This is a snapshot of the program as it existed on October 1, 2018. The most up-to-date version of the program can be found online at Please note that Session Numbers (not page numbers) are shown below. 


6:00 pm

Game Night ... 001


8:00 am

Decolonial Intimacies: Emergent Coalitional Potentialities across 
Latinx and Asian / American Studies ... 002

The Poetics of Crisis: Contexts for Liberation ... 003

Cycles of Emergence ... 004

What about the Human?: Humans, Monsters, Waste ... 005

Representations of Violence ... 006

Emergent Vitalities: Resurgence as Emergence in 
Indigenous Visualities ... 007

Negotiating Work and Family in the Age of a Super Woman: 
Making-it in Academia without Killing Ourselves ... 008

Acts of Black Emergence: Interrupting and Re-Imagining the 
Figure of the State ... 009

Crossing Bodies and Borders in LatinX Literature and Art ... 010

Sonic Discipline and Disruption: Soundwaves as Political Action 
for and against the State ... 011

Between Emergence and Endurance: Racial Formations 
and Mutations ... 013

Gentrification and Development: Place, Power, and Desire ... 015

Speculative Fiction as a Genre of Emergence ... 016

Form's Emergent Privacy: "Gayl Jones's" American Studies Project ... 017

Domestic Empires: Aftermath, Endurance, and Refuge in the 
Militarized City ... 018

Criminalization, Surveillance, and the Carceral State ... 019

Displaced / Out of Place Refugees ... 020

Colonial Interruptions: (Re)mergences, Remains, and Redress 
in Southeast Asian American Diasporic Politics ... 021

The Working Life: Culture, Class, Resilience and the Cards ... 022

Crisis across Asian-Americas: Racial Politics, Migration, and 
Cultural Production in California ... 023

On Public Art ... 024

Times of Crisis, Places of Utopia: The Technoscientific Making 
of United States Futures ... 025

Business Meeting: National Council ... 026

10:00 am

Cultural and Spatial Frameworks of Belonging in the Emergence 
of Liberal, LGBTQ-Friendly, Settler Colonialism ... 027

Emergent Forms of Queer Care ... 028

Affect Theory and Race in the Early Americas ... 029

Comunidades en Resistencia: Indigenous and Latinx Collaboratives 
in the Face of Environmental Degradation ... 030

Emergent States of Race, Emergent Racial States: 
The U.S. Military, Water Law, and Bio-Neglected Citizens ... 031

"Kick, Push": Youth Politics, Empire, and Decolonization ... 032

Intersectional Feminist Futures ... 033

Fifty Years of Black Rage: Anti-Blackness between 
Clinic and Culture ... 034

Latinx Neoliberalism ... 035

No Borders, No Prisons: Emerging from the Settler State 
Deportation Regime ... 036

Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus: Children's Literature 
and Emergent Genealogies of Resistance ... 037

Unsettled Landscapes: Black Sociality as Rupture ... 038

Form and Interface: Architectures of Race, Gender, and Indigeneity ... 039

Du Bois Lately: Emergent Critiques of W. E. B. Du Bois at 150 ... 040

Temporalities of Resistance, Emergence, and Futurity: 
The Afterlives of Death ... 041

Class Contingencies ... 042

Emerging Visualities, Seeing Emergencies Differently ... 043

Biopolitics: Race, Medical Punishment, and Memory ... 044

Racial Capitalism and Natural Resource Extraction ... 045

Refugee Temporalities: Asynchronies of Vietnam War Violence ... 046

(Trans)Internationalism ... 047

States of Emergence: University Capitalism ... 048

Emerging Eco-Subjectivities ... 049

The 500-Year Emergency: Ecological Catastrophe and the 
American Plantation Imaginary ... 050

12:00 pm

International Partnership Luncheon ... 051

Critical Regionalisms and States of Emergence ... 052

Biopolitics: The Body as Property ... 053

States of Nature in 19th-Century Science ... 054

In the Water: Racial Capitalism and Environmental Justice ... 055

Women of Color Resist: Feminist and Queer Strategies ... 056

Gendered Sounds: Women Sing Off-Key ... 057

Right Makes Might?: Christianity, Conservatism, and Nationalism ... 058

Interwar Black International ... 059

U.S. / Central Americans in the Era of Trump ... 060

Technological Emergence / Emergency: Screen Media and the 
Contexts of Carcerality ... 061

Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus: Emerging in Emergency ... 062

On New Cartographies of Racial Capitalism and Black 
Radical Tradition ... 063

Asian-Indigenous Relationalities: Incommensurate Emergencies 
and Relational Emergences ... 064

Ethical Questions in Teaching Afro-Pessimism ... 065

Mediating Emergency: Media's Constructions, Infrastructures, 
and Temporalities of Crisis ... 066

