Diabetes and Latinidades: Cultural Production in a Health Crisis ... 383

Roundtable Discussion: "Media Literacy" in the Time of Alternative Facts ... 384

Arab American Studies Association: Sanctuary and its Radical Futures: Sanctuary Movements in the Framework of Joint Struggle ... 385

Is Dissent Secular? Religion, Disruption, and the Liberal State ... 386

Business Meeting: Environment and Culture Caucus ... 387

Archipelagic Assemblages, Colonial Entanglements: Rethinking American Studies ... 388

Rethinking Lorraine Hansberry: New Work on Her Writing and Her Legacy in the 21st Century ... 389

Technologies of State Power, Technologies of Dissent ... 390

Speculative Pedagogies: Teaching Race and Popular Culture. Teaching Resistance. ... 391

To Find Love in a Hopeless Place: Early Career Women of Color in the Humanities Discuss the Im/Possibilities of Pedagogies of Dissent ... 392

4:00 pm

Graduate Education Committee: Trying Times, Trying Conversations: Engaging the Taboo in Our Classrooms ... 393

Theorizing Blackness ... 394

Schools/Prisons: Genealogies, Pipelines, Circuits ... 395

Interrogating Disability in Early America: Literacies and Pedagogies ... 396

Native Studies in the Digital Age ... 397

Teaching X Before and After Trump ... 398

Sonic Dissent ... 399

Settler Colonialism: A Focus on Latin America ... 400

Counterinsurgency, the Police State, and Spaces of Rebellion ... 401

Minority Scholars Committee: Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: An Anniversary Celebration across Generations, Scholarship, and Disciplines ... 402

Pedagogies of the Sick & Tired: Feminist Bodies in Dissent ... 403

Critical Science Literacy ... 404

Visual Culture Caucus: Envisioning Improvisation: Struggles for Emancipation at the Nexus of the Sonic and the Visual ... 405

Un/spectacular Violence: Micropolitical Pedagogies of Queer, Feminist, and Asian American Dissent ... 406

Trump/Towers: A Roundtable on Teaching 9/11 and the "War on Terror" in Our Moment ... 407

Presidential Session: Keywords of Dissent: Decolonizing 'Anti-semitism' and 'Islamophobia' ... 408

Professing Dissent in 21st Century US Latinx Studies: in the Classroom, at the University, and Beyond. ... 409

Southern Exceptionalism Revisited: Constructing a Myth Through Negotiations and Collaborations ... 410

The Russian Revolution At 100: Lessons, Lineages, and Legacies for Radical Practice Today ... 411

The Non-Profit Industrial Complex as a Pedagogy of Dissent ... 412

Business Meeting: All Committee Chairs ... 413

Pedagogies under Pressure: Making Feminist/Queer/Crip Sense of "Safety" and "Accessibility" ... 415

At 100: Gwendolyn Brooks and the Archive ... 416

Futures Past/Future Perfect: American Studies and its Modes of Historicism ... 417

Violence and Counter-history ... 418

Dissenting Stories: Counter/Narrating Undocumented Immigration ... 419

4:30 pm

Critical Prison Studies Caucus Business Meeting ... 414

5:30 pm

Reception: Yale University in Honor of Jean-Christophe Agnew ... 423

6:00 pm

Reception: New York University

Reception: Jewish Voice for Peace Academic Council ... 421

Business Meeting (Closed) ... 422

Reception: University of Michigan ... 424

Reception: In Celebration of Janice Radway ... 425

8:00 pm

Write, Teach, Resist: Commemorating the Life and Work of Barbara Harlow ... 427


8:00 am

Aided, Inspired, Multiplied: Web 2.0, Collaborative Writing, and Social Reading ... 428

Oceanic Practices of Assent and Dissent in Early American Maritime Manuscripts ... 429

Pedagogy of the Prison: Theorizing and Practicing Prison Education as Dissent ... 430

Against the Tide: Transpacific Imaginaries, Caribbean Counter-Narratives, Pleasure and Politics ... 431

Consent as Dissent in an Age of Co-Option ... 432

Principled Separatists: Representations of Withdrawal and Dissent in American Literature and Culture ... 433

Corporeal Dissent: The Flesh, Clothing & Tattoos ... 434

Lana and Lilly Wachowski's Cinematic Pedagogy of Dissent ... 435

Resisting Erasure: AIDS and Modalities of Dissent ... 436

Worrying the Line: Black Talk/Black Being ... 437

Dissenting Practices: Pedagogical Projects Mobilizing Against State Violence ... 438