Inheriting Black Studies ... 067

The Gentrified City as Site of Emergence ... 068

Keywords of Emergency ... 069

Violent Exchanges between the Police and the Military 
after World War II ... 070

Unsettling Asian / America: U.S. Citizenship and 
Trans-Pacific Critique ... 071

Spatiality and Transsexuality in American Studies: Sisterhood, 
Space, Place, and Belonging ... 072

Emerging Anti-Fascist Action: Tapping into Traditions and 
Meeting New Fascism ... 073

Ethical Emergency and Posthumanist Emergence ... 074

The Changing Same: Race and the Emergence of 
Post-World War I American Culture ... 075

2:00 pm

International Committee Talkshop I: Transnational Research 
from Emergency to Emerging Projects ... 076

Program Committee: Survival Strategies in the South ... 077

Freedom Summer Collegiate Symposium ... 078

Merciful Failure, Delightful Disasters, and Practices of Hope ... 079

States of Embodiment: Animality, Racialization, and 
Environmental Justice ... 080

Abundant Ecologies, Femme Aesthetics, and Emergent Bodies: Performance in the Age of Ruin ... 081

Cultural and Ecological Geographies of the Urban ... 082

The Gender of Racial Capitalism: Emerging Masculinities / 
Femininities in Making and Unmaking Racialized Poverty ... 083

Unruly Sensings: State Violence, Be / longing, and 
Aesthetics in Motion ... 084

Performing Care, Domestic Labor, and Empire ... 085

Soul's Children: Black Music and the Black Liberation 
Movement, 1970–Present ... 086

The Child as Queer Emergence ... 087

Feminist Emergencies: Engendering Liberal Dependency 
through Crisis ... 088

Infrastructures of Colonialism in North America ... 089

New Joints: Imagining the Music Video ... 090

Emergence and Emergency in Native North America ... 091

Crisis Obscura: Racialized Exceptions and the Biopolitics 
of American Empire ... 092

The State and I: Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Public Space 
and Public Action ... 093

Transoceanic Militarisms: At the Crossroads of Emergency 
and Emergence ... 094

Travel Bans and Border Walls: The Weaponization of Foreignness 
in the State of Racial Emergency ... 095

New Dimensions of Filipino-American Organizing: Emergent 
Radicalisms from the 1970s to the 2010s ... 096

Queering Intimacies of Empire ... 097

An Ordinary State of Carceral Emergency: That's What 
America Means, a Prison ... 098

Transgressing the Transhemispheric South: Unsettling the 
Literary Landscape ... 099

Unconventional Projects for an Unconventional Era: Creative 
and Multimedia Work in and beyond the Classroom ... 100

2:30 pm

Business Meeting: Regional Chapters Committee ... 101

4:00 pm

Program Committee: Everyday Utopias ... 102

Site Resources Committee: We Were Here before DACA, and 
We'll Be Here after DACA: Latina / os in Atlanta and Their 
Quest for Academic Justice in the 21st-Century ... 103

The Ideological Emergency of the Frontier ... 104

Structural and Infrastructural Violence: Environmental Justice 
in a New Frame ... 105

Imagining Otherwise across the Asias: Queer / Feminist Sites 
of Emergence ... 106

Remembering the 1980s through Black and Latinx Performance ... 107

Waiting To Be Heard: The Emergence of the Voices of 
Victims of America's Racial Terror ... 108

Blackness, Race, and Indigeneity in the Pacific ... 109

Monsters, Spirits, and Replicant Others: Crisis, (Re)creation, 
and Endurance in Latinx Borderlands ... 110

Static, Beats, and Chains: Sound Matters in Black (After)Lives ... 111

Ecologies of Black Childhood ... 112

Transnational Feminist Methodologies: Incommensurability, 
Relationality, and Illegibility ... 113

Murderous Feeling: The Form and Content of Retribution 
and Violence in Black and Indigenous Literature ... 114

Performing under Settler Colonial Crisis: Black and 
Indigenous Mobilizing on the Stage, Screen, and Streets ... 115

Mobilizing Indigenous Economies of Abundance against 
Climate Change and Late-Liberal, Settler Colonial Exhaustion ... 116

Archival Justice: Minding the (Human) Gap in Teaching 
and Research ... 117

Emergent Counter-Topographies, Infrastructures, and 
Geneologies of Struggle ... 118

Emerging Carceral State Formations: Prison and Jail Expansion 
in the Rural United States ... 119

Militarism and Capitalism: The Work and Wages of Violence ... 120

In the Aftermath of Disaster: Transcultural Intimacies across 
Geopolitics and the Human / Non-Human Divide ... 121

Sex Negativities: The Discursive and Institutional Life of 
Sexual Violence ... 122

Catastrophes of the Human and Architectures of Emergence ... 123

Against Work: Disability, Labor, and the Crisis of Human Worth ... 124

Trans-Pacific Cold War in Movements: Entanglements of 
Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and China ... 125

Business Meeting: Nominating Committee ... 126

6:00 pm

Business Meeting: ASA's Undergraduate Initiative ... 127

Environment and Culture Caucus: Film Screening: The Land 
Beneath Our Feet ... 128

7:00 pm

Welcome Reception / Celebration of Authors / Exhibit Open ... 129


8:00 am

Business Meeting: American Quarterly Editorial Boards

Committee on Departments, Programs, and Centers: 
Breakfast Forum: Subverting the Hustle: Emergence 
and Transformation within the University Complex ... 130

The Demonic Grounds of Decolonial Performance ... 131

The U.S. War on North Korea ... 132

Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: White Settler States, Emerging Accountability, and Decolonial Provocations ... 133

Conspiracy, Confederacy and Revolt: Scenes from 
Antebellum America ... 134

Body Burdens: Trauma, Toxicity, and the (Re)Production of Harm ... 135

Sports Studies Caucus: Feminist Fan Emergence and Alternative 
Worlds of Sporting Identity ... 136

The Tacky South ... 137

U.S. Political Prisoners and the Emergence of 
Revolutionary Strategies ... 138

Black Futures, Femmes, and Freedom Dreams: 
Visioning Black Life as Liberatory Praxis ... 139

The Emergence of Trump and the Emergency of Trumpism ... 140

Internationalism and Palestine ... 141

The Role of Education and Cultural Exchange in Mitigating 
Crises: Case Studies of Exchanges between the U.S. and China ... 142

Student Activism in the Age of Trump, #MeToo, and 
#BlackLivesMatter: Atlanta Student Activists in Conversation ... 143

Outside the Archive: Feminist and Queer Afro-Asian Formations ... 144

Emergent Tourist Landscapes: Visual and Print Culture at the 
Origins of American Tourism ... 145

In the Flesh: Black and Brown Performance in the Age of Emergence ... 146

Between Nothingness and Infinity: Black Joy, Nihilism, 
and Other Theologies ... 147

Trans* and Queer Embodiments of Sanación: Latinx Territories 
of the Body and the Spiritual ... 148

Animal States: Materiality, Animality, and Desire ... 149

Breakfast Forum: Students' Committee Mock Job Interview ... 150

The Urgency of Aesthetics: Portrayals of Black Women in a 
Time of Emergency ... 151

Subterranean and Tectonic: Strategic Clarifications for the 
Study of Canadian Carceral Expansion ... 152

Philippine-American Intersections and the Emergence of 
Trans-Pacific Studies ... 153

Emerging U.S. Colombianidades ... 154

Black Feminist Poetics, Narratives, and Humor ... 155

Business Meeting: Gender and Sexuality Studies Committee ... 156

Mentoring Breakfast: Children and Youth Studies Caucus ... 157

10:00 am

Committee on Departments, Programs, and Centers: Pedagogies, 
Emergent Capacities and Sustaining the Magic of 
American Studies ... 158

War and Peace Studies Caucus: Local Emergencies, Emergent 
Empires, and Prehistories of the War on Terror ... 159

Transnational Imaginaries of North Korea: Histories, Politics, 
and Cultures ... 160

Contradictory Counter-Discourses: Continuing Complicities 
and Emerging Solidarities ... 161

The Climate of Emergency ... 162

Race and Disability Justice ... 163

Sports Studies Caucus: Rebel Workers and Emergent Forms 
of Labor, Time, and Value in the World of Sport ... 164

The Woke South ... 165

Emerging Keywords for Higher Education: Art, Engagement, 
Inclusion, Safe ... 166

Black in the Archive ... 167

Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: Academic Labor, Austerity, 
and Authoritarianism ... 168

The Emerging Field of Working-Class Studies ... 169

Representing America Abroad: Funding Opportunities for 
American Studies Scholars via the Fulbright Scholar Program ... 170

White Nationalist Roots of Trumpism ... 171

Aesthetic Form and Racial Formation: Reforming a History 
of Race's Emergence ... 172

Program Committee: Christina Sharpe's In the Wake: 
On Blackness and Being ... 173

Presidential Session: Visualizing Revolution: Building the 
Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver Family Archive ... 174

Resistance Cinema: Alternative Histories at Hollywood's 
Margins and Beyond ... 175

Synthesizing an Unruly Field: The Routledge History of 
Queer America ... 176

Monumental Memory ... 177

Students Committee: Emerging Scholars and Publishing 
Your First Book ... 178

Unfit: So-Called Deviant Black Performance in the United States, 
South Africa, and the Caribbean ... 179

Indigenous, Race-Radical, and Transfeminist Responses to 
Mass Criminalization and the Transcarceral Continuum ... 180