I Object: Making the Difference of Minoritarian Dissent Matter ... 439

We Demand: A Special Session for Undergraduate Students ... 440

Geographies of Dissent and Pedagogies of Central American Cultural Studies ... 441

Militarization of Borders, Politics of Aid, and Policing the Refugee Crisis: The Case of Palestinian and Syrian Refugees in Greece after the EU-Turkey Deal ... 442

Non-liberal Dissent in Illiberal Times: Envisioning Practices Outside the Modern Nation-state Framework ... 443

Latinx Speculative Dissent: Lessons on Debt, Power, & Spirituality in Literature ... 444

Post-Soviet Pedagogies of Dissent ... 445

Outsider Pedagogies: Collectivity and Dissent in the North American Classroom ... 446

Human Rights in the Trump Era ... 447

Material Pedagogies of Activism and Dissent: Gender, Sexuality, and the Built Environment ... 448

Science Fiction as Dissent ... 449

8:30 am

Business Meeting: Students' Committee ... 450

10:00 am

Dissonant Bodies: Excess, Discard, and Metabolism in Critical Eating Studies ... 451

Circuits of Knowledge Production: Manuals, Tours, Public History ... 452

System Breakdowns: Teaching, Imagining, and Negotiating Dissent in Everyday Structures of Control ... 453

Post-9/11 Fictions and Reconfigurations ... 454

Dissent and Sensibility: Anticolonial and Antiracist Aesthetic Pedagogies ... 455

Reform in the Progressive Era: A Primer in Dissent ... 456

Visualizing Indigenous, Black & Asian American Dissent ... 457

Dissident Art: Objection, Abjection, and the (Un)Teachable ... 458

Suicidal Pedagogies ... 459

Pedagogies of Black Travel ... 460

From Southern California to the New South: Regional Racial Formations and their Undoing ... 461

Imperial Surplus: Dissent in the Visual and Material Remainders of Power ... 462

Critical Disability Studies Caucus: Vulnerability/Debility/ Disability: Theorizing/Finding New Forms of Dissent ... 463

New Pedagogical Directions in Latino/a TV and Film Studies ... 464

Foreclosing the Future? Diapers, Debt, and Dross ... 465

Presidential Session: Pedagogies of Anti/Fascism ... 466

Kinship in Transit: Transnational Circuits of Gender, Sexuality and Family ... 467

Queers, Laughs, Jabs, and Visitas: Exploring New Directions in Cuban-American Studies ... 468

Three Generations of Funk: Performances of Dissent in Kendrick Lamar, Jessica Care Moore, and Sarah Webster Fabio ... 469

Rethinking Transgender Scholarship: Critical Trans Organizing in Higher Education ... 470

Cultures of Dissent in the U.S. Prison ... 471

Processing, Preparing, and Rationing Food in the 20th Century United States ... 472

Looking Back, Angry and Otherwise: Popular Media, Dissent, and Historiography ... 473

11:30 am

Walking Tour of the Pilsen Neighborhood's Latinx Murals ... 474

12:00 pm

Repositories of Dissent: Unusual Archives of the Anthropocene ... 475

Praxis and Pedagogies of Power ... 476

Theater of Dissent ... 477

Staking Claims: Race, Space, and (Re)Settlement in Minneapolis and Detroit ... 478

Visuality and Violence: Scopic Regimes in the Age of the War on Terror ... 479

Training for Revolution: The 1877 Strikes and the Chicago Idea ... 480

Public Archives of Dissent ... 481

The Matter of Teaching and the Politics of Race: Technology, Markets, Institutions ... 482

Violence, Politics and the Limits of Imagination ... 483

Sensing, Embodying, Creating: Pedagogical Approaches of/to the Civil Rights Movement ... 484

Getting the Joke: Unlaughter, Offense, and (Un)acceptable Humor ... 485

The Charge of Complicity ... 486

Visibility, Visuality, and Incarceration ... 487

New Directions in Television History: Examining the Transnational Histories of Spanish-Language TV ... 488

Learning from Cuba: The Legacy of the Cuban Revolution in the Formation and Development of the US Left ... 489

Performing Transnational Dissent ... 490

Philippine Trans/Nationalism: Dissent and Complicity in Second Generation Filipino America ... 491

Sonic Battleground: Domination and Contestation in the Soundscape of the State ... 492

Pedagogies of Dissent in American Literature: Critical Practices for a Changing World ... 493

Pedagogies of Music, Politics, and Race ... 494

Witnessing Faithfully Our Dissent: On the Intimate Praxis of Emotional Knowing ... 495

Sport, Dissent, and Representation during the 1970s ... 496