The Emergence of African States and the Black 
Transnational Imagination ... 181

On the Possibilities and Limits of Latinx: Towards an 
Indigenous Critique ... 182

Black Moods: Reading African American Arts and Culture Now ... 183

Business Meeting: Academic and Community Activism Caucus ... 184

amSJ Editorial Board Meeting ... 185

Business Meeting: Ethnography Caucus ... 186

12:00 pm

War and Peace Studies Caucus: Global Emergencies, 
U.S. Interventions, and Prehistories of the War on Terror ... 187

Welcome to the Party: Ongoing Urgency in American Indian Studies ... 188

Speaking through the Cracks When Our Community's 
Under Attack: Southwest Asian and North African Feminist 
Ways of Knowing in Crisis, Siege, and Struggle ... 189

Emerging Narratives of Enslaved, Incarcerated, and 
Indentured Youth ... 190

Critical Disability Studies Caucus: Cripping the Study of Science, Technology, and Medicine (co-sponsored by the Science, 
Technology and Medicine Caucus) ... 191

Science, Technology, and Medicine Caucus: The Therapeutic 
Self, Gender, Race, and Well-Being ... 192

International Committee Talkshop II: Transnational Teaching 
from Emergency to Emerging Projects ... 193

Questioning Platform Capitalism ... 194

Black|Queer|Diaspora|Sex: Emergent Approaches to 
Black Queer Sex ... 195

Whiteness of a Different Color: 20 Years Later ... 196

Humanitarianism, Emergency, and the Politics of Religion ... 197

Legacies of 1968: Emergent Transnationalisms and 
Recurrent Crises ... 198

Black Modernism's Roving Ear: Folklore and Popular Music 
in the Harlem Renaissance and Beyond ... 199

Permutations and Ongoing Emergences within 
Transnational American Studies ... 200

Program Committee: Sarah Haley's No Mercy Here: Gender, 
Punishment, and the Making of Jim Crow Modernity ... 201

9-1-1 Emergency: Locating Emergent Racialized Coping Strategies 
in Popular Culture ... 202

The Political Valence of Trans Cinema Now: Communities, 
Conflicts, and Visual Culture ... 203

Public Commemoration and Reckoning with History: Crisis, 
Social Movements, and Emerging Forms of Historical Memory ... 204

Students Committee: No Ban, No Paywall, Open Access for All: 
The Ethics of Open Access Publishing ... 205

Chicana Movidas: New Narratives of Activism and Feminism 
in the Movement Years ... 206

Futures in Failed Survival: Punishment, Sovereignty, and Safety ... 207

Traveling Blackness in the Americas: Obscured Transnational 
Flows of Race, Culture, Gender, and Politics in the 
African Diaspora ... 208

Centering Puerto Rican Bodies and History through the Works 
of Lin-Manuel Miranda ... 209

Black Women and Crisis of Popular Culture in the 
Contemporary Era ... 210

Business Meeting: Marxism Caucus ... 211

1:00 pm

Business Meeting: 2019 Program Committee ... 212

2:00 pm

American Quarterly: American Studies, the Digital Humanities, 
and a Critically Engaged Digital Practice ... 213

Emerging Fields: Locating Iranian Diaspora Studies within 
American Studies ... 214

Internationalisms from Below: From World Wars to Cold Wars 
to Terror Wars ... 215

Transnational Feminisms and the Settler State: Emergent / 
Insurgent Provocations ... 216

Early American Matters Caucus: Colloquy with Britt Rusert 
on Fugitive Science: Empiricism and Freedom in Early 
African American Culture ... 217

Critical Disability Studies Caucus: Cripistemologies of Continuous 
Crisis I: Exploring / Speculating / Imagining Crip Space and Time ... 218

Visual Culture Caucus: Visualizing In / Emergence and Race, 
Aesthetics, and the Ethics of Obfuscation ... 219

Arab American Studies Association: The Circulations of Hate, 
Honor, and Horror in the War on Terror ... 220

Graduate Education Committee: Beyond Crisis in 
Graduate Education ... 221

Their Own Conversation: U.S. Muslim Women's Activism, 
Women of Color Feminism, and Black American Islam ... 222

The Shape of Things to Come: Songs, Noise, and Spillover ... 223

Academic and Community Activism Caucus: Beating the 
Backlash and Organizing in the Face of Emergency ... 224

Humor Studies Caucus: Laughing in the Face of Crisis in the 
Age of Trump ... 225

Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees: At the Limit of Asylum 
in the United States ... 226

Presidential Session: U.S. Military Occupations in the Caribbean 
and Their Aftermaths ... 227

Program Committee: Environmental Justice and Survivance ... 228

From Archives to Emergencies: Temporalities of Emergence 
and Historical Scholarship ... 229

Trans of Color Emergences and Futures ... 230

Heritage and Tourism: Militarizing Memory ... 231

Students Committee: Emerging Scholars and Graduate Students 
in and beyond Crisis ... 232

Secrecy, Transparency, and Power: Visual Methodologies for States 
of Emergency ... 233

Emergence and Emergency in Anti-Prison Movements ... 234

Transnational Dissident Subjectivities: Quotidian Practices 
of Resistance Among Latinx, Chicanx LGBTQS, and 
Mexican Migrant Women ... 235

After Emergence: Latinx and Comparative Racialization, 
Conflicts, and Coalition ... 236

The Aesthetics of White Supremacy: Visualizing the Racial 
Politics of Surveillance and Necropower ... 237

Business Meeting: Sports Studies Caucus ... 238

2:30 pm

Spelman College Tour: Revolutionary and Foundational Site 
of Emergence (co-sponsored by ASA and NWSA) ... 239

4:00 pm

American Quarterly Review and Editorial Process ... 240

Emergent Haiti: New World Sovereignty and Cultural Exchange ... 241

From Sky World to Turtle Island and Back: Emergence as 
Haudenosaunee Strategy ... 242

Sight and the Spoils of Empire ... 243

Visual Culture Caucus: Visual Images and Black Subjects 
in the Wake of Racial Slavery ... 244

Critical Disability Studies Caucus: Sustaining Disability 
Studies in Times of Crisis ... 245

Critical Prison Studies Caucus: Resisting Protection in a 
Carceral Landscape ... 246

When the Heroes Eventually Die: A Critical Listening of 
Outkast's "Aquemini" on Its 20th Anniversary ... 247

Academic Hierarchy and Academic Irrelevance ... 248

Sea Changes: Migration, Displacement, and States of 
Emergence, 1838–2000 ... 249

Presidential Session: Dictatorship or Democracy?: Thinking 
though the Global Authoritarian Turn ... 250

These Knowledges Arrive Recklessly: Lindon Barrett's 
Conditions of the Present ... 251

Who's the Terrorist?: Survival and Refusal in the Global War ... 252

Neo-Passing: Performing Identity in Post-Jim Crow States 
of Emergence ... 253

Re-Emergent Erotics: On the Uses of Erotic Islands ... 254

Program Committee: The Salience of Slavery: Scholarship 
and Teaching on Racial Slavery in a Moment of Crisis ... 255

Black Migration and Black Nativism in the Era of Trump ... 256

Trans-Cyberian States of Emergency: Race, Gender, and 
Disability in Digital Trans Studies ... 257

Crises of ConFORMity: The Material Dimensions of Race 
and the Built Environment ... 258

Graduate Education Committee: Perfecting Your Pitch 
(co-sponsored by the Students' Committee) ... 259

The Archive as Time Capsule: World-Making with Octavia E. Butler ... 260

The Forgotten Prisoners of War: Internment during World War II ... 261

Emergent Narratives of Girlhood: Black Girl Futures ... 262

Latinx Feminisms ... 263

Photographic Domains / Performative Remains: Violent Reproduction, Racial Aesthetics, and Black Radical Dissent ... 264

Business Meeting: Digital Humanities Caucus ... 265

Business Meeting: War and Peace Studies Caucus ... 266

Mid-America ASA Reception Meehan's Public House Downtown

4:15 pm

Business Meeting: Environment and Culture Caucus ... 267

5:00 pm

Reception: Material Culture Caucus / Visual Culture Caucus ... 268

Graduate Student Social Mixer ... 269

Reception: Early American Matters Caucus, Environment and Culture Caucus, and Southeastern ASA ... 270

Reception: ASU School of Social Transformation ... 271

Reception: University of Southern California ... 272

6:00 pm

Reception: Lifetime Members ... 273

7:00 pm

Annual Awards Ceremony ... 274

8:00 pm

Presidential Address: To Catch a Light-Filled Vision: 
American Studies and the Activation of Radical Traditions ... 275

9:30 pm

President's Reception ... 276


7:30 am

Breakfast: Boston University American & New England 
Studies Program ... 277

8:00 am

Digital Humanities Caucus: Digital Shorts ... 278

Citizenship after Citizenship?: Reclaiming, Recovering, 
and Reconfiguring the Radical Potential of Citizenship ... 279

Broken Promises: Insecurity in the Muslim African Diaspora ... 280

Emergence in the Archive: Cultural Heritage in Theory and Practice ... 281

Knowledge is Sovereignty: De-centering Settler Colonial States of Emergency through Indigenous Resurgence Praxes ... 282

Sound Studies Caucus: Emergent Auralities and Subaltern Sounds: 
Latinx Cultural Production and Performance ... 283

Disability Studies: Critical Genealogies and Emerging Futures ... 284

On the Uses of Political Theatre ... 285

AIDS, Media, and Memory: Legacies and Contestations in the 
Ongoing Emergency of the AIDS Crisis ... 286

Mobility and Deportation in States of Emergency ... 287

Program Committee: NO! The Rape Documentary 
in the Age of #Metoo ... 288

Environment and Culture Caucus: Climate Migrants and 
Refugees across Militarized Borders ... 289

Emergent Acts: Colonial Logics and Transnational 
Performances of Resistance ... 290

Identity Politics ... 291

Confronting Anti-Blackness as Decolonization Strategy 
in Immigrant Justice Movements and Imaginaries ... 292

Whose Emergency and What Crisis?: Activist Responses to 
the Bipartisan Justice Reinvestment Initiative on Prison 
Sentencing Reform ... 293

Ethnography Caucus: Ethnography Now I: New Perspectives on Interdisciplinarity ... 294

Black Queer Internationalists ... 295

Chests, Nests, and Capsules: Material Culture and its Containers ... 296

Maps for the Territory: Walks, Words, and Counter-Worlds 
in Palestine ... 297

Pacific Currents and Visions ... 298

Race, the State, and Political Imaginaries ... 299

Teaching through Terror #Charlottesville ... 300

Public Space As / In States of Emergence ... 301

States of Emergence in the Labor of Suffering ... 302

10:00 am

Eva Cherniavsky's Neocitizenship: Political Culture 
after Democracy ... 303

Entanglements of Blackness and Brownness in the Aesthetic 
Production of the Americas ... 304

Migrant Emergencies, Climate Change, and Narratives 
of Securitization ... 305

Queer / Feminist Liberatory Futures ... 306

Emergent Dimensions in Native American and Indigenous Studies I ... 307

Sound Studies Caucus: Listening to Race: Black and Brown 
Voice-Overs and Accents on Television and Film ... 308

Critical Disability Studies Caucus: Cripistemologies of Continuous 
Crisis II: The Cultural Etiologies / Exacerbations of Crisis States ... 309

Virtuosity ... 310

HIV and AIDS in the States of Emergence: The Ongoing Crisis 
as a Condition of Possibility ... 311

Wake Work: Recovering the Legacies of Black Radicalism 
in a Reactionary Moment ... 312

Arab American Studies Association: What Time Is It?: 
Queer and Women of Color Relations and Re-memory 
across U.S. Settler Empire ... 313

Environment and Culture Caucus: Intersections in 
Environmental Humanities ... 314

Business Meeting: International Committee ... 315

¡Alta a Las Deportaciones! ... 316

Labor and the Body: Theorizing the Racialized Production 
of Gender from Antislavery Campaigns to #MeToo ... 317

The End of Cheap Food: Power, Precarity, and Human Disposability ... 318

Program Committee: Sureños en Nueva Tierra: Desde TLC a 
Abolición / Southerners On New Ground: From NAFTA 
to Abolition ... 319

Ethnography Caucus: Ethnography Now II: New Perspectives 
on Interdisciplinarity ... 320

Global Emergencies, Caribbean Responses ... 321

Material Culture Caucus: Cultural Landscapes as Sites for 
Emergence and Activism ... 322

Emerging Minds, Bodies, and Values: The Concussion Crisis 
in American Youth Football ... 323

Empire and Asian American Studies ... 324

Reconstructing Secularisms ... 325

Conversations in the Feminist Public Humanities: Concepts, 
Nuts and Bolts, and New Publics ... 326

Urban Imaginaries: Visual Practices and the (Un)Making of Home ... 327

Racial Terror in the United States: Black Geographies and 
Popular Culture ... 328

Business Meeting: Children and Youth Studies Caucus ... 329

Brunch: Generational Gifts: A Convivial Celebration of Mentoring, Scholarship, and the Future of American Studies ... 330

12:00 pm

Program Committee: Nikhil Pal Singh's Race and 
America's Long War ... 331

Los Angeles Geographies and Archives ... 332

Reclaiming Our Time: Re-Centering Intersectional Feminism i
n Research, Teaching, and Everyday Realities ... 333

Digital Humanities Caucus: Mapping Sweet Auburn: 
Geo-Locating Atlanta's Spaces of Black Crisis and 
Emergence Through Digital Humanities Making ... 334

Emergent Dimensions in Native American and Indigenous Studies II ... 335

Queer of Color Politics ... 336

Embracing the Mess, Engaging the Complex: Disability Politics and 
Anti-Ableist Practices among Poor and Racialized Populations ... 337

Creating States of Emergence: Scholar-Artists and the Life-Giving Capacities of the Arts ... 338

The Emergence of Black Feminist Health Science Studies ... 339

Unruly Solidarities and Re-Emergent Internationalisms of the 
Trans-Pacific World ... 340

Program Committee: Arab Voices and the De-centering of America ... 341

Environment and Culture Caucus: American Studies in 
the Plantationocene ... 342

Business Meeting: Minority Scholars Committee ... 343

Emerging Geographies of Freedom: The Power of Transnational 
African American Mobilities ... 344

(In)Visible Emergences: Decolonial Queer / Trans Theories 
and Methods as Resistance and Hope ... 345

Synthetic Forms ... 346

Critical Prison Studies Teach-In: An Organizer's Toolkit for 
Opening the University to Post-Incarcerated People ... 347

Sound Studies Caucus: Sound Studies and the Long Sixties ... 348

The Critical Sounds and Colors of Caribbean Cultures ... 349

Material Culture Caucus: Emerging Pedagogies and Material 
Culture across the Disciplines ... 350

Our Borderline Concepts ... 351

The Aesthetics of Militancy ... 352

Black and Indigenous Ephemeralities ... 353

Institutionalizing Emergence: On (Re)Producing Institutions 
of Crisis ... 354

The Emergence and State of the Urban Humanities ... 355

Technological Emergence and Political Emergencies at the 
Intersection of Race, Gender, and Resistance ... 356

Business Meeting and Luncheon: ASA-JAAS Project 
Advisory Committee ... 357

Ethnography Caucus: Roundtable and Syllabus Swap for 
Teaching Ethnography ... 358

Temporalities of Catastrophe ... 359

2:00 pm

Program Committee: Intersectionality at 30: States of Emergence ... 360

My Music: Anti-Colonial Feminist Punk Rock ... 361

Trans-Pacific Studies after the TPP: Political Response and 
New Coordinates ... 362

Digital Humanities Caucus: Emerging Digital Humanities ... 363

Institutionalizing Emergency: Boarding Schools and the 
Crises of Colonialism ... 364

Securitized Subjects, Militarized Time(s): The Everyday 
Life of Violence ... 365

Critical Ethnic Studies Committee: The Visual Culture of 
Mixed Race Representations ... 366

Women and Drones in the Perpetual State of Exception ... 367

How Does a State Feel?: The Aesthetic Lives of Administrative 
and Bureaucratic Violence ... 368

Telling the Truth: Poetry, Politics, and Remembering the 
Life and Legacy of Activist, Public Intellectual, and 
Beloved Teacher June Jordan ... 369

Performance Studies Caucus: Nao Bustamante's Always 
Already Emerging Art ... 370

Racial Capitalism, Environmental Capitalism, and Survival 
in the South ... 371

Business Meeting: Early American Matters Caucus ... 372

International Committee Talkshop III: Transnational 
Publications from Emergency to Emerging Projects ... 373

Queer Art of Emergency: Racial Proximity and the 
Aesthetics of Repair ... 374

Creative Resistance: Visual Cultures as Political Cultures ... 375

Critical Resistance South at Fifteen: The 21st-Century 
Landscape of Abolition in the U.S. South and Beyond I ... 376

Marxism Caucus: The Legacies of 1968 ... 377

To Be Black and Brown All Around: Afro Indigenous / 
Latinx Coalitions ... 378

States of Material Emergence: Object-Based Explorations of 
Power and Political Expression, 1700-1980 ... 379

(Re) Emergent Bones: Settler Colonial Spaces and the 
Accumulation of Human Remains ... 380

War, Empire, and Anti-Muslim Racism ... 381

Biopolitical Emergenc(i)es: Toward a New Genealogy of Race, 
Gender, and Liberal Dispossession ... 382

The Black Athlete in States of Crisis across Time and Space ... 383

Tracking Tensions of Race, Space, and Neoliberalism ... 384

The Anthological Impulse: Pedagogy and Social Justice ... 385

Business Meeting: Committee on Programs, Departments, 
and Centers ... 386

4:00 pm

Program Committee: 10 Years of Casting Out ... 387

Queerness and Race in Atlanta ... 388

Race, Property, and Aesthetics ... 389

Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies: Teaching Feminism 
in the American Studies Classroom ... 390

Varieties of Groundings in Black Studies ... 391

Site Resources Committee: F.I.L.A. and Atlanta's Evolution as 
a Hip Hop City ... 392

Business Meeting: Critical Disability Studies Caucus ... 393

Radical Black Dharma Strategies: Black Femmes and 
Black Queers on Living in the Dark Age ... 394

Emergent Alliances, Feminist Masculinities ... 395

Critical University Studies: Disability, Race, Gender, and Sexuality ... 396

Performance Studies Caucus: Peggy Phelan's Unmarked at 25 ... 397

Early American Matters Caucus: (Dis)Ability, Race, the 
Superhuman, and the Emergence of Transatlantic Slavery ... 398

Business Meeting: Graduate Education Committee ... 399

Alien Emergences: Multiracial Intimacies and Queer Solidarities 
in Transnational Encounter ... 400

Queer and Unusual Objects: On Trans / Gender Archives ... 401

Sans Emergence: Aesthetics of Immersion, Technology-Mediated Corporealities, and Weaponized Landscapes ... 402

Critical Resistance South at Fifteen: The 21st-Century Landscape 
of Abolition in the U.S. South and Beyond II ... 403

Marxism Caucus: Marxism, the University, and the Legacies of 1968 ... 404

Gendering Memory and Archive across the Americas ... 405

Material Subcultures: Production and Consumption on the Margins ... 406

Visualizing Sovereignty: Anti-Colonial Futures Emerging through Indigenous Political and Cultural Praxis ... 407

State of the Nation: Emerging Perspectives on the Nation of Islam ... 408

Emergent Research and Reading Strategies: 
The American Studies Now Series ... 409

Sex, Emergency, and the Emerging Child ... 410

Critical Stories of Crossings in and through the Americas ... 411

Ulterior Emergencies: Aesthetics, Labor, and Re-Sighting Policy ... 412

Business Meeting: Material Culture Caucus ... 413

Business Meeting: All Chairs ... 414

5:00 pm

Reception: Social Text Collective: "The Here and Now 
(Under Erasure)" Special Issue Launch ... 415

Reception: James Baldwin Review ... 416

6:00 pm

Teaching Palestine: Pedagogical Praxis and the Indivisibility 
of Justice ... 417

Business Meeting: Critical Prison Studies Caucus ... 418

Reception: New York University ... 419

Reception: Yale University ... 420

Reception: University of Michigan ... 421

6:30 pm

Reception: University of Minnesota ... 422

7:30 pm

The Work My Soul Was Called to Do: Black Lesbian Activism 
in the New South ... 423


8:00 am

Gathering after the End: Queer Minoritarian Aesthetics of Ruins ... 424

A Voice and Nothing More?: Writing Sound and the Emergence 
of African American Racial Politics ... 425

Past the Town / Gown Divide: Toward Migrant Justice of 
Farmworkers and Students ... 426

Settler Militarism: Order and Precarity ... 427

Ecologies of Radical Healing and Survival ... 428

Power, Poetry, and Public Health: How Essex Hemphill 
Taught Us to Resist the State ... 429

Articulating Asian / American Aesthetics of Non-Resilience: 
Neoliberalism's States of Emergency ... 430

Emergent Forms of Speculative Media ... 431

Breakfast Meeting: James Baldwin Review Editorial Board ... 432

Performance and Public Scholarship: Poetry, Poetics, Academia, 
and Activism ... 433

Emergent Contexts of Corporate Power ... 434

In Constant Crisis: Bodies and the Routinization of Emergency ... 435

The Revolution Will Be Digitized: Anti-Racist and 
Feminist Perspectives ... 436

Multi-Directional Migration, Crisis, and Trans-Pacific Imaginaries ... 437

Sorrow of a City: The (After)Life of the Atlanta Child Murders ... 438

10:00 am

Fostered in Crisis: African American Internationalism 
under Détente ... 439

Black Feminisms across Many Suns: Futuristic Survival ... 440

Performing / Producing Otherwise Worlds: Queer Impossibility 
as Tactical Emergence ... 441

Who Is Suspect?: Policing, Racialization, and American Warfare ... 442

Racial Property: Performing Legal Fictions ... 443

Queering Post-Socialism: Alternative Futures beyond Anglo 
Technologies of Sexuality and Informatics ... 444

Stomping Movements: Settler Imperial Counterinsurgency and Counterrevolution ... 445

Medical States of Emergence and Geographies of Care: Civil Rights Movements and Biopolitics in New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana ... 446

This Species of Racialization: Animalization, Anti-Blackness, 
and Coloniality ... 447

Race, Social Media, and the Digital Humanities ... 448

Black Activism through the Arts ... 449

Death to the Peace Process: Reemergence(ies) of 
Palestinian Insurgency ... 450

Tour: South-View Cemetery ... 452

11:00 am

Business Meeting: Students Committee ... 453

12:00 pm

Representing the Timescales of Climate Change ... 454

Black Appalachia: Garveyism, Youth Protest, and Identity 
in the 20th Century ... 455

Utopic / Dystopic: Black Feminist Aesthetics ... 456

Policing, Emergency, and Emergence ... 457

States of Reproduction and the Reproductive State ... 458

Representing the Diaspora's Emergence / ies ... 459

Emergent Broadcasts: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Potential(s) 
of Television ... 460

Mapping Segregated Histories: Digital Research and 
Visualizations for the Public ... 461

Poetry from the Future: Un-Forming the Political ... 462

Rethinking Alternative Worlds: Emerging in the Here and 
Now of Emergency ... 463

Emerging Perspectives on Popular Representations of Racism 
and Slavery ... 464

Organizing from the Margins ... 465

Rethinking Emergences of Afro-Asian Coalitions 